Vermoxum: instructions for use, analogs, indications, contraindications, for adults and children

Under any parasitic infestations effective Vermoxum?

Mebendazole contained in the tablets and suspension of the drug effective in treating worm infestation and prevention. It is the active ingredient stops the metabolic processes of the parasites and rid them of their main food – glucose. As a result, the worms weaken and die. Worms Vermoxum removes from the body after 1-2 days after defecation.

The use of the drug should be agreed with your doctor. Meds for worms or suspension should be carefully, observing the dosage. Indications for use of the drug is aimed at combating parasites such as: pinworms, hookworms, vlasoglavy, pork apni. It is also effective against ascarids. Moreover, the toxic part of the drug allows to get rid of parasites at different stages of their development. Confirmed its effectiveness and mixed helminthiasis. Vermoxum, the readings of which are associated with the excretion of parasites, one of the preparations of medium toxicity. This is due to poor absorption of substances in the intestines. Only 10-12% of all enzymes are recycled by the kidneys, which makes it relatively safe for the treatment of helminthiasis in children.

The pills Vermoxum

Pills Vermoxum take strictly according to instructions contained in the packaging with the medicine or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Patients helminthic invasions often ask the question: «When to drink Vermoxum, before or after meals?». Indications contained in the manual, contain information about the pill soon after the meal. And, not only effective treatment Vermox, but prophylactic administration of the drug.

Medication enterobiasis at

The drug Vermoxum quickly and effectively treat enterobiasis in adults and in children. Differs only in the dosage. How to take Vermoxum when pinworms in children, it is better to consult your doctor. Most of all, kids under the age of 10 years be prescribed a reduced dose is 25-50 mg. Doctors advise to apply Vermoxum for the treatment of enterobiasis 2 times, with a pause between the intake of 3-4 weeks. The same scheme of treatment corresponds with adults. For the treatment of Vermox patients, aged 10-11 years recommended a single dose of a tablet after ingestion of food followed by a pause of 3-4 weeks before re-treatment.

Treatment of trichinosis

The dosage of the drug in order to use Vermox against trichinosis, is determined only by the doctor. Description in the annotation contains information about the recommended doses and frequency of techniques:

  1. The first 3 days of treatment take 200-400 mg medication 3 times a day.
  2. In the following days of treatment (up to tenth), the applicable amount of the dosage should be increased. Usually safe the norm for humans is 300-500 mg.

The drug Vermoxum, manual which includes information on the average its acceptance, can be used in other schemes and dosages recommended by the physicians.

Treatment of other helminth infections

Similar application features Vermoxe have diseases such as:

  • ascariasis;
  • hookworm disease;
  • taeniasis;
  • trihozefalez;
  • strongyloidiasis.
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How to take Vermoxum against these diseases, ask your doctor. Most often, the course of treatment is 3 days. Method of application Vermoxe, as well as the dose calculation by the parasitologist. Most often, from ascarids, hookworm and other parasites can be eliminated if you take the drug 1 tablet 2 times a day. The main thing is not to ignore the advice of a doctor.

Prevention helminthoses, using Vermox

Through the use of tools such as Vermoxum, you can protect the body from infection by helminths. Most frequently, the ingested larvae of the parasite is due to the lack of hygiene and contact method. The danger is that the first days, weeks, or even months after infection, the disease may pass asymptomatic. Therefore, it is important to carry out prevention of helminthiasis. Vermoxum of worms is the very means by which to do this most effectively applied. This is due to the wide range of effects of toxic components of the drug, which contains a composition Vermox.

To learn about how to take Vermoxum in order to prevent, can from the physician or from the information which is contained in the instructions to the drug. Avoid contact and parasitism in the body of the roundworm, hookworm, pinworm and other parasites can be in single dose pills. Such preventive measures are most effective if Vermoxum PROPET all family members.

Therapy worm infestation in children with Vermox

According to doctors, the most dangerous age for infection parasitic infestation – 2-6 years. At this age, toddlers can suffer from: their favorite games in the yard with friends, digging in the sandbox, contact with Pets, etc. Children often neglect washing your hands that often is the main cause of infection parasitic infestation.

Parents of those children who suffer from parasitic infestations, restlessly treat the condition of their child. Hanging over the family problem creates a lot of questions about whether or not to take Vermoxum how this tool works and whether Vermoxum side effects. Any responses can be obtained from the Parasitology.

Most often for the treatment of worm infestation in children using Vermoxum in the form of a suspension:

  1. Children 1 to 2 years with enterobiasis should take 2,5-5 ml suspension (determined by the physician). If the child is 2-4 years, he can prescribe the pill (3 or 4 part). From 5 to 9 years – half tablet.
  2. In order to get rid of roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and other parasites, drink a preparation 2 times a day. The exact dosage and number of days of therapy determined by the physician.
  3. When trichinosis, doctors advise to take the kids 3 times a day. The exact dose determined by the physician. Usually it does not exceed 2 pills.

If the kid has to take pills, he needs to drink plenty of water (sometimes chewed pill). After taking Vermox, doctors recommend to drink baby cholagogue.

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Vermoxum pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most important. In this period of time the fetus is born the vital functions. Any external interference in these processes can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, medications in this period must be under the supervision of physicians.

The composition of anthelmintic are toxic and can cause irreversible consequences in the form of pathologies of the fetus. Often, anthelminthic remedies to stop pregnancy. Vermoxum and some of his substitutes are allowed to take only from the second trimester of pregnancy, when the risk of treatment is justified and is not a serious threat for the baby.

Doctors say about the possibility of unpleasant consequences from the use of medication during gestation. Those who took Vermoxum, you should be careful, because the mebendazole in its composition:

  1. Lower levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which can lead to anemia.
  2. Causes oxygen starvation of the fetus.
  3. Impairs the functioning of the digestive system, and wham this is observed during pregnancy. As a result, you may receive: abdominal discomfort, pain, constipation or diarrhea.

Because of the high risk of harm to the health of the expectant mother and her baby, doctors advise to avoid treatment of worm infestation with Vermox.

Contraindications and side effects

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, everyone who is antiparasitic therapy with the use of Vermox, you need to read the list of contraindications and side effects. And best of all, report them to your doctor. Because high risk can cause another drug for the treatment of a helminth infection. Can also come and analogues Vermox.

Contraindications Vermox associated with age, physiological and pathological features of the patient. These include:

  • the age of 1 year (suspension) and up to 2 years (tablet);
  • the first 12 weeks of pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • liver disease;
  • ulcerative gastrointestinal pathology;
  • Crohn’s disease.

Also, take Vermoxum neither should those patients who have signs of intolerance to the drug components.

It is also important not to exceed the dosage of the medication. Because it can lead to:

  • allergic reactions (skin rash, edema, etc.);
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • anemia;
  • radiation;
  • enhanced transaminase kidneys.

Vermoxum and its analogues, containing in its composition mebendazole, can not be taken before meals. The pills should be carefully performed to patients on the directives that were specified by the attending physician. Any mismatch can cause one or more side effects.

How and when the parasites leave the body?

Anyone who started taking anthelmintic or just want to do it, you should also obtain information about how the worms come out after Vermox. Any worm, parasitic in the intestine of the patient, feeds beneficial trace elements from the blood and the food consume the man himself. Mebendazole disrupts their metabolism. As a result, the parasites don’t get protein foods and suffer from the stop of ATP synthesis. In such conditions, the worms become weak and for 18-26 hours die.

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But, after Vermoxe out worms? Already in 1.5-2 days, the body gets rid of dead parasites, bringing them together with faeces. Is removed and the remains of medication. Only 8-10% come out with the urine.

Some of the features of therapy

Long-term treatment of worm infestation with Vermox, can lead to serious health problems. Most often, this relates to the circulatory system and kidneys. Mebendazole toxic and can lead to violations of their work. The most severe complication is liver failure. Such a pathology requires emergency hospitalization and long treatment, as the omission of the patient may lead to death.

It is also important before taking Vermox to give up drinking. The product is not compatible with alcohol, which can lead to side effects that occur in the acute form. It is also important to follow a diet. The patient should refrain from fried, spicy, sweet and pastry dishes. It is necessary to reduce the load on the liver during treatment.

The end of antihelminthic therapy should be confirmed by laboratory tests. Only after receiving data on the lack of parasites and their eggs in the stool, antigens in the blood etc., the doctor confirms the effectiveness of the treatment. But we should remember that the non-observance of preventive measures could lead to re-infection of man. Thoroughly wash hands before eating and after contact with animals, as well as to monitor the handling of food in the cooking process. Meat and fish should be careful heat treatment, and fruits and vegetables – wash, or scald in boiling water.

Why Vermoxum?

Experts say that the effectiveness of a drug against a worm infestation is determined not only by its power of combating pests at different stages of development. A large percentage of the world population suffers from helminthiasis mixed, so effective is the tool that has a broad spectrum of action. This drug is Vermoxum. Thanks to its components, you can quickly and safely get rid of parasites from the body. It is important not to exceed the prescribed dosage and follow the recommendations of the attending physician.