Arthrodesis of the ankle joint of the foot: consequences

If the person developing the pathological processes that violate the functioning of the legs, most likely, the doctor will prescribe arthrodesis of the ankle or other parts of the limb.

Fusion (arthrodesis) is a surgery in which an artificial way is achieved the necessary absolute immobility of the joint. This method of treatment is appropriate when it is necessary to fix loose joints and restore the ability to confidently rely on the foot.

The failure of conservative treatment, the patient will not eventually be able to walk normally, but the most significant complication is a disability. Such therapeutic treatment has its own specifics.

Please note! Arthrodesis is assigned only in some cases, so not every patient with pathology of the joints, doing this procedure.

Introduzione is an artificial kind of ankylosis. Ossification makes the joints immobility because of soldering fibrous or cartilaginous tissues, and due to the merging of the bone surface.

Besides the pathology are those who have suffered complex injuries, inflammation, degenerative processes. Even ossification occurs due to prolonged immobilization of joints, incorrect broshennyh bones.

Please note! Ankylosis contributes to the violation of statics, quite often this phenomenon is accompanied by severe pain.

But still, certain situations require surgical intervention, through which artificially ensures the immobility of the joints.

What joints are used in the first place?

The procedure is to restore or improve the supporting ability of the joints of the skeleton by the stationary fixation. Most often this surgical procedure is assigned in the case of pathological changes:

  • metatarsophalangeal;
  • hip;
  • ankle;
  • the knee joint.

Someone who needed arthrodesis suffers from constant pain, he has impaired motor coordination, he can not move normally.

After surgery adjacent the bone located near the joint are fused, whereby is formed ankylosis. The joint is fixed so that there is achieved a functional comfortable position. However, joint mobility decreases.

Types of arthrodesis

This operation is done by various methods. The choice of the specific type of procedure is based on the anatomy link, biomechanical and functional characteristics.

Types of fusion:

  • Intra-articular administration. During the operation, removed the cartilage, while germ layer interference.
  • Extra-articular. Bone fixed by bone graft and the articular cartilage is not affected.
  • Mixed. During this type of surgery cartilage removed, and the bones are connected with strong metal clips or transplants.

Please note! In some cases, a compression arthrodesis of the ankle joint and other joints in which there is compression of the joints.

Who shows Introduzione?

Arthrodesis of the foot and other joints is if they lose oporosposobnosti arising from the following factors:

  • contracture;
  • pathological offset;
  • chronic arthritis;
  • palsy, childhood;
  • the effects of tuberculous arthritis;
  • improperly fused bones.

Also surgery is used when other diseases accompanied by severe pain and dysfunction of the limbs.

Arthrodesis of the knee joint shown in the case of deforming arthritis in which the patient experiences severe pain. Also operations are necessary if the disease is accompanied by disorders and loose joints.

Moreover, surgical intervention will be required when tuberculosis of the joint, paralysis of the hip muscles and the complications of polio.

The course of such diseases as osteoarthritis of the knee can take three forms. The initial and acute stage can be successfully treated with conservative therapy and traditional medicine, used massage the knee joint with osteoarthritis, and the latter form of the disease can be treated only operational method.

At an advanced stage of cartilage fibers is almost there, so to build them is almost impossible. At this stage of the disease the patient was plagued by a sharp pain accompanying it at any time of the day.

Gonarthrosis in the knee joint to bend only halfway and medical therapy is ineffective. In this case the only salvation lies in the operation. A leading surgical method in the treatment of osteoarthritis is arthrodesis.

How to make Introduzione?

During surgery, the surgeon replaces the atrophied joint with an artificial. Although there are doctors who do not approve this method, because the patient remains without knee joints, which was part of his body. Therefore, arthrodesis of the ankle joint and other joints shall be appointed only in exceptional cases.

After surgery on the joint is put into a cast for a few months or even a year, depending on the patient’s condition and effectiveness of the surgical procedure.

In the beginning of the operation the limb is fixed in a certain position (angle). In the course of surgery of the affected joint and cartilage are removed. In the end, the knee, the femur and tibia fused, as a result there is stillness.

Unfortunately, an arthrodesis can not solve the problem completely, but forget about being sick for a couple of years it’s possible. However, this methodology is radical, so patients are often prescribed a knee joint.

Who should not use Introduzione?

Surgical procedure is prohibited if:

  • patient age less than 12 years;
  • General health poor;
  • patient age greater than 60 years;
  • there are suppurative lesions of the joints;
  • is fistula.

To the worsening of osteoarthritis has not acquired a complicated shape and not needed to do the surgery, it is better to treat the early stage of the disease. To prevent osteoarthritis should be systematically inspected by a podiatrist and surgeon.

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