How to remove the pain in my knees: how to remove joint pain

Pain in the knee joint takes a lot of trouble. Because human movements are constrained, which prevents him to lead a full life. Provoke occurrence of unpleasant sensations in the knees can different disease.

To the treatment of diseases causing discomfort in the joints, and it was full, you need to seek medical assistance. However, parallel conduct home therapy using effective recipes offered by traditional medicine.

Why am I having knee pain? Causes of pain in the knee joint can be of the following pathology:

  1. Periarthritis – inflammation of the periarticular tissues.
  2. Gonarthrosis – deformation of the knee that occurs due to destruction of cartilage.
  3. Bursitis – an inflammation sinovialnoj bags.
  4. Miniscope – injury external or internal meniscus.
  5. The disease Koenig – cartilage is separated from the part and moves along the joint, which causes pain.
  6. Arthritis (post-traumatic, rheumatoid, deforming, reactive, gouty) – damage to the synovial Bursa, capsule, cartilage.
  7. Disease Osgood-Shlyattera – lump formation near the kneecap.
  8. Tendonitis – inflammation of the knee tendons.
  9. Infectious diseases of the joints.
  10. Gout – accumulation of Manorama of sodium in the knee.
  11. Baker’s cysts of the knee joint – knee or popliteal hernia.
  12. Osteomyelitis necrotic and purulent processes in articular and periarticular tissues.
  13. Fibromyalgia pathology, the factors of which is not clear.
  14. Paget’s disease – bone fragility and deformities of the joints.

Due to the variety of factors which causes pain in the knees, to determine the presence of a disease people can’t. But he can use folk remedies that help to relieve the pain in the joints.

How to remove discomfort in the knee with the help of traditional medicine

Most affordable remedy from pain is alcoholic solution of iodine. To prepare it you need to mix the iodine with alcohol and leave it for 24 hours in a warm place.

When the solution becomes colorless, it can be used for medicinal purposes. The medication should be rubbed into the area of the inflamed joint. And to bandage or wrap the knee in this case is not necessary.

Packs of potatoes
From this vegetable can be prepared a few effective means that eliminates pain in the large joints. For example, potatoes combined with kerosene.

  • So, one grated (with peel) potato you should add 10 ml of kerosene, thus improving blood flow and joint pain subsides.
  • Potato-kerosene compress must be applied to the knee joint every evening for 15 minutes.
  • After the procedure, the knee should be wiped dry, and then wrap.
  • Such treatment should last no longer than 1 week.

To eliminate the feeling of discomfort in the knee can make a compress of horse-radish. For this purpose, grind 1 raw potato and 1 horseradish root. Slurry a generous layer applied to the affected area of the foot, and then the limb wrapped with plastic wrap for 40 minutes.

By the way, pulp of horseradish and potato can be used twice. So, it should be removed from the joint, transfer to a jar, close the lid, and then refrigerate.

To repeat the procedure the medium should be heated in a water bath. The duration of this treatment is 7 days.

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To relieve pain in the joints you can use a natural ointment. So, to mix 1 egg yolk with 1 tsp of Apple cider vinegar and turpentine. The product is applied to the knee, and after the joint area need to wrap up. For optimal results, the ointment must be applied every day.

In addition, the knee can be applied onion poultice.

  • With this purpose, the bulb should be cut in half,
  • then, in each part it is necessary to make cuts to be drained of juice
  • after onion you need to apply to the sore knees and all wrap.

To remove swelling folk medicine recommends the use of calendula. For this it is necessary to prepare a plant, and then check it and apply to affected joint.

Top should put a gauze that has been soaked in a decoction of calendula. Next, the knee should be wrapped in plastic and wrap a warm cloth. This procedure must be done before going to sleep 4 days in a row.

For those who want to get rid of pain in the knees, you can make medicine from pine branches. To prepare the remedy, pine, pour boiling water and leave it for a day.

Then the infusion needs to be warmed up to 40-50 degrees and wash them in the knees. This procedure should be done daily. But it’s worth noting that every time you need to brew fresh decoction.

Besides effective in helping to cope with the pain in the knee joint, is to compress elderflower and chamomile. To prepare the medicine for half a Cup of chamomile flowers and elderberry pour boiling water.

Next, the broth should wrap and leave for 20 minutes. After the water is drained, and the knee joint follow steamed herbs that should be put in a gauze or cloth bag.

It should be noted that for pain in the joints can be used not only the above herbal ingredients. In addition, to the affected knee it is possible to make a fresh plant. Thus, it is useful to make compresses from the leaves of birch, burdock and horseradish, which must be applied to the leg several times a day.

Still it is possible to prepare a mixture of camphor oil and mustard powder, which should be mixed in equal proportions. Then, to 100 g of drugs is necessary to add 1 egg yolk. The tool is imposed on the knee joint, and then he wrapped up. It is desirable to compress keep all night.


To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of knee useful to wipe tincture on the basis of dandelion eau de Cologne. For greater efficiency, the grinding should be carried out for forty days.

In addition, a good rubbing is a tincture of elecampane. For its preparation you need to mix 100 g of elecampane with 0.5 liters of vodka.

Medicine insist 3 days, then it can be used. However, before grinding to prevent the occurrence of burns, the knee should be lubricated with vegetable oil.

For many years horse chestnut effectively treats the uncomfortable sensations in the knee. To prepare the medicine it is necessary chop, then pour vodka in a ratio of 300 g of chestnut per 1000 ml of vodka.

The mixture should be placed in a dark place for 12 days, and it should be every day to shake. Medication on the basis of horse chestnut daily rubbed into the affected joint pre-shaking.

Besides it is not less effective rubbing to the joints on the basis of the Golden mustache. It is possible to prepare yourself or purchase in a drugstore.

Even with joint pain you can make a tincture of pepper. To prepare it you need to chop a pod of bitter pepper and fill the half glass plates.

The remaining half, pour vodka or alcohol. Means necessary to insist 7 days.

Additional ways to help get rid of knee pain

In addition to ointments, rubbing and compresses it is possible to apply simple but effective methods to help eliminate unpleasant symptoms. So, the patient’s joint is desirable to immobilize.

In addition, you should wear knee pads to help improve the functionality of the joint and to facilitate independent movement of the person. To further reduce the load on the knee using wearing orthopedic insoles.

However, the physiotherapy, in particular exercise therapy, warming and massage, is often used as an adjunctive treatment for joint diseases. Moreover, to knee joints did not hurt, it is important to normalize body weight, because excess weight creates unnecessary strain on the joints of the lower extremities.

How to remove pain in the knees — in the video in this article, a «Rapporteur» to make the famous Dr. Bubnovsky.

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