How to get rid of knee pain: treatment of joint

When the sick joints, then it’s not good. Pain syndrome inconveniences, not allows you to work and fully enjoy life.

Uncomfortable can many factors such as chronic pathology.

For treating and getting rid of the problem it is important to pass a comprehensive diagnosis of the organism and to start appropriate therapy.

To complete the treatment will help the recipes of traditional medicine based on medicinal plants.

Why is there pain?

If the pain gripped knee joints, the prerequisites for this can be many. Usually in such situations, doctors put one of the diagnoses:

  • bursitis (inflammation in the synovial bag);
  • tendonitis (inflammation of tendons in the knee);
  • gonarthrosis (deformity of the knee as the result of a destructive process in the cartilage);
  • periarthritis (pathology of the tissues around the knee joint);
  • miniscope (damage outer, inner meniscus);
  • gout (deposition of uric acid salts in the joints);
  • osteomyelitis (purulent-necrotic process in the articular and periarticular tissues);
  • arthritis of any etiology (damage to the cartilage, capsule, synovium);
  • Paget’s disease (deformity and bone fragility, caused by failures in the processes of bone formation);
  • the disease Koenig (detachment of the cartilaginous tissue and the free movement sections at the joint);
  • a Baker’s cyst (herniation of podkolonnik or knee);
  • fibromyalgia (the disease, not accompanied by inflammation, causes, is not known by the medicine);
  • disease Osgood-Shlatter (development of bumps near the kneecap, causing pain syndrome);
  • infectious lesions of the joints.

Due to the fact that there are many reasons that cause discomfort, how to get rid of pain in the knee will only say the doctor.

To have treatment at home dangerous, but it is quite justified to Supplement traditional treatment with the help of recipes of traditional medicine.

Treatment with iodine

Most affordable, cheap and simple cure for joint pain – alcohol solution of iodine. This biologically active substance is characterized by bright anti-inflammatory properties. Printa deep into the joint, iodine impacts the inflammation reducing and stabilizing deformation.

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On the basis of iodine prepare the rubbing. This will need to take 10 ml of iodine solution, 10 ml of camphor, 10 tablets analgin, 300 ml of alcohol. All components are mixed, the resulting billet is well shaken, allowed to stand in a dark warm place for 21 days.

As soon as the medication is ready, to achieve the maximum analgesic effect should every day be rubbed into the skin around the joint. Wrap or bandage the knee is not required.

Potato compresses

From potatoes prepared several variations of means for the relief of joint pain. For example, the most effective recipe was the potatoes with kerosene. For therapeutic purposes it is recommended to use aviation kerosene.

One chopped with peel the potato add a tablespoon of fuel. This mixture will help to improve blood flow to the affected area and to reduce pain in the joint.

Compresses the resulting mixture should be applied to the affected knee for 15 minutes every night. After this procedure the skin wipe off and wrap a warm scarf. Treat your knees with kerosene not more than 7 days.

No less important was the treatment of potatoes and horseradish. Should take equal proportions of raw vegetables and grate them on a fine grater. The resulting mass is:

  1. put on the knee joint thick layer;
  2. the leg is wrapped in cellophane or plastic wrap;
  3. stand at least 40 minutes.

Potato poultice you can apply 2 times. This slurry is removed from the knee, put in a glass container and leave in the cold in a sealed cover.

The next day the drug is heated in a water bath and the procedure is repeated. The treatment course is 6 days.

Herbal teas, ointments, compresses

Doctors can tell you how to get rid of the pain in the shoulder and knee. To prepare medicines in the home is not difficult and does not require expensive components. There is a simple recipe ointment for the joints.

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Take a teaspoon of turpentine, a tablespoon of vinegar (preferably Apple cider) and 1 chicken yolk. After the application of the leg wrap. Apply ointment you will need to obtain the optimal therapeutic result.

On all night to make an onion poultice. This vegetable is cut into 2 parts, and in the middle of each of them make the cuts to made as much juice as possible. Onion applied to the affected knee and tight privinchivayut.

Remove puffiness will help calendula. For treatment:

  • take a Bush plants;
  • boil in water;
  • applied to the affected joint.

From the top you should use a piece of gauze, previously soaked in broth. Knee wrap in plastic wrap and carefully wrapped.

Well to make a decoction of fir needles. Need to pour boiling water green branches of spruce or pine and leave to infuse for 24 hours. Then, the resulting medium was heated to 50 degrees, wrap them knees. The procedure is repeated every day.

You can try to get rid of the pain using a compress elderflower and chamomile. The recipe involves steaming in boiling water half a Cup of flowers. A mixture of wrap and stand for 20 minutes. The broth is poured, and to the sick knee, put only steamed herbs, folded in a fabric pouch.

Well to relieve the pain possible without preliminary thermal processing of medicinal plants. Some of them can be applied to the affected knee fresh. It may be birch leaves, burdock, horseradish. Such procedure is carried out several times a day.

Another great way to answer the question, how to get rid of pain in the joints of the feet, will be a mixture of ground mustard and camphor. Components are mixed in equal proportions, and to the resulting mass add chicken yolk. The ointment is put on the knee, carefully wrapped up and leave until morning.


Every evening before bedtime is recommended to RUB the knees with dandelion infused with a triple Cologne. For pain rubbing repeat for 40 days.

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Triturating possible infusion of elecampane. For every 500 ml of alcohol or vodka take 100 herbs. Mix and insist 3 days, and then rubbing the pre-oiled skin.

Traditionally doctors advise to deal with joint pain with horse chestnut. For medication it is ground and poured vodka in the ratio of 300 g chestnuts 500 ml of alcohol. The mixture is left in a dark place for 14 days while not forgetting every day to shake. The resulting solution is rubbed into the knee.

Can help patients pepper tincture:

  • take the pods of bitter pepper;
  • thoroughly pulverized;
  • fill them half of the volume of the bottle made of dark glass.

The rest of the volume topped up with alcohol. Stand means 7 days.

In addition to the compresses, ointments and rastirok can practice simple methods to reduce pain, for example, to fix the joint to avoid unnecessary movements. To this end, the patients wear knee braces that increase the functionality of the joint and independent movement of the person. Reduce the load also can be due to orthopedic insoles.