Alezan cream and ointment for joints: application instruction

In recent years, more and more our compatriots used for the treatment and care of tools, originally developed for animals. Many patients suffering from arthritis, appreciated joint cream from the brand Alezan.

The drug perfectly copes with many problems of the joints and helps:

  • to remove inflammation;
  • to quench the pain;
  • is cartilage.

It is noteworthy that the cream is made by a Russian company for veterinary needs, namely for the treatment of joint diseases in horses. It can be a good solution in the complex treatment of various diseases of musculoskeletal system: arthrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and other similar diseases of man.

What is

The cream consists of substances:

  1. chondroprotective;
  2. analgesic;
  3. anti-inflammatory;
  4. hondrostimulirutee.

Each component has a beneficial effect on the pathological process in the joints and is great for treatment of acute forms of diseases of musculoskeletal system and Chronicles. Active substances stimulate the processes in cartilage, prevents the work of enzymes that affect the progression of the disease.

Components help to normalize the mechanism of calcium deposits in the bones, while maintaining the elasticity of cartilage. Correction of metabolism in the joints, efficiently restores and maintains their function.

Sea buckthorn oil, glycerin and herbal extracts contribute to improving the process of regeneration of the articular surfaces. Alezan cream does not irritate the skin and does not give adverse reactions.

Cream for joints perfectly penetrates the skin, reduces swelling, pain and improves circulation.

Application features

Doctors can recommend ointment-year-old child in cases when the patient suffers from pains in joints. Ointment for horses can not only remove the symptoms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also to have a significant therapeutic effect. She’s pretty good with those injuries and ailments:

  • the inflammatory process in the joint;
  • joint injuries of different etiology;
  • deformation in the joints;
  • softening of the kneecap;
  • pathological degenerative disorders in the joints.

Apply on thoroughly cleansed skin infected with a layer not more than 2 mm. After application it is better not to move and to relax the patient’s joint. For best result and long lasting effect you can optionally use an airtight bandage.

Ointment for horses rapidly absorbed and penetrates well into the joints and does not leave greasy stains on clothing.

Due to the presence of miramistina you can apply Alezan for treating wounds, because it is characterized by antimicrobial activity. Many athletes also appreciated and actively used this cream.

The drug is used 2-3 times a day for months. After the course of treatment can be repeated. E

it will help remove the inflammation from the peripheral nerves in various forms of arthritis. More information about the application tell statement.

Warming gel

The manufacturer offers a cream for the joints, but also a number of other equally effective, quality products for horses that a great help and people. No less popular cooling-warming gel «Alezan 2 in 1». It is suitable for getting rid of such problems:

  1. neuritis;
  2. sciatica;
  3. myositis;
  4. lymphonodular.

Well established gel for bruises, hematomas, sprains of the knee and ligamentous sprains. It relieves pain and eliminates inflammation. The gel is applied thinly on the affected area and leave to dry. You can optionally use the bandage on the ankle, for example. The gel should not be applied to the bleeding open wounds.

Before the first application tool is applied to a small area of the skin. This will help to ensure no allergies to it.

How to use?

To use the cooling antitrauamtic funds are no particular contraindications. It is suitable for taking the strain of muscles and their relaxation with a high degree of fatigue.

Gel for horses relieves swelling and prevents further its appearance. The regulations provide for the use of Alesana for varicose veins. For the first three days, the gel is applied in small amounts onto clean skin over the affected place.

Warming gel helps to restore the mobility of joints in:

  • myositis;
  • neuritis;
  • sciatica.

It is often when sciatica active drug substance penetrates deep into the sore spot and it is well heated. The gel is applied it with a sponge and the affected area is available for some time.

In the case of myositis, it is recommended to apply a moderately hot cloth and over it put a warm heating pad. Procedure should be performed for 1 hour (for more information about using tell application guide). Maximum results can be achieved after 4 such procedures. If necessary, the course is prolonged.

Where to buy?

Due to the fact that any drug brand Alezan is intended primarily for the animals, and they can be purchased in veterinary pharmacies. This purchase does not provide for the presentation of a prescription from a doctor.

Many patients prefer to make purchases in online stores, which also are widely available gel and cream joints Alezan from the manufacturer. Products, these retailers can deliver to any location in the country.

Important! You should always pay attention to the validity of the product. Expired medicines are hazardous to health.

The cost of the drug in different regions of Russia will be different. Usually, the price depends on the trading margin and volume of the tube. For joints Alezan sold in tubes of 100 ml to 750 ml.

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