Worms in rabbits: symptoms and treatment

The parasites are found in people of any Pets and rabbits – cute fuzzies. Funny long-eared pet is very useful Pets. They are able to provide the family meat diet and a valuable and beautiful fur. Should take care of the health of those who feeds you and clothes. Worms in rabbits it is necessary to treat and prevent further infection.

The symptoms of infection

Worms or folk, worms is flat or round worms living inside the human or animal body. They occur in normal, white, spotted, giant, miniature and ornamental rabbits. Worms can affect adults and newborn babies.

Parasites feed on the food reserves in the stomach and intestines. But the worms eat and the cells of the animal, damage the mucous membranes and penetrate into any organs, blood, liver, even the heart, cause pain, cause disease, inflammation, in a state of neglect result in death.

How to understand what your pet is affected by worms? There are certain symptoms that you should pay attention to:

  • Rabbit suffers from unquenchable thirst, drinks a lot more often than usual and goes to the toilet;
  • The animal starts eating more than usual, but it’s not doing well, but only lose weight;
  • In the future the patient of the animal appetite;
  • Manifested a long and extensive shedding;
  • Stool is too liquid or solid, with inclusions of green slime, blood, whitish larvae with small eggs;
  • The anus is annoying to constantly itches, bleeds. Therefore, the rabbit crouches, rubs her ass on the floor.

Prevention and treatment

To bring out worms from the body of a sick rabbit, you should apply well-established drugs. But not only pills help to change the situation radically.

Infect ornamental rabbits can sick pet and even people. Therefore, starting treatment of the rabbit, we have to simultaneously treat all the animals with which it contacts and caregivers for him.

Infected animal can from eggs and larvae that were on the floor, in the soil. Helminth eggs enter the soil and on dirty floors with feces of sick Pets. In the place where walks the rabbit, you should spend General cleaning, thorough disinfection.

To clean simple dirt floors, earthen floor of the pit, almost impossible. Therefore, the safe keeping of rabbits have long been recognized cells with wooden floors, made in the form of thick strips. Reiki floor it is necessary to scrape, carefully proshkurit emery paper so they are not left burrs, thorns. The legs and bellies of the rabbits are very affectionate, they might get hurt if the racks will be a lot of splinters. After Reiki will be processed an emery paper, they must scald with boiling water to all the small eggs and larvae died. Especially carefully it is necessary to scald with boiling water in the corners, the seams in the joints of the rails with a Board body cells. For this you can use the steam generators.

Between the slats must be light enough that Kal was not going on the floor of the cage fell down on a special tray.

Prevention of the disease the worms does not end there. The larvae can get into food fluffy with dirty, muddy water or grass, sloping in places where widespread small clams. In the environment eggs of the worms can persist for a long time without dying. Hay can also be infected by eggs of worms.

Once in the body of the beloved Eeyore with hay, eggs rapidly transformed into worms, and those, in turn, begin to lay new eggs and larvae. The infection is resumed. Once in the blood, the parasites spread to the lungs and other organs.

Worms in ornamental rabbits are very different, basic types:

  • Nematodes – round worms;
  • Custody – band;
  • Trematodes – flukes.

It is important to know

Fascial hepatic – worm, in the form of a flat leaf, has two suction cups. It lays eggs in the liver. The bile, the eggs enter the intestine and out with the pellets out. Twelve days the eggs grow larvae. When they hatch from eggs, penetrate into the liver of intermediate host – a mollusk.

In swampy areas where wet and grows thick grass, there are clams. Larvae of the worms, the liver of the clam, grow up, get a long tail and face the water. In water, they acquire a hard shell, they become larvae fasciolae. From the water they can get to the animals in troughs or, again, on the grass and hay to feed. So developing the disease fascioliasis.

Along with the food the larvae penetrate the stomach, where the shell dissolves, the larvae enter the blood and liver. Two months they develop in the liver after they reach maturity adjusted liver and gall bladder to the inflammation. The animal dies from intoxication.

To avoid these troubles, water Pets should only clean water taken from lakes, puddles or swamps, it is better boiled. Do not harvest hay in those places where it can be clams. Troughs should be designed so that the water in it does not stagnate. Best proven water bottle turned upside down, suspended higher up, from which the water slowly drips or pours out a quiet stream.

These are called nipple drinkers, feeders bunker. Should food and water be protected from contact with feces. Use these designs to feed and water was not on the dirty floor, next to the pellets.

Novice breeders are often asked, «Are there any tools that eliminate any worms? Is it possible to expel the worms with garlic?»


Some owners added to the diet of rabbits garlic, in order to get rid of the worms. But it helps very inefficient. Doctors and veterinarians have long invented a variety of drugs from worms to rabbits.


This kind of helminthiasis is most often found in animals kept in the pits, cages, on the earthen floor. Helminth eggs white, oval-shaped, pellets of sick rabbits can be on the ground, which contains and healthy animals. Small larvae are able to penetrate through the skin, water, food. From the stomach the larvae enter the blood, lungs, pneumonia occurs, bleeding. Then, inflamed and intestine, rabbits die from exhaustion fourteen days, although unusual, a lot of eating.

This type of worming treatment fourteen days. Drug Dibenzo give the rabbit once a day for one, two milligrams per kilo of live weight. Three days on the pill, 8 days rest of the drugs. After rehabilitation and rest, three days carried out the treatment.

Rabbits need to change the water, food and location. They need to move to a clean, disinfected cage with mesh or slatted floors. Cleanliness must be maintained constantly.


Fascioliasis has two forms of the disease – chronic and acute. During an exacerbation of the animal’s temperature rises to 40 degrees, it is very loses weight, weakens, becomes flabby. In this case, use the medicine: Hexa-chlorate. It should be taken at 0.2 grams per kilogram of live weight of rabbit. Regimen: one day treat, the second give the animal to relax. So to repeat three times.

Chronic disease is cured by those pills, double the dose once.


One of the most common kind of worms – pinworms. The disease associated with them is called: passalurus. Pinworms, length of 12 mm and a width of 5 mm is located in the large intestine. They usually become infected through water and food. Pinworms in the folds of the anus to lay eggs, so the Bunny is behaving inappropriately, rubbing on the floor, the walls of the trough. To ignore these symptoms, and this change in behavior is impossible. With the feces, the eggs end up on the floor, getting into food and water, in a dirty cage, again infect animals. Rabbits rapidly lose weight, they have explosive diarrhea and colitis.

To cure furry Pets from pinworms, them to start with, one day not fed. After that, give the once pills:

  • Or piperazine aditinal;
  • Or piperazine sulfate;
  • Or a piperazine phosphate.

The amount of medication is calculated by multiplying one and a half grams of the drug on the live weight of the animal.

A very effective remedy pinworms and Fenotiazin. His rabbits given within fourteen days. One gram per kilo of animal weight, the drug should be taken once a day.

The treatment is carried out several times. The animal only needs to rest 16 days.

Nipple drinker, hopper feeders, clean slatted floors – the best prevention of pinworms.


Medication broad-spectrum Albendazole has a strong impact, it is recommended in the most severe cases. The dosage is individual, according to the instructions. Give medicine to animals with water and food. You should avoid giving Albendazole to pregnant females. In order to prevent all adult rabbits recommended to proglistogonit that the parasites don’t hurt babies.

Well-proven Levamisole. It is used orally and by injection, treats and boosts the immune system.

Popular drug fast. Suspension this medicine is added to food, 1 ml of the drug in 50 g of feed. It is used for the effective treatment and prevention of infections.

Folk remedies

There are folk remedies for the treatment and prevention of parasites in Pets. These funds may not be as effective as veterinary medicines, but they do not have many side effects and are cheaper. The most gentle veterinary drug adversely affects the liver of the animal.

Often against worms used a decoction of the herb wormwood and inflorescences of tansy. It should be remembered that the broth is very bitter, so add it to the drink and food is not recommended. Best to pour it from a syringe, 1.5 – 2 milliliters, one adult rabbit.

The known tool has long been recognized pumpkin seeds. Although rabbits eat them very willingly, very many seeds to give pussy not worth it, especially adult males. Pumpkin slightly dulls the sexual activity of animals. So to feed pumpkin seeds necessary for two to seven-day programmable mating.

Garlic also expels parasites, but not very effectively. It long used as a popular vermifuge.

If Pets given enough time and attention, a healthy population of rabbits will be a real precious treasure of the household.

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