Swollen knee and pain: what to do with a knee

There are many reasons why the knee is swollen and sore. The question arises, how to remove discomfort? Swelling of the knee – a serious reason to think about your health condition.

Why is there swelling of the knee? The answer is simple: there is a pathology of the musculoskeletal system:

  • osteoporosis,
  • injury
  • bursitis,
  • gout.

The knee joint from all sides covers the joint capsule, which contains the fluid. The bag has outer and inner membranes.

The outer shells are bags of slime. All the movable region of the skeleton constantly RUB against each other. Bags with mucus help to remove the friction, facilitates motor processes. The slime-bag is the shock absorber with liquid.

Swelling of the knee joint may be different as its causes.

Sometimes the tumor reaches large sizes and rises above the level of the knee or above it at 6-7 inches.

Why there is swelling of the knee

Swelling of the knee occurs as a consequence of such problems:

  1. inflammation in the tendons – tendonitis. Tendon is a thick connective tissue fibers. With the help of these muscle fibers attached to the bones,
  2. the ligament injury. In the area of the knee may appear sharp pain and severe swelling due to rupture or stretching of the ligaments
  3. knee injury is usually accompanied by pain, swelling or redness in the process of movement,
  4. osteoporosis always registered swelling of the knee and pains of different intensities in bending
  5. for displacement of the patella characteristic swelling and discomfort when bending,
  6. septic arthritis manifests itself in a sharp pain, redness and fever,
  7. rheumatoid arthritis cause permanently swollen knee and aching pain,
  8. inflammation of the joint capsule or bursitis. The disease is characterized by pronounced swelling and severe pain when bending the patient’s legs at the knee,
  9. gout. If the cause of swelling of this disease, that is, swelling of knee and pain.
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Treatment of pain and swelling in the knee

If damaged knee, self-treatment involves the following steps:

  • the affected joint is provided by the peace
  • the place of edema apply ice or do a cold compress for 20 minutes
  • effectively relieve pain and swelling of the knee can alcohol tincture of horse chestnut, which is prepared by taking 50 g of dried flowers in 500 ml of vodka. The liquid is infused into the glass container, two weeks in a dark place,
  • you can periodically do a grid of iodine.

Often from injuries of the knee affects athletes and those who constantly leads an active lifestyle. In the joints there unpleasant sensations, often an athlete skips a workout, which is not conducive to sporting success.

One of the key rules of knee damage – can’t stop moving. Even when the knee treated by operative means, it is necessary to engage in active rehabilitation of the damaged joint.

After the disease should start the recovery process. First of all you need to do a simple exercise with minimal load.

The initial task is to quickly return the injured muscles and ligaments to normal. When muscles work, the faster the returns to mobility of the joint and a person can actively move.

During inspection of the knee joint, your doctor may prescribe:

  1. a CT scan
  2. x-ray,
  3. magnetic resonance imaging, MRI of the knee joint.

If the doctor suspects the presence of infection, the patient should take a blood test.

In some cases, it may be taken arthrocentesis. Of course, the treatment is entirely based on the diagnosis by the doctor.

Risk factors that cause damage to the knee

No one can protect themselves from a knee injury. But there is a certain category of people who may be at risk:

  • people suffering from obesity. People who are overweight often pain in the knee because the legs have almost all of the load from body weight
  • people who are constantly performing strenuous physical activity,
  • women after the age of 40 years
  • people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. From this category of people there is a serious lack of muscle flexibility
  • people with certain anatomy, such as having flat feet.
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If a person observed at least one of the risk factors, it is necessary to take him for an inviolable rule never to give their own knees excessive load.

People who are overweight, need to completely revise your eating behavior. It is very important to adjust the habitual diet and lifestyle in General.

If suddenly there was a injury of the knee, and to pain, and added swelling, you should take some medicine for the pain:

  1. Aspirin,
  2. Ibuprofen
  3. The paracetamol.

In the process of walking to use a cane. Also before the visit to the doctor for the patient’s joint can impose a pressure bandage and give him full rest, this will help to relieve the pain.

Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies involves a warm bath of eucalyptus, pine, mint or cinquefoil.

When is treatment you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of making a rubbing of the knee with the application of creams «Sophia» or «Caffeine».

To treat a knee folk remedies is to apply rubbing and compresses. For example, you can take equal proportions:

  • cabbage,
  • the flowers of horse chestnut,
  • plantain leaves.

The ingredients are pounded to a smooth consistency and overlap on the affected knee for 6 hours.

Treatment of folk remedies tumors of the knee may be performed by using burdock. The leaves should be washed and heated. Hot vegetable oil is first applied to the joint, applied the burdock and it all turns into a film. Compress leave for half an hour.

A poultice of raw potato removes the redness and swelling above the knee. Need to twist the potatoes, heat in a water bath and placed in a folded gauze that might exude liquid.

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A compress applied to the leg below the knee. The joint should be a «hot» sensation. The procedure cannot be performed when injuries and infections.

You can apply concentrated lemon liquid. The lemon juice is applied below the tumor. If there is discomfort, the liquid should be removed and the knee is washed with warm water.

Preventive actions

The key rules of preventive action knee diseases applies appropriate distribution of sports and physical activity.

You should avoid junk food and processed foods. It is important to completely eliminate from your diet sugary fizzy drinks, crisps, mayonnaise and energy.

Shall be excluded:

  • sweet pastries
  • animal fats,
  • spicy and salty dishes.

You need every day to eat:

  1. poultry,
  2. marine fish,
  3. seafood
  4. fruits and vegetables, greens,
  5. dairy products.

In addition, you should pay attention to the shoes, which is worn constantly. In most cases, disease of the knees affect women who often wear uncomfortable shoes with heels.

There is a sense most to abandon shoes with heels and carry options on the comfortable sole.

And the video in this article is very interesting explains the nature of the appearance of the tumor of the knee.