Aching pain in the hip: causes of pain of the pelvis

Every joint in the human body has its own function and purpose, in his own importance and irreplaceable. But the hip is the largest, it has to endure most of the weight of the human body, it is responsible for maintaining equilibrium, serves as a support.

While he is healthy and does not bother neither pain nor stiffness, few people think about it.

To survive person begins when there is discomfort in the hip, aching pain, do not let go even at night, not be home-made medicines.

What is pain in the hip joint

If the hip joint becomes inflamed and the tissue changes, the pain usually disturbs at night and not in daytime. This is because when the body is at rest, it throws all of its resources on intensive fight against emerging disease. And it increases the pain.

For this reason, the symptoms of a cold or flu always seem brighter in the evening and night, at night the temperature of the human body, and in the morning again to normal.

In addition, the day man’s busy routine, distracted and often do not notice the discomfort. At night, when he is completely relaxed, pain the hip joint is not growing – she’s just beginning to be felt, as the patient has the opportunity to focus on your body and what happens to him.

The nature of pain can put a fairly accurate diagnosis. Conventionally, doctors are following its types:

  • Acute pain. It usually occurs in the area where the inflammation. Pain in the hip joint in this case speaks of his injury or developing disease. If the patient will drown out the pain syndrome tablets, the process spread to neighboring tissue – and the pain along with it;
  • Nagging pain. In case of pain syndrome of this nature, the pain on the rise, then begin to subside and may disappear completely for a while. Then the pain in the hip back again. Can occur both in acute and in chronic disease of the hip joint;
  • Persistent pain or chronic pain. Means pain syndrome, which is marked on the patient for more than six consecutive months causes a chronic disease requiring surgical treatment.

Detailed questioning of the patient, when and what pain he appeared for the first time what it feels now, you can make accurate clinical picture of the disease.

The reasons why there is pain in the hip joint

If the pain in the hip joint occurs at night and determine the causes is sometimes quite difficult. First suspected:

  1. Trauma – dislocation of the hip joint, fractures, sprains and torn ligaments and tendons.
  2. Diseases associated with degenerative-dystrophic changes in the tissues of the joint and its surrounding ligaments and muscles – arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, tendonitis.
  3. Complications of degenerative disc disease.

Numerous physiological causes may also explain the pain at night in hip joint. This is the last trimester of pregnancy, a long day on your feet, wearing uncomfortable shoes, too intense workout.

Treatment of pain in the hip joint

Inadvertently received by those who are trying to shoot night hip pain home remedies, without accurate diagnosis and advice.

The fact is that if we are talking about inflammation, heat ointments and rubbing, hot compresses are contraindicated and can do harm.

Therefore, even if the patient refuses treatment under medical supervision, for consultation and survey visit a surgeon or traumatologist.

Inflammation as a cause of pain

The pain is usually accompanied by stiffness in the hip joint, as the cartilage layer and bone are destroyed the joint surfaces begin to deform and grow.

In this case, the doctor will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that act in a complex, eliminating the pain, inflammation and swelling, cartilage protectors to protect it is not destroyed cartilage and restore hormonal drugs for the normalization of metabolic processes in the body.

After the elimination of acute pain in the hip joint articular transferred to curative gymnastics and physiotherapy, the necessary exercises for the hip joints.

At this stage, medicines can be replaced folk remedies – herbal decoctions, tinctures, compresses a range.

The injury causes pain hip joint

A very common and serious injury is the dislocation of the hip. Treatment is complicated by the fact that the pain can be very strong and patient for a long time does not appeal to the trauma, believing that got just a bruise. As a result, the eyes are troubled by very strong pain, the limb with a damaged hand becomes motionless and as if pressed to the healthy leg.

The elderly patients are very frequent hip fracture – injury threat in the first place so that this portion of the joint is no periosteum, the tissues don’t get nutrition and if the damage practically is not restored.

Treatment of dislocation involves primarily the exclusion of any stress on the joint, bed rest and complete rest. Immobilized limb using plaster splint or orthosis. Fractures in most cases shows the endoprosthesis. In this case, the damaged femoral head and femoral neck are removed, and instead implanted the implants.

Hip replacement is usually carried out for older people who have observed significant destruction of the articular elements. Patients of young age it is recommended for minimally invasive intervention in which the articular fragments are joined together by screws made of special medical alloy.

Osteochondrosis and its complications as the cause of the pain

Diseases of the spine can seriously affect the hip joint. And in this case especially contraindicated any self-treatment or if you have developed low back pain sacral-lumbar part of the spine, causes of pain may be the intervertebral disk displacement or protrusion.

If such disease is sciatica because the pain irradiiruet in the hip joint and is aggravated at night, when they are not distracted from everyday cares. The pain can worsen from any, the slightest movement. Sometimes a patient only needs to sneeze or laugh, to immediately wince from a sharp pain in the hip.

For treatment with the same drugs used for arthritis or arthritis: NSAIDs hondroprotektory, hormones. They can attach drugs that stimulate blood circulation and diuretics. In this case physiotherapy is mandatory – it strengthens the muscles of the back and retains the flexibility of stawow spine.

Muscle spasms and pain well eliminates acupuncture, often used hirudotherapy – treatment with leeches.

The physiological causes of pain in TZS

Very often women in the last months of pregnancy complain of dragging pain in the pelvis, especially pestering at night. They are partly caused by large loads on the hip joint because, in addition to weight women it stands now the weight of the baby along with the amniotic fluid. And it is from 10 to 18 extra pounds.

In addition, during this period a woman’s body is already beginning to prepare to leave. With the passage of the fetus through the birth canal pelvis apart, passing him. On recovery it will take some time – depends on the physiological characteristics of women of her age, the course of childbirth. For this reason, hip pain may disturb a few months.

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