Ointment cinquefoil for joints: application instruction

Joint problems can occur for many different reasons: injury, obesity, physical activity, age-related changes or chronic illness. Pain, stiffness in the movements, the forced limitation and the rejection of her favorite things little people will be pleased.

Various modern drugs can quickly enough to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, especially popular various ointments and gels topical use. Ointment, gel or cream for joints on the basis of marsh cinquefoil eliminates pain, reduces inflammation, returns mobility and prevents the development of pathologies during exercise.

The development and course of joint diseases in most cases are lengthy. From the initial stage until the onset of sometimes years pass. If the patient will seek medical attention at the first warning signs such as pain, stiffness in joints, crunching during movement, swelling, and timely start adequate treatment, he will be able to avoid many of the complications and early disability.

Studies prove: every third person on earth for 40 years is suffering serious joint problems arising mainly for reasons of delayed medical care and treatment.

If treatment to begin promptly, it is possible to restrict usage of external agents and physical treatments to stop the progression of the disease, maintain the ability to move independently and lead an active lifestyle.

Why develop diseases of the joints

Pathological processes of the joints can develop under the influence of such factors as:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Diseases of an autoimmune nature;
  • Circulatory disorders and diseases of the blood vessels;
  • Infection and viruses;
  • Injury;
  • The metabolic disorders;
  • Age-related changes;
  • The bone deformities of different etiology.

Very often diseases of the joints are the result of severe infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, strep throat, syphilis, gonorrhea. Rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis non-specific inflammatory nature are developing autoimmune reactions.

Such diseases are very difficult to treat, as it is still not clearly determined why the immune system starts to attack our own cells, perceiving them as foreign. Suffer with most of the cartilage tissue, the recovery of which take many months and years.

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If crashing gives the thyroid gland, develops so-called endocrine arthritis. Additional aggravating factors are the diseases of the cardiovascular and Central nervous systems. Other common risk factors:

  1. Overweight – extra pounds literally put pressure on the joints, destroying them prematurely, there are basic weight reduction was enough to stop the development of joint pathology.
  2. Hypothermia – in any form is detrimental for the joints.
  3. Gender – some forms of abnormalities develop only in men, others mostly women.
  4. Occupation – often from joint problems affects athletes, dancers, those whose professional activity is connected with execution of similar movements throughout the work shift or transfer and lifting weights.
  5. Heredity – articular disease is not contagious, but can be transmitted from parents to children in the form of weak ligaments and bones, tendency completeness and infectious diseases.
  6. Improper diet with a predominance of fat, meat, fried foods.
  7. Bad habits – alcohol and tobacco narrow the blood vessels, and therefore, disturbed nutrition of tissues, are deposited harmful decomposition products, primarily in the joints.

The joints are equally bad and excessive exercise, even if it is training in the gym and their full absence.

In the first case the tissues are inflamed, the second is easy to be injured at the slightest careless move, fall or injury, the muscles and ligaments are not trained, is very weak, and sometimes just atrophied.

Instructions for use ointment cinquefoil for joints

Treatment begins after the patient went to the doctor and was examined, after which he was diagnosed and the cause that triggered the disease. In the complex therapy always used gel, ointment or cream on the basis of marsh cinquefoil. Especially good cinquefoil in osteoarthritis, arthritis and arthrosis of different forms and degrees.

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These funds are applied topically, alone or in addition to physiotherapy massage, electrophoresis or phonophoresis. Cream, ointment or gel are slightly different in their qualities and effectiveness, what form is optimal, depends on the diagnosis and objectives.

Gel-balm with cinquefoil has light texture, absorbs quickly and penetrates better into the tissue. But the ointment has a more lasting effect. You can alternate the use of various means: before physiotherapy to use the gel, but before classes physical therapy is an ointment or cream with an extract of marsh cinquefoil.

Instruction for use allows connection of drugs on the basis of cinquefoil with other auxiliary substances that enhance the action of medicinal plants. Ointment or cream with an extract of marsh cinquefoil contain:

  • Tanning substances;
  • Carotene;
  • Flavonoids;
  • Essential oil.

In combination all of these substances give a pronounced warming, analgesic effect, relieves inflammation, improves joint mobility. Cream or gel with cinquefoil stimulate blood circulation and improving tissue nutrition of the joints, but requires prolonged use for visible and lasting effect.

To speed up the recovery process of the joints is possible, if you add in the cream chondroprotectors – substances identical in composition to the cartilage. Chondroitin or glucosamine available over the counter in capsules, it is convenient to add to any of the funds before the massage or rubbing.

By the way, it will be interesting to the reader to know and how you can help the balm dikulja for the joints and spine. These ointments can be alternated to great effect.

Cream cinquefoil is also well relieves swelling and has a preventive effect in cases of injuries, bruises, sprains, reducing pain and preventing the formation of hematomas and seals.

The use of this broad spectrum there is always, always worth because to put it in a home first aid kit.

Varieties of funds on the basis of marsh cinquefoil and application features

The extract from the roots and rhizomes of wetland medicinal plants included in any of the following means small differences in effect due to various additional components.

  1. Cream «Potentilla Evalar.» This preparation contains in addition to extracts of cinquefoil swine visceral fat, badger fat, soybean oil and glycerin. Especially recommended is a remedy for low back pain, marked improvement in the functionality of the musculoskeletal system with the use of this tool as a preventive measure or in remission.
  2. Balm «Potentilla 911» in addition to the main component also contains nettle extract, Arnica, eucalyptus and juniper essential oils. Has anti-inflammatory, warming effect.
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How to apply the tool? A sufficient amount of cream, ointment or gel is squeezed in the palm, is distributed on the skin in the area of the affected joint and rubbed slow circular motions. Should have a sensation of warmth when properly applied.

The cream should be as below after rubbing on the skin still it is a thin layer that should absorb. This will provide the perfect penetration of the tissue. Do rubbing several times a day, combining with other treatments – for example, physical therapy and baths.