Physiotherapy for osteoarthritis of the knee and pelvis

For various diseases of the joints to alleviate the patient’s condition the doctor prescribes the medication. In particular, without medicines not to manage for osteoarthritis and various inflammatory conditions.

However, medication is only one form of therapy that addresses diseases of the knee. To enhance the effect of medication, and prevention – physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy improves metabolic processes and stimulate blood circulation in osteoarthritis of the knee. Today’s medicine actively uses six physiotherapy techniques.


In case of arthrosis of the knee joint, many people often try to warm up a sore spot at home. So they wrapped my knee in a warm cloth and smear his warm cream.

And rightly so, because warming, along with comprehensive therapy is an effective tool, because it helps to eliminate from several problems:

  • to reduce the pain;
  • normalize metabolism, and stimulate circulation.

However, this method can be used only at the initial stage of development of the disease. If there is significant damage to the cartilage, then this method need to be extremely careful.

Please note! Sometimes the doctor, as a warming treatment for knee joint recommends that you visit the bath or sauna, which has a beneficial effect on the patient’s condition of the knee.

Today People suffering from osteoarthritis can purchase a special device they can easily carry out the warming house. However, use of such a device should be only for medical purpose.

Is it possible to warm up the knee with osteoarthritis? Cartilage is not like either extreme cold and searing heat. Therefore, too much to overheat the joint is impossible, so the temperature should be moderate, and it is better that it controlled the physician.

The best option is compress or ointment, which is composed of snake or bee venom and red pepper. During exacerbation of the disease of warming up to do.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy for osteoarthritis – effective method to help reduce the development of pathological processes in the knee. The procedure is as follows: on a given area, exposure is performed with a laser. This treatment is quite effective:

  1. aktiviziruyutsya hemodynamics;
  2. heal open wounds;
  3. is swelling;
  4. eliminates inflammation;
  5. removed pain.
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When knee arthritis laser therapy can be performed only when the patient will complete the survey that is assigned to a podiatrist.

Important! Laser therapy has certain limitations and contraindications, so the purpose and intensity of the treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Laser procedure is actively used even in acute form of the disease. However, before laser therapy, the doctor pays special attention to the General health of the patient and, if it is unstable, then the procedure is delayed.


Electrophoresis literally brings electrocasnice. Also electrophoresis has several medical names – iontophoresis, monohalobenzene or galvanotherapy.

Electrophoresis has a special principle, which is that in artificially created eclectic fields in the human body get the necessary medicines. So, electrophoresis helps to achieve maximum effect, and the affected area of the body penetrating all the necessary substances.

Electrophoresis, assignable for osteoarthritis of the knee is divided into the following stages:

  • First drug under the influence of current splits into ions.
  • The electric current acts on the chemical agent, causing it to move in the direction of the epidermis and mucosa.
  • The drug enters the bloodstream and lymph and then spreads throughout the body. But the greatest amount of drug accumulates in the zone of its introduction.

Please note! Electrophoresis in diseases of the knee joint gives the opportunity to focus the optimal dose of the drug at the site of pathology in the gastrointestinal tract and the kidneys will not have any complications.

Ozone treatment

Ozone therapy is another effective way to get rid of arthrosis of the knee joint. The procedure is that the patient receives acupuncture, with whom he had a dose of ozone entering the affected area.

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In parallel, for maximum effect, sometimes used chondroprotectors. The advantages of ozone therapy are:

  1. instant cessation of the pain;
  2. the elimination of the typical creaking in the knee;
  3. the improved mobility of the knee joint;
  4. the restoration of the surface and structure of the cartilage tissues;
  5. securing intra-articular substances.

After the first session of ozone therapy, the patient feels much better – knee pain recedes, and the joint begins to move better. Besides physical therapy with ozone contributes to the cessation of pathological changes in bone and cartilage.

SWT therapy

This method is effective in the treatment of various injuries of the knee joint, from ordinary inflammation to serious damage.

The principle of operation of the TVC is that the shock wave acts on the affected area resulting in soft calcium deposits that will quickly and painlessly removed from the body. In the end, after carrying out the UHT treatment is swelling and normalize metabolic processes.

The disadvantage of this treatment is that it has many limitations. So, this physiotherapy technique is contraindicated if the patient has:

  • complications occurring in diabetes mellitus;
  • thrombosis;
  • neoplasms and carcinomas;
  • purulent processes occurring in the knee.

Important! Before SW therapy, the patient must undergo a study of the whole organism, to verify the absence of disease, which may worsen the patient’s condition during the UHT treatment.


Ultrasound is a reliable, anti-inflammatory and analgesic method of physical therapy. Moreover, ultrasonic waves contributes to the activation of latent reserves of the organism, helping it to regenerate tissue.

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Often used ultrasound with hydrocortisone in diseases of the joints, details about this method can be read in our site.

Therefore, in the complex of treatment and the use of chondroprotectors ultrasound contributes to the rapid restoration of cartilage. The course of treatment ultrasound is not more than 15 days.

Using different types of waves, the ultrasound allows us to achieve completely different effects:

  1. Thermal. During the procedure aimed at treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, the temperature rises in a few positions, so there is a slight warming of the diseased area.
  2. Mechanical. Ultrasound normalizes the metabolic processes and activates the circulation.
  3. Physico-chemical. Stimulates the synthesis of enzymes that affect the regenerated cartilage tissues.

Ultrasonic physical therapy is often used in rehabilitation to expedite the healing process after surgery.

However, it should be remembered that physiotherapy is not the main and the auxiliary method of treatment, so it is effective when combined with medication. Moreover, absolutely everyone like medical or preventive treatment should be consistent with the treating orthopedic surgeon.