Swollen elbow and pain: swelling in the elbow joint

Every second person on earth know how it feels swollen and sore elbow. Sometimes discomfort in the elbow joint is so strong that it is impossible to continue working and to perform simple household tasks.

The elbow joint forms the articulation of the shoulder, carpal and radial bones, ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue.

Could suffer any elements, because if a long time there is swelling and pain in the elbow joint, it is possible to suspect the development of such pathologies as:

  • Arthritis;
  • Arthritis;
  • Gout;
  • Chondrocalcinosis;
  • Tendinitis;
  • Bursitis;
  • Fasciitis;
  • Osseotite;
  • Osteochondrosis of the spine or herniated discs.

It is important to know that in rare cases, if there is a tumor in the elbow joint, and it hurts, diagnosed myocardial infarction.

Bursitis of the elbow joint

Bursitis is the inflammation of the joint capsule. The causes of pathology may be in other diseases, but often bursitis develops in itself. Hurt the elbow so much, and the tumor may reach the size of chicken eggs, it is soft and movable.

The characteristic symptom of bursitis: the tumor is clearly visible in the bend of the elbow, with pressure and feeling sick. If not treated, the disease transforms into a chronic form. In this case, will be celebrated also by salt deposits.

Calcium salt in the elbow joint are the main causes of the progression of inflammation which is in the running form can go into a purulent bursitis. And then it will require surgery and a lengthy recovery period. If the elbow is swollen, it hurts and there is reason to suspect a bunion, you should pay attention to these additional symptoms:

  1. Change the color of the skin in the area of the damaged joint, they become crimson red.
  2. Locally increases the temperature to the touch leather is very hot.
  3. Stiffness of the elbow joint – in the movement there is pain.
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If develops purulent bursitis, the symptoms added the following features:

  • Headaches;
  • Aching muscles;
  • Nausea, reaching to vomit.

Treatment of bursitis is pain and anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy.

When purulent bursitis in the running form required surgical treatment and a course of antibiotics.

Tendonitis of the elbow

Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon, in which quite often there is swelling at the elbow, among other symptoms. Causes of tendonitis – constant high physical exertion, which occur due to microtrauma of the tissues of the tendon. If the load continues, starts the degenerative changes of cartilage and tendons.

How to understand if the elbow is swollen, that it is tendonitis?

  1. When tendinite pain occurs during active movements, but not a bother when running passive.
  2. Observed calcium deposits and degeneration of the connective tissue in fat;
  3. In some areas found nekrotizirovannye tissue.
  4. When driving heard a distinct crunch.

Treatment is prescribed depending on the causes of the disease and its forms.


Very often the person does nothing, if he has a swollen elbow, blaming it on injury or fatigue. But the reasons for this phenomenon can be not only injury, but also in the development of malignancies. What other criteria, besides that the elbow swelling can suspect cancer?

  • Fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness;
  • Sudden increase in body temperature;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • The loss in weight.

The main symptom in this case is not a swelling of the limb, and pain. The pain may occur spontaneously and undergo itself. But with the development of the disease pain become stronger and disturb the patient constantly, often at night.

The treatment is very difficult to remove the pain with drugs is almost impossible.

With time the swelling becomes more and more – this is a tumor, it can be visually perceived mobility as a result of this limited.

Swelling, as a symptom of synovial chondromatosis

If swelling of the elbow during movement of the crunch rings out, one of the reasons could be the development of such pathology, as chondromatous. The causes of the crunch and tumors in the impaired formation of cartilage and the formation of the special Taurus. Additional symptoms:

  • Pain appearing with increasing physical activity;
  • Characteristic crunch, which causes changes in the cartilage of the joints;
  • Stiffness.
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Treatment requires long-term, since usually the disease begins to develop in early childhood and has a chronic character.

The injury causes swelling of the elbow

Hit or fails falling, the man notices that the elbow was swollen, red, or blue, but often does nothing. However, if the swollen joints of elbow, most likely, takes place:

  1. Rupture of the ligaments.
  2. Rupture of the tendon.
  3. A fracture or crack bone.
  4. The soft tissue damage.
  5. Tennis elbow.

In all cases, as soon as possible to begin treatment to preserve the functionality of limbs and human performance. But, unfortunately, often the patient seeks medical help when the disease has passed a critical stage.

So, what to do if there was an injury and the elbow is swollen?

First, we need to provide to the victim rest, for its comfortable to sit or lay so that the injured joint is not exposed to any influences from outside.

Secondly, you need to immobilize the limb. This is done using a makeshift bus, scarf or shawl. Hand when you commit is a little bend in the elbow joint, but so that it does not cause pain or discomfort.

Thirdly, to apply cold. The ice helps stop internal or external bleeding, prevent the formation of a large hematoma and some pain reliever.

Before the arrival of the ambulance or before the patient gets to the nearest emergency room, these measures will be enough. What not to do, is to attempt to straighten the limb, if there is suspicion of a dislocation, or start to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

All appointments and procedures are performed only by the doctor after examining the patient and determining an accurate diagnosis.

Methods of treatment of tumors of the elbow

Treatment program is selected after it is well established causes of cancer. When treating bursitis at the initial stage is very important rest on the patient’s joint, a compression bandage.

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In the future, for the treatment of tumors use various hot compresses. It is not forbidden to use the recipes of traditional medicine, but only if there is no suppuration.

When purulent bursitis prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs if they are ineffective, the surgery. There are two methods of operation:

  1. The doctor makes under local anesthesia puncture, pumped out of the articular cavity purulent exudate, then rinses the joint capsule with a solution with antiseptic and injects anti-inflammatory medication.
  2. The doctor hides the soft tissue and the joint capsule and performs the same procedure.

During the period of tissue repair after surgery, ongoing medical treatment, additionally appointed physiotherapy, physiotherapy.

Self-medication often exacerbates the situation and accelerates the development of inflammation. Therefore, if the swelling and pain of the elbow joint concern, if they added the other disturbing, uncharacteristic symptoms, it is wise to consult a doctor and undergo the necessary tests to determine the exact cause of this phenomenon and begin treatment at an early stage.