Aching pain in the shoulder joint: causes pain in the hand

If a person is concerned about periodic or persistent aching pain in the shoulder, then he should seek medical assistance to identify the factors of occurrence of pain syndrome and to determine the diagnosis. Pain in the shoulder joint of Moet to be of different periodicity, to appear at different times to be mixed, varying intensity and can occur for several different reasons.

In most cases, discomfort in the shoulder appear due to prolonged physical activity or when the arm lived for a long time in an uncomfortable position.

Sensations of this kind, generally accompanied by numbness, tingling and spasm of the muscular system right or left hand. Mostly, these complaints suggest that the patient is suffering from diseases of the locomotor system.

In addition, pain in the left shoulder may indicate inflammation of the spine, radiculitis or osteochondrosis.

Factors of shoulder pain

Pain in right side shoulder systems arise due to different injuries and illnesses. First things first, it may speak of defeat or strain of the tendons surrounding the joint. This disease is called tendonitis, which develops due to the strong physical surge when tendons RUB against bone.

Discomfort in the right shoulder is often a symptom of bursitis. This disease also occurs due to heavy physical exertion, but it affects a large area.

When bursitis of the shoulder joint affects the joint box, the joint and tendons, so when aching shoulder is an alarming symptom. Basically, these symptoms indicate the presence of calcium salts in the joints that may contribute to the absolute immobility of the patient.

This disease develops in people older than 35 years. Painful sensations are intense, aching in nature, moreover, they are permanent.

Discomfort in the right shoulder joint can also be felt in case of damage. Sometimes factors of pain becomes a genetic predisposition, tumors and inflammation.

Reasons of the pain syndrome in the right or left shoulder can be due to the emergence of the bones of the joint due to trauma, which causes the offset. The arms rotate because of what can happen damage to the tendons.

Pain in the left shoulder joint can be caused by damage not only the household, but also sports. Often professional athletes get damage during the period of training and competition.

Discomfort in the left shoulder, there are also those who constantly carry something heavy. By the way, 80% of bodybuilders suffer from similar injuries of the joints. The main reasons for this phenomenon lie in the instability of the articular box.

In addition, the discomfort in my left shoulder often occurs due to the lesions of the internal organs.

For example, when a patient has pneumonia, a tumor in the chest or liver disease then it can cause pain in the left or right shoulder.

The development of human periartroz may begin with discomfort in the right shoulder. The disease will progress over several months, that period of discomfort in his right shoulder will only increase. The causes of disease often lie in:

  • sciatica;
  • arthritis;
  • rupture of the tendon;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • heavy loads on the spine;
  • hernia.

Treatment for shoulder pain

When pain syndrome occurs periodically, which does not cause strong discomfort, then, most likely, its origin lies in the excessive physical activities or length of time in one position.

When painful feelings are permanent and they don’t recede for a certain amount of time, then their causes can be different. At this moment should seek medical assistance.

Typically, when the shoulder ache – this indicates the curvature of the spine. For these reasons, the house people should do everything to the effectiveness of drug treatment was the highest. Always need to work on smooth posture and keep your back straight.

Should also buy a special orthotics. Very effectively with painful syndrome of the shoulder joint struggle of correction corsets, corsets to help muscle spine alignment posture and reduce stress on the patient’s joint.

Causes of discomfort may be different, but there are many effective methods of therapy. To reduce the impact on the shoulder, you can use special cushions and pillows to use during the period of the seat or during sleep.

In addition, the devices reduce the impact on the joints and normalize blood circulation processes, helping to reduce shoulder pain. Besides rollers, are also applied and special collars. However, to put these devices with long-term pain in my left shoulder is permitted only two consecutive days.

If the patient has experienced severe trauma, and prolonged discomfort in the right shoulder joint appeared for these reasons, then the doctor recommends to do massage and to restore the shoulder joint after fracture, for example.

In the case of conventional treatment, a doctor prescribes analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. But gels and ointments can have different effects on the body, but mostly they do not give the desired effect.

And if, in addition to the aching pain in my right shoulder temperature rises and you may receive General malaise, then you must immediately consult a doctor.

The patient should be immobilized to prevent any overload of the upper arm and spine.

Preventive measures

As mentioned above, the causes of pain can be varied. Sometimes are diseases and trauma. However, in some cases they lie in the neglect of one’s own body.

To prevent discomfort in the shoulder Department, should minimize the likelihood of pain in it:

  • the back should always be kept straight;
  • with vigorous way of life, though sometimes you need to reduce the activity;
  • you should always choose the correct posture while watching movies, reading and sleep;
  • the diet should be consistent with the minimum amount of salt.

But it is worth considering that the separation of physical and mental stress throughout the day is key to maintaining health, shoulders, neck and spine. Those who work at the computer every 2 hours to do a light workout back. It is also important to find at least 5 minutes to lie down on a flat surface and relax.

While sitting at the computer you always keep your back straight. And do not forget to do relaxing massage every evening.

Treatment of folk remedies

And what do those who have no ability to get to the doctor to get rid of the discomfort in the right or left shoulder? In this case, in addition to conservative therapy, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine to reduce pain and to reduce inflammation.

Very effective relieving discomfort, is a decoction of nettle. These two plants have a lot of positive properties. Daily you need to take 50 grams of broth.

Moreover, nettle is useful to make compresses. For these purposes it is necessary to moisten a gauze cloth in herbal decoction and then apply it to the affected area. The compress should be wrapped with polyethylene, and then wrap a woolen cloth.

Also an unpleasant feeling in the shoulder joint can be eliminated by using a tincture of lilac. Daily hands should be dried with alcohol medicine of lilac. After a long course of treatment, the discomfort should pass.

In addition, you can prepare a decoction of the new building to help get rid of the aching pain. For its preparation should pour 2 tablespoons of viburnum 1 000 ml of boiling water. Then the broth should infuse for 60 minutes.

Besides, the pain can be relieved using coffee. But this product should be prepared from dandelion roots. For these purposes, you need to take fresh roots, then rinse them and dry. After the roots have cut and put in the oven for 35 minutes.

When the dandelion becomes brown – you must immediately get it out of the oven and wait a bit to cool down. After the roots should be crushed in a coffee grinder. From the obtained powder, brewed coffee beverage that you need to leave for about 20 minutes and take three times a day.

You can also make a honey infusion. For these purposes it is necessary to combine 1 liter of quality vodka with 100 g of honey. After all this needs to steep for about 2 weeks.

From honey tincture should make compresses that must be applied daily. A place where a compress is imposed for optimum effect, you need to wrap woolen cloth.

In addition to soreness, you can use compresses of walnuts. For these purposes it is necessary to take the shell of the nut 10, and then grind it and pour the vodka.

Then walnut tincture should be put in a dry and dark place for 1 month. The medication must daily shake. Take tincture need 10 ml before meals three times a day.

Moreover, in order to get rid of the discomfort in the shoulder joint need to enrich the diet of dairy products. You can also prepare from them a medicine.

In these purposes it is necessary to prepare a glass of fresh milk, and then dilute it with 2 ounces of vodka. The mixture should be drunk every day in the morning.


From the painful feeling left or right shoulder can be cured with the help of physical therapy, strengthening the corset muscles of the neck and back.

About the gymnastics necessary to remember in case of inflammation in joint tissues and in case of any disorders of the spine. However, to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms exercises should be done faithfully and systematically.

To perform the first exercises should be to sit on a chair or stand, not forgetting that the back should be smooth. Then the hands are lowered downwards, and the head kept straight.

The head should turn to the right until it stops. Then stay in this position for 2 seconds and return to starting position. Then the head should turn to the left.

So, you need to make 6 turns on each side. Then the head should be lowered down and press your chin to your chest.

The following exercise is to straighten the back and lowering the head down. After head drops back, you will need to try to draw the chin. Worth noting that this action must be done carefully so as not to damage the ligaments and muscles.

The following exercises need to sit down on a chair and then applied to the forehead with one palm. Next you should do the head tilts down, while pressing a palm to his forehead. If you are performing the exercises there is a pain in my left shoulder, then it should be applied to the forehead, the left hand and Vice versa.

Runtime one approach is 15 minutes. Next you need to change positions. As a preventive measure, these exercises should be done with both hands.

After you can do the same exercise. This palm should be attached to the head, and then tilts right and left.

To perform the following exercise should occupy a sitting position or standing. Then you should move your hands down and lift the shoulders up to the stop and hold this position for at least 15 seconds. Next, you need to make an exhalation, relax the hand for 10 seconds and repeat all over again.

At the end of the perform therapeutic exercises it is useful to do self-massage. This should take a comfortable position (sitting, lying), and then to do intensive kneading movement of the affected area for about 5 minutes.

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