Vermoxum: instructions for use for the prevention of adults, scheme and dosage

Prevention of helminthiasis with Vermox

About how to take «Vermoxum» for the further prevention everyone should know people who’ve encountered the same problem as the bot. Every day adults and children are susceptible to attacks of various germs, fungi and parasites. Common and rare species of worms that enter the human body through food or personal contact, leading a parasitic way of life on the intestinal mucosa in the cavity of the lungs and in the liver. Complications, side effects from taking hard drugs – all this can be avoided if vigilance and caution, and when necessary, seek assistance from a specialist. A doctor will prescribed drugs to prevent infection with helminth eggs and create adverse conditions for the breeding of parasites.

«Vermoxum» and prevention of worms depending on the type of parasite:

  1. Enterobiasis. A parasitic disease, which is preceded by infection with eggs of the helminth, is rapidly progressing. For prevention or emergency measures for getting rid of parasites, «Vermoxum» is taken as a single dose, and the dose should be 100 mg. After a week break, the patient and his family (the disease is transmitted by contact and household), a second diagnosis of the organism and, if necessary, re-take anthelmintic agents (in the same dosage).
  2. Ascariasis. When infected with Ascaris or in the case of a mixed infection, and that the admission of «Vermox» — 200 mg twice a day. A prophylactic course lasts for three days and then the patient is re-diagnosed.
  3. Taeniasis. Quite heavy parasitic disease leads to complications in the internal organs. For the prevention of teniasis use 400 mg «Vermox» twice a day. Treatment or prophylaxis is not more than three days.
  4. Other types of worms. For less common types of worms used dose «Vermox», halved(1 tablet washed down with plenty of water). Prophylactic measures consist of three days.
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In the «Vermox» includes toxic substances, so the drug is only administered by an experienced physician.

Infection with worms occurs from-for not observance of personal hygiene or contact with an infected person. Prevention «Termocom» is assigned to groups of people at risk of re-infection with helminthiasis. Most often, the doctor prescribes a short course of de-worming after the warm season when the worms are most active. For the prevention of helminthiasis will need just one pill «Vermoxum» (used while eating). Individual dosage determines only an experienced specialist.

Overdose of the drug

If you take a large dose of effective antihelminthic drug, then to avoid the consequences of an overdose will not succeed. Side effects that will only aggravate the General condition of the patient:

  • disruption in the gastrointestinal tract (dysbacteriosis);
  • migraine and dizziness;
  • hepatitis, which requires urgent concurrent treatment;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • anemia;
  • weakness and hair breakage;
  • itchy skin, allergic reactions and rashes.

One or more acute reactions to treatment or prevention using the «Vermox» should serve as a reason for the cancellation of drugs. The weakened body after the bot is not able to resist the new threats, so any side effects will only reduce the patient’s chances for a speedy recovery. To avoid overdose it is possible if to observe all instructions of the attending physician, lead an active lifestyle (sports), stick to a sparing diet (reduce the symptoms of intoxication) and to drink plenty of purified water. Simple precautionary measures able to preserve the health of not only the patient but also his entourage. Warning about side effects listed in the instructions, which is attached to the drug «Vermoxum».

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Contraindications to the drug Vermoxum

«Vermoxum» and instructions for use to prevent adults or children not related to self-healing. Only after a full examination of the body, the patient is assigned to an effective treatment or proper prevention.

Welcome «Vermox» contraindicated (for treatment or prevention):

  • patients with inflammatory processes in the intestine;
  • upon detection of Crohn’s disease;
  • dysfunction of the liver (liver failure);
  • people with constant allergic reactions or intolerance to one of the components of the drug;
  • pregnant women;
  • mothers during lactation;
  • children under the age of two years.

For the prevention of people with chronic diseases getting similar in principle to drugs.

«Vermoxum» is a new generation product, which effectively kills parasites from the inside. Toxic substance means penetrate into helminth and contribute to its rapid destruction. Make «Vermoxum» is recommended for prevention when there is a high probability of infection with helminthiasis (one family member was discovered parasites). After receiving the «Vermox» the patient is undergoing rehabilitation therapy and continues to adhere to proper nutrition.