Vermoxum: application instruction for children and adults

Instructions for use Vermox contains comprehensive information concerning the method of action of the drug and precautions you should be aware of. Before taking the drug should familiarize yourself with the contraindications and possible adverse consequences. Vermoxum deserve a good attitude by doctors and patients thanks to high efficiency, rare cases of adverse reactions.

Pharmacological action

«Vermoxum» — anthelminthic preparation with wide spectrum of activity. Acts on many types of roundworms. Eliminates larvae of tapeworm.

Indications for use are diseases caused by:

  • pinworm (enterobiasis);
  • the Ascaris (ascariasis);
  • the whipworm (trichocephalus);
  • Ancylostoma (hookworm disease);
  • Strongyloides (strongyloidiasis);
  • pork tapeworm (taeniasis);
  • nekotorom (necatoroz);
  • the Echinococcus (hydatid disease);
  • Trichinella (trichinosis).

The drug is actively prescribed for infections of mixed character, and in situations when it was not possible to determine the type of pathogen.

The active ingredient Vermox from worms

The main component is the substance mebendazole is a derivative of benzimidazole (imidazole). Thanks to the origin from one original substance mebendazole similar in structure to levamisole and albendazole. However, unlike the first acts on a broader spectrum of pathogens. As compared with the second less active against Echinococcus.

How does Vermoxum

Active substance penetrates into the cells of a worm blocks the receptors responsible for the uptake of nutrients and the production of the main energy source of the parasite — glucose, instead of which the worms began to shred the accumulated glycogen, completely wasting the reserves. Deprived of a source of energy, the worms die. Loss of activity of the parasites are excreted from the body in a natural way.

«Vermoxum» rarely has a negative impact due to the fact that it is practically not absorbed by the intestinal mucosa. Only 5-10% of ingested drug enters the bloodstream. Here mebendazole binds to plasma proteins, enters the liver, where it breaks down into inactive products. The substance is unevenly distributed in the tissues. Tends to accumulate in fat cells and decapsulating the larvae of parasites. Half reduces its activity after 2.5 and 5.5 hours after ingestion. About 90% of the drug is excreted from the intestines along with processed food.

Usage instructions

Pills «Vermoxum» — flat, cylindrical, white. On the one hand there is the risk, on the other — the inscription in the name of the drug. The drug has a characteristic smell. One box includes blister with 6 tablets, each containing 100 mg of active ingredient and a number of auxiliary components:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • silicon dioxide;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • sodium saccharine.

As fillers are: talc, corn starch, lactose.

The regimen depends on the patient’s age and the type of the causative agent.

How to take Vermoxum adults

If enterobiasis is assigned a three-day course of treatment. The drug is taken once in a number of whole tablets (100 mg).

Ascariasis, trihozefalez, strongyloidiasis, hookworm disease, taeniasis and mixed helminthiasis, a parasitic disease of unknown nature are treated for 3 days. The dose is increased twice. One tablet drink morning and evening.

In all cases, the repeated course can be done in 3 weeks. The indication is persistence of symptoms.

When echinococcosis appoint the following scheme:

  • 1-3 day 5 tablets 2 times;
  • 4-6 day 5 tablets 3 times;
  • with 7 day, 10-15 pills 3 times.

Depending on the species of Echinococcus, the course may last from months to 2 years.

During the treatment of trichinosis «Vermoxum» take 2 weeks:

  • on the first day 2-3 tablets 3 times;
  • on the second day, 2-3 tablets 4 times;
  • from the third day until the end of the course 5 tablets 3 times.
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Depending on the type of disease your doctor may recommend treatment for all family members.

For children

«Vermoxum» for children is considered to be less toxic drug, compared to those that are absorbed in the intestine («Decaris»). However, the application instruction contains an age restriction. The drug can be administered not earlier than 3 years.

In children from 3 to 14 years the drug is used in therapy against:

  • enterobiasis;
  • ascariasis;
  • trichuriasis;
  • hookworm;
  • strongyloidiasis;
  • teniasis.

Dosage and duration of the course is the same as for adults. The treatment of echinococcosis and trichinosis «Termocom» in children 3-14 years is not possible. With 14 years in these diseases assigned dose and the scheme is designed for adults.

Can pregnant women and nursing mothers

Mebendazole is able to penetrate the placental barrier. So the drug is prohibited to receive pregnant. It is not known whether the active substance to stand out with their mother’s milk. In order to avoid negative consequences at the time of treatment are encouraged to abandon breastfeeding.

When to take Vermoxum before or after a meal?

Manual contains no specific instructions about the best time of reception «Vermox». Based on this we can conclude that food is not reduces the effectiveness of the drug. To prevent side effects, tablets should preferably be taken after meals, squeezed small amount of water.

How to come out of the worms after taking Vermox

At the initial stage as a result of action of mebendazole increased motor activity of the parasites. At this time, the patient may feel discomfort and pain in the navel area.

The death of the worms is accompanied by the release of toxins that enter the bloodstream of the host. With a massive invasion (a strong infection) can show signs of poisoning: nausea, headache, dyspepsia. Therefore, during antihelminthic treatment often recommend taking chelators, but not earlier than 2 hours after a sedative.

Intestinal parasites are discharged with the feces. After the end of therapy in the stool can be seen immobilized filamentous education. When a minor invasion, or localization of the parasites outside of the intestine is not always possible to see worms come out after receiving the «Vermox». The cure is confirmed by multiple laboratory analyses (depending on the species of the parasite no less than seven times seems to smear or feces). The effectiveness of the treatment is also assessed in the presence or absence of symptoms of helminthiasis.

Side effects

Short-term use of the drug is usually well tolerated. Pronounced side effects are observed due to long-term use of the drug in high doses.

Probable allergic reactions: hives, swelling in areas of the subcutaneous tissue and mucous membranes, lesions of epidermis of varying severity, the release of histamine in large amounts, extreme anaphylactic shock.

Sometimes patients complain of headaches, dizziness, drowsiness. In rare cases, there are convulsions. In connection with the possible reactions of the nervous system, people driving the vehicle, you should be very careful.

From the digestive system may occur nausea, vomiting, upset his chair. High doses induce the development of hepatitis.

Disturbances of the organs of the excretory system and hematopoiesis. Laboratory tests show increased levels of eosinophils, a decrease in white blood cells. On the background of long-term use anemia. The intake of mebendazole at high doses can result in the loss of hair.

Necessarily prolonged treatment is necessary to control blood picture, the state of the kidney and liver.

Patients with hereditary lactase deficiency or impaired ability to absorb glucose/galactose should refrain from taking the drug due to the fact that it contains lactose.

Mebendazole can lower the concentration of glucose in plasma. It is necessary to carefully monitor the performance of blood insulin.

Fatty foods contributes to the accumulation of mebendazole in the body and increasing its toxic action. During treatment should abandon products with a high content of fat. Alcohol with mebendazole can cause a toxic reaction. From all the forbidden foods to refrain during the day after treatment. Laxative is not usually prescribed. To restore bowel function sometimes prescribe drugs that promote the growth of normal microflora.

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Due to the fact that the mebendazole is utilized by the liver, «Vermoxum» from worms should not be taken by people with impaired liver function. Kidney disease also included in the list of contraindications, because the assimilation of the substance excreted through the excretory system.

The conditions under which it is impossible to take the drug, is lose of the intestinal mucosa as the result of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

«Vermoxum» contraindicated in children under 3 years, pregnant, breastfeeding women and people with a history of hypersensitivity to the drug components.

Counterparts Vermoxe

To structural analogues «Vermox» are drugs based on mebendazole:

  • «Mebendazole»;
  • «Vermin»;
  • «Warmaker».

They are all similar in composition, are taken in a similar way, have an identical list of side effects and contraindications.

By pharmacological properties to the analogues «Vermox» include drugs that have similar anthelmintic activity:

  • «Dekaris»;
  • «Pyrantel»;
  • «Neosol»;
  • «Worm».

They are all effective against the most common nematodes (helminth infections caused by round worms) and are used during the treatment of enterobiasis, ascariasis, and trichuriasis.

Which is better: Vermoxum or Dekaris

The action of «Decaris» based on levamisole — anthelmintic substance, active against certain species of nematodes. The drug has a narrow spectrum of activity. Often used in ascariasis, at least when enterobioze. Sometimes appointed joint scheme of successive «First» and «Decaris».

Levamisole oral intake is well absorbed in the intestine. Therefore, during treatment, «Decaris» more likely to exhibit adverse events: nausea, dizziness, frustration of a chair. Specific side effect «Decaris» is a temporary disorder of taste and smell. Patients during the day may feel unpleasant chemical odors.

Which is better: Vermoxum or Pyrantel

«Pyrantel» is based on the active component. Available in the form of tablets and suspension. In liquid form the drug is used in anthelmintic therapy in children from 6 months.

«Pyrantel» is considered to be less effective when enterobioze, but «Vermoxum» more toxic. Therefore, in Pediatrics prefer the «Pyrantel».

Active substance Pyrantel rids pamoat only from round worms. Spectrum of action «Vermox» wider. Both drug doesn’t enter the bloodstream and therefore rarely cause adverse reactions.

As a result of receiving a «Pyrantel» is not the death of the worms. The drug acts on the nerve-muscle connection of the parasite disrupts his ability to move and control your body. Causing the nematodes are removed from the intestine under the action of peristalsis. Paralyzed worms do not emit toxins, as in the case of poisoning with mebendazole. Therefore, treatment often is asymptomatic, is not accompanied by intoxication of the patient.

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Which is better: Vermoxum or Nematol

«Neosol» is composed of albendazole, a substance similar in structure to mebendazole. The drug has a similar spectrum of activity, however, is considered to be more effective against larval forms of pork tapeworm and Echinococcus.

Are available in two dosage forms: tablets and suspension. Treatment can begin from the age of two. Adverse reactions are rare. Because of more convenient dosage forms children prefer to assign «Neosol». However, the «Vermoxum» shows great activity against pinworms.

Which is better: Vermoxum or Worm

«Worm» similar to «Nemasole». Has the same active component. Of the two dosage forms: chewable tablets and suspension, the second most preferred for children.

A broad range of indications. High effectiveness against the larval forms of tapeworms. However, frequent complaints that after treatment «Formelem» patients felt deterioration in General health due to the reduction of immunity.

To the choice of the drug is necessary to begin consciously. Each material has a different degree of activity and scope. Therefore, before treatment is necessary to undergo laboratory examination, the results of which the doctor will prescribe the necessary remedy.

Application Vermoxe: reviews Parasitologists

Overall, the doctors positively evaluate the effect of the drug. Note its efficiency, relative safety.

Dmitry Igorevich, parasitologist, epidemiologist: «When enterobioze «Vermoxum» almost always works. Importantly, to comply with preventive measures. Sometimes inadequate cleaning can lead to re-infection. And then it would seem that the drug has no effect. It is necessary to identify the source of infection. In a single application serious side effects are observed».

Anna S., gastroenterologist-infectious disease specialist: «I Consider it necessary to conduct prevention against worms twice a year. It «Vermoxum» in the schema together with the «Decaris». Before taking «Vermoxum», you need to drink «Dekaris». Between drugs sets the waiting period to three days. Patients marked decrease of abdominal pain, better sleep, reduced allergic reactions».

Ivan Olegovich, parasitologist: «Sometimes the cause of atopic dermatitis can be worms. The course of the drug shows a good efficacy. The children definitely assigned to the sorbents. Frequently observed adverse reactions from the drug, and from the remnants of decaying parasites that linger in the intestines. After taking the sorbents negative phenomena usually take place. The drug is good because it acts on the worms gradually. One-time destruction would cause greater intoxication. And in the case of «Termocom» parasites come in for three days.»

An effective regimen you can pick up only after an appropriate examination. During treatment, it is important not only to comply with the dosage, but to strictly follow preventive measures to prevent repeated contamination.