Aching knee: causes aching pain what to do foot

Why the pain occurs in the knees? Such symptoms indicates that the patient has problems with joints. To establish the reasons for such feelings can be based on different secondary manifestations, after commissioning of all the tests.

However, when initial signs of the emergence of knee pain should immediately seek medical help. The reasons for this state can be varied. But mostly they appear after intensive exercise, although the nature of the disease is different.

In addition, prolonged pain in the knees indicates the presence of acute or chronic form of arthritis or arthritis. Treatment of these diseases leads to complete immobility and disability. Aching pain medicated way, with folk remedies and with the help of special exercises.

Why hurt your knees?

The reasons may lie in the presence of a disease. One of them may be osteoarthritis. During the development of the disease the decomposition of articular structures, frequently the disease appears as a result of injury.

Thus pain, which I will remind myself in the evening and morning. In addition to these symptoms, there are such symptoms as swelling and redness.

To the same causes of pain in knee joints can be due to the necrosis of the tuberosity of the tibia. This pathology is most often diagnosed in adolescent boys. The symptoms may be prolonged pain and swelling. As a rule, the leg is swollen on the rear side below the affected area and front legs.

Popliteal bursitis can occur at any age. In this case the knee acts of the inflammatory process, and the lower part of the limb swells.

Moreover, infection of the skin is another factor, to answer the question of why aches and hurts his knee. The pathology of this kind cover box joint, bone resulting in limited mobility.

Pain in the knee joint often indicates problems with the lower back and spine. Similar symptoms are observed if a pinched nerve.

Another causes for long-term pain are in the progression of Legg. However, this disease develops infrequently, it affects the cartilage tissue that extend from the bone and move the joint.

In addition, regular physical activity is another factor why whine and sore knees. Systematic training irritate the joint, causing the damaged tissue becomes susceptible to various changes, so is the inflammation.

Mostly aching pain pursuing professional athletes. Most often this phenomenon is typical for cyclists and runners.

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Why knee still hurts after intense physical exercise? Due to the overexertion of joints may develop such diseases as:

  • Syndrome fibrinous film (articular ligaments thicken).
  • Bursitis (causes of its development are to defeat the joint capsule and the joint and excess joint compound.)
  • Knee-femoral pain syndrome (typical symptom is pain in the kneecap).
  • Tendis (deformation of the connective tissue).

Leg injuries

Typically causes painful sensations in the feet are damage. To get injured you with a sharp drop foot, stroke of the object, failed the flexion of the joint. Due to this injury, the limb almost immediately swells and voznikaet severe pain.

The discomfort is constant and it does not disappear even when the limb is at rest. Besides, at the time of injury may cause damage of blood vessels or nerve endings.

The area below the knee is numbed and a feeling of tingling. The skin is initially red and then turn blue and swell.

In the case of acute injuries of the limbs can occur numerous injuries. Why is this phenomenon so dangerous? First, risk is a sprain or a tendon rupture.

If there is a drop, then it is likely that the damaged meniscus and cartilage. Often injured ligament of the tibia.

In addition, it is possible to even fracture if the knee area will suffer a direct hit. However, it may affect the patella, tibia and femur.

Another pain in the knees occur due to unnatural bending or twisting of the joint. This injury often leads to patellar luxation.

Such injuries often occur in adolescent girls who play sports. Aching pain occurs when detachment of the cartilage or bone inside the joint that prevents it from functioning naturally.

As you can see the reasons of painful sensations in the knees can be different. Occasionally this symptom provokes a dislocation of the lower leg. This injury is rare, because to get it quite easy.

Such damage manifests itself immediately. This man is suffering from a sharp pain. Therefore, it is necessary to take to the doctor.

Treatment of folk remedies

After it was clarified why there is singing knee pain it is possible to begin treatment with recipes that offer alternative medicine. With this, you can make compresses from hell. So, you should take a large sheet of horseradish and dip it for a few seconds in boiling water.

Next, the sheet is applied to the affected area and bandage insulated. The compress should be kept no more than 5 minutes, so as you can burn yourself. Such treatment it is desirable to exercise every day for one week.

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To get rid of debilitating knee pain can be done compresses on the basis of:

  1. vodka (400 ml);
  2. dandelion flowers (3 tbsp.).

Flowers should be placed in a container and pour vodka or eau de Cologne. Means insist on for three days. Compresses should be done every day, wetting a piece of gauze cloth in the infusion and applying it to the knees. On top of all, you need to wrap up head with polyethylene and a warm scarf.

The duration of treatment – 1.5 hours. The treatment course should last at least 8 days. A lotion can do all night.

In addition, when there is aching pain in the knee joint it is useful to make compresses on the basis of medical bile. With this purpose, you need to mix:

  • iodine (3 tbsp.);
  • bile (3 tbsp.);
  • may honey (2 tbsp);
  • alcohol ammonia (2 tbsp.);
  • olive oil (3 tbsp).

All the ingredients should be placed in a container and mix. The received means it is necessary to moisten a piece of cloth and compress on legs, Sabitova them and insulate.

Keep a lotion can be the whole day. After 24 hours the compress is removed and the skin rinsed with water. After one day, the procedure must be repeated. If you constantly do this compress, it can activate blood circulation, eliminate swelling, pain and to prevent the emergence of the inflammatory process.

The duration of therapy is 60 days. It is worth noting that this therapy can cure even advanced forms of arthrosis.

Besides eliminate the pain syndrome in the knee joint, you can use herbal baths. Despite the fact that such therapies are less well known, they are quite effective. Even more impressive may be compresses with Dimexidum.

If concerned about the constant pain from back of knee, then you can use Jerusalem artichokes. Its therapeutic properties help to overcome the inflammatory process. To do this, take 2 of the tuber of Jerusalem artichoke and chop it finely, peel on peel.

All the ingredients should be placed in a jar and pour 0.4 l of boiling water. The tool must infuse and cool down. Now you can make foot baths, adding a tool in a bowl of water where bathing his feet.

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This procedure should be done daily, each time adding the water 2 tbsp of infusion. To apply a compress cloth to moisten the infusion and apply to affected area.

At the end of the procedure, the knee should be wiped dry and then apply a warming ointment. The leg should be well insulated and go to bed.

The procedure must be repeated daily. It should be noted that the compress must be applied to the exact area where the pain is localized. For full recovery will be enough 5-7 sessions.

With constant excruciating pain, you can prepare a special medicine that should only be applied externally. To do this, take 1 tbsp of sea salt and dissolve it in 1 liter of cold water.

The solution should be to fill a jar, and then tightly close the lid. You then take 1 tablespoon of camphor alcohol and 100 g ammonia. All the ingredients are mixed and then added to them with saline solution.

Thus, the infusion should be white hairs. The product should be stirred up to the moment when the fibers are melted.

Compresses better to do at night daily. The knees must be well insulated. If you follow this treatment for 21 days, then aching pain recede forever.

To get rid of the intense and excruciating pain in the knees can be prepared ointment, providing analgesic effect. To do this, take 2 tbsp of tysyachelistnika and 1 tbsp St. John’s wort. The ingredients should be crushed, and after heating 2 tablespoons of vaseline on a steam bath and mix with dried herbs to produce a uniform consistency.

The ointment rubbed in the leg every day before bed. With this healing cream can eliminate inflammation, swelling and pain.

In conclusion, we offer the video in this article with the arguments and practical advice expert on the topic of pain in the knees.