Skin rash at worms

The rash and pimples on the skin in different age can have many causes, among them hormonal changes, toxins in the body, allergic reaction and even stress. But a significant strengthening of the extent of the problem and the weak efficiency of cosmetic products, these rashes appear on the skin most often due to worms.

Why rashes appear at worms?

The cause of the rash on the body when infected with worms, is the principle of their life. Because the parasites actively feed, breed and travel around the body, their metabolic wastes accumulate and operate on the organs and systems of the human annoying. With a significant concentration in the stomach and intestines, the worms disrupt their work.

As active protection, the human body produces special white blood cells eosinophils directed against foreign residents. However, the high concentration of these means of immunity in the blood, not able to completely disarm and bring out parasites and their waste cause allergic reactions such as rash.

Which worms cause skin rash

In the absence of efficacy of cosmetic preparations for acne and eczema, to answer the question: can there be a rash on the skin from parasites, is unequivocally positive. The intensity of the human response to the direct neighborhood of the worms differs considerably, depending on the type of worms present.

Among the huge number of existing parasites in the human body there are types causing skin rash:

  • roundworm;
  • pinworms;
  • Giardia;
  • tapeworms.

It should be noted that the most acute human body reacts to worms tape type. When infected by them, the rash becomes acute and is accompanied by a huge number of related violations. Consider each type in more detail.


This type of parasites has a rounded shape. These worms penetrate the human body through the stomach by the unwashed hands, eating dirty vegetables and fruits, after the contact interaction with the animals. It should be noted that even Pets living in the apartment capable of infecting roundworm.

Rashes that occur in the presence of data in the body of parasites, by the nature of manifestation is very similar to urticaria. Initially small reddish dots and spots occur in a specific area of the body. But for a short period of time, the rash spreads over the body and mucous patches. There is acute itching.

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The process of infection by this type of parasites occurs in the event of inadequate hand hygiene after walking or contact with contaminated objects. In particular the penetration of pinworms is possible by eating fruits and vegetables have not undergone heat treatment. Infection is possible through contact with a carrier pinworms, including with the sick person. Parasites can easily enter the body with inhaled particles of house dust.

Among the key symptoms can distinguish simultaneous appearance of the rash. Moreover, its localization leads to swelling of large areas of the skin.


Acute onset of giardiasis begins after penetration of helminths of this species in the small intestine. It is here that there is an active reproduction of worms, which leads to acute poisoning of the body waste their life.

In case of Giardia infection, the skin becomes noticeable pallor. The number of acne is constantly increasing, this is often a several types of rash simultaneously. It could be hives with a huge amount of blisters, or even an acute form of dermatosis, accompanied by the constant unbearable itching. Often the skin appear spots and there are visible subcutaneous nodes.


The presence in the human body parasites of this type provokes intoxication. While cutaneous manifestations can be diverse, characterized by its intensity. So the main signs of tapeworm infection include:

  • rash from occurring on a large area of the body;
  • the appearance of fungal infection;
  • intense peeling of the skin;
  • unbearable constant itching.

These phenomena arise at the moment when the liver is no longer able to resist the activities of parasites and toxins spread throughout the body.

Stage of development of lesions in the helminthiasis

The process of helminth infection and Allergy symptoms have multiple stages. During the preliminary diagnosis, we conducted a General inspection. It is his base, from which there are rashes on the skin, the doctor will determine the specific stage of the disease. The helminthiasis of their observed 3:

  • sharp;
  • latent;
  • chronic.
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It should be noted that the intensity of skin reactions varies considerably from the transition from one stage to another.


Acute stage is a time of penetration of worms in the human body and their active reproduction. While there is a significant strength of allergic reaction. Most often, the pimples are small in size and do not cause itching. Flaking, and soreness of the skin and the affected areas, often completely absent.

The duration of this stage is short and is not more than 2 months.


Latent stage often leads patients astray, because the rash is much reduced and may even disappear altogether. The duration of this period is very long, and ranges from several weeks to several months.


The transition of the disease in this phase is characterized by serious exacerbations. Appear large and very painful pimples with pus accumulating or extensive urticaria. In addition, active worms postpone eggs provokes serious poisoning of the body. So often there is disorder of the intestine in both adults and children. In addition, infected children suffer from hyperthermia and shortness of breath.

In some cases, the infection reaches such a level that the skin papules contain a number of larvae of worms.

Treatment of a rash in various stages

Of course, treatment of the rash and accompanying manifestations of activity of worms in the human body is necessary. However, for effective and complete cure, it is important to eliminate the cause of allergic reaction – to take care of it.

Any suspicion to the fact that acne originated from the worms, requires urgent treatment to the doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

Examination if you suspect worms is comprehensive and includes the following procedures:

  • General analysis of blood;
  • examination of the bile and mucus;
  • analysis of the mucus of the gut and feces.
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For accurate diagnosis and localization of the worms used x-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound examination, and computed tomography. Such serious measures are necessary, as the running stage of helminthiasis can cause the development of many serious diseases, including disorders of the brain.

The method of treatment of helminthiasis depends on the patient’s age, health and stage of development of the disease. Usually for rapid and effective elimination of parasites using special drugs. However, in some cases, the data usage of drugs is contraindicated. Such special cases include pregnancy, lactation, age of the infected less than 2 years, and violation of the liver and blood circulation.

Prescribing drugs and methods of treatment is engaged directly by the physician. It should be noted that for effective therapy, receiving Anthelmintics must be implemented by all family members of an infected person.

In case of impossibility of elimination of worms of medicine, a doctor is assigned to a temporary alternative treatment folk remedies. The most effective of them is to eat pumpkin seeds dried or fresh, pureed to a mushy state and mixed with honey. Subsidiary activity in this type of therapy is the use of enemas and laxatives acceptance.

To facilitate the overall condition and elimination of skin rashes and itching, use anti-acne cosmetics are hypoallergenic, as well as anti-inflammatory ointment or baby cream. Improves the condition of skin, effectively relieves inflammation wiping the affected areas with tincture of calendula and wash with lye soap. However, these activities must only be carried out in conjunction with treatment causes of rash.