Arthrodesis: instruction manual, reviews

Arthrodesis is a medicinal preparation produced in the form of gelatin capsules and used in the treatment of various pathologies of the joints, associated with the dystrophic-degenerative changes of tissues.

Gelatin capsules are white and green inside and contain small granules yellowish – Diacerein, the main acting component of the drug. In addition to the main component Diacerein drug Arthrodires also contains the following excipients:

  • Gelatin;
  • Lactose monohydrate;
  • Croscarmellose sodium;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • Povidone K30;
  • Yellow iron oxide;
  • Indigotin;
  • The titanium oxide.

Capsules Packed in blister foil with 10 pieces. A blister of three pieces in a cardboard box. Thus, in pharmacies drug Artrodar available in a carton of 30 capsules.

How does Arthrodesis

The main action of the drug, as confirmed by the feedback of patients, rapid relief of inflammation in joints. Arthrodesis is also an inhibitor of the production and functioning of the cytokine IL-1 (interleukin-1). This cytokine stimulates inflammation in the cartilage tissues and promotes their subsequent destruction. For this reason, not all analogs can replace the full Arthrodesis.

Diacerein as the main component of Antrodia affects other cytokines, which are mediators of inflammation in the cartilage of the joints. It is used also in the diagnosis of articular syndrome.

As evidenced by reviews doctors, this substance is overwhelmingly influences the formation of metalloprotease that contribute to the destruction of the cells of the cartilage tissues at an inflammation.

Arthrodesis – drug, requiring a long course of treatment, only then he begins to fully exert the therapeutic effect. It has a selective effect by stimulating the synthesis of proteoglycans and the same time not inhibiting the production of prostaglandins.

That’s why the reviews recommended to purchase this drug at various articular pathologies as an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

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What happens in the body after the patient took Arthrodesis? In the stomach the gelatin capsule dissolves, and then released Diacerein and quickly starts to absorb the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. If you take the drug along with food, and not just to wash it down with a liquid, the rate of decay and absorption will increase by one-quarter.

Diacerein in the human body breaks down to Reina, the maximum concentration of this substance in plasma is reached after about 2-2. 5 hours after taking the drug. Arthrodesis, taken in a dosage of 50 mg, increases the maximum concentration in plasma by 3.15 ml/liter. Multiple doses, respectively, will be each time to increase the concentration of the substance in plasma.

After the collapse of the rein is bound in plasma to albumin and excreted through the kidneys after approximately 4.5 hours by more than 20% pure, 20% sulfate, and 60% as glucuronide.

Instructions for use and dosage of the drug

Arthrodesis the standard scheme take twice a day, morning and evening, preferably in conjunction with food. The capsule is swallowed whole, without chewing, and immediately drink water.

The first therapeutic effect is felt within 2-4 weeks after the start of treatment. The duration of a course of treatment is at least 4 months.

Since Arthrodesis can cause allergic reactions and other side effects, you should not buy it to stock in large quantities.

The efficacy and safety of treatment with Astrocaryum determined by the doctor after the first treatment. If the drug is suitable and expected results have been achieved in a few months, treatment is repeated.

The main symptoms of drug overdose:

  • Weakness;
  • Continuous diarrhea.
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In this case the drug is stopped and symptomatic treatment. Before starting treatment with Astrocaryum patient must warn about these possible effects and to clarify the need for immediate treatment to the doctor.

Interaction with other drugs

Arthrodesis strictly forbidden to take with drugs that have a laxative effect on the stomach and intestines, and any lekarstvennymi means, able to exert influence on the contents of the intestine. Including from food supplements, having in its composition fiber. In addition, you cannot use Arthrodires together with:

  1. Any analogues drug.
  2. Antacids will decrease the rate of absorption of the active substance Arthrodira.
  3. Antibiotic or chemotherapeutic substances – in this case, increases the risk of negative effects from the intestines.

If you want continuous administration of any drugs for the treatment of other chronic diseases, it is necessary to discuss and, if necessary, to adjust the treatment program with your doctor.

The dose is usually reduced and the first and second drug if the first-to refuse not possible, selected analogue Artradio.

Contraindications and side effects

Diacerein able to cross the placenta and be absorbed into breast milk, so products with this active component in the first place not assigned for pregnant and lactating women.

Arthrodires do not use in patients with individual intolerance to any components of the medicine. The drug is not prescribed to children, adolescents, and persons suffering from acute or chronic renal failure.

At the beginning of treatment may occur such phenomena:

  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Pain in the abdomen.

In this case, it is recommended to reduce the dose by half. If the unwanted symptoms are not ischezat even after adjusting the dosage, the medication should be discontinued.

In the long admission Arthrodira urine depending on the acidity level in the body can be painted in dark yellow or brown color is normal reaction does not require discontinuation of treatment.

Conditions of supply, storage and treatment of Astrocaryum

This drug can be purchased at the pharmacy is strictly on prescription, the price may change depending on the region. Keep the preparation is recommended in a dark, cool place, protected from direct sunlight, out of reach of children and Pets. At temperatures above 25 degrees capsules can be stored up to three years.

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To achieve full effectiveness normally required to pass several courses of treatment with Astrocaryum according to the instructions for use. How effective was the treatment, is evaluated in each individual case, after the completion of the first course of therapy.

As anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of the drug is felt immediately, first it is taken in combination with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. During treatment, the doctor will constantly monitor the blood and the enzyme activity of the liver – the patient must prepare for periodic surveys.

In cases, if found undesirable deviations, or develops renal insufficiency, the dosage of the drug is mandatory shrinking. If severe allergic reactions from the treatment data of medical means should be abandoned, picked up another analog.

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