Piperazine for kids: instructions for use, indications, contraindications, treatment scheme

When and how to take Piperazine?

Children exposed to certain types of worms. These include:

  • roundworm;
  • pinworms;
  • combined infestation.

To treat ascariasis or pinworms should be in the initial stages, during the first symptoms. Complicated forms parasitic diseases are treatable with difficulty and contribute to the development of secondary diseases. Additionally take laxatives is not necessary, because this will only exacerbate the course of helminthiasis.

The effect of Piperazine on the child’s body

As perceived by the action of Piperazine as a child? Once in the intestine of the baby, the components of the product penetrate into the muscle tissue of the parasite and cause it irreversible. Muscles of worms-nematodes paralyzed, immobilized specimens of the parasites soon die and are removed from the body of the child in a natural way. Substances included in the composition of Piperazine are displayed during the day and not absorbed by the intestinal mucosa into the blood (displayed up to 95% of the drug). Make a remedy for worms only after consulting a specialist.

The conditions of admission Piperazine for children

To take any, even the safe, de-worming remedies without a preliminary examination can be neither children nor adults. Self-medication is the worst solution, which can take a patient suffering from helminthiasis. Parents infested kids are responsible for how quickly a child can get rid of the worms and get back to a healthy life. Welcome Piperazine requires a thorough and extensive training (diets, fasting, immune system or taking laxatives). Therapy with de-worming medication may be started immediately after determining an accurate diagnosis.

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Make Piperazine for the treatment of helminthiasis is open to children from three years, in the absence of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Babies or newborns that are infected with nematodes prescribers with a lower concentration of active substances. Any adverse reactions a little patient should be taken into account in subsequent stages of therapy. The occurrence of side effects is substantial reason to cancel Piperazine.

Usage instructions

Piperazine for kids instruction manual which contains information about contraindications, appointments and possible side effects, applied in strict dosage and taking into account the recommendation of the attending physician. Piperazine pills are taken internally (orally) and washed down with a small amount of boiled water. Prescribed a course of treatment depends on the patient’s age, condition of the body and the degree of neglect of parasitic diseases. Terms of medication for the treatment of children:

  1. When enterobioze. The five-day course of treatment administered to children from three years, considering the weight a little patient. Dose increases depending on the degree of neglect of helminthiasis. If the need arises (repeated test results showed the presence of worms) treatment with Piperazine is repeated, but not earlier than two weeks.
  2. In ascariasis. Children three years of age treated with Piperazine dose – 0,3 g of active substance, taking 1 tablet twice a day. Kids from four to six years are assigned a daily dose of 0.5 g. the older the child, the greater the concentration of Piperazine. The course of treatment remains unchanged, even if the symptoms of helminthiasis disappear from the first days of therapy. Little patients six years rid of the worms with the drug with 0.75-1 g of active substance twice a day. Since fifteen years, in the treatment of parasitic diseases used adult dosage.
  3. In a mixed infestation. Individual course of treatment administered to children who have discovered several different types of worms. To treat mixed infestation urgency.
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Without doctor make the decision about taking the drug is dangerous and unwise, because in children the effects of overdose medication and side effects occur much more often than in adults.

The principle of operation of Piperazine

How does Piperazine? The main active ingredient of the drug is a salt of piperazine adipate. Once in the body of the small patient, substance pills penetrate into the muscle tissue of the worms and violate their physical activity. The toxic effects of the components leads to a complete paralysis of the parasite, which in a short period of dying. Displays a dead specimen from the intestine in a natural way (with faeces). The effectiveness of Piperazine is over 90%, while the tool causes side effects only in rare cases. After the main course of treatment should be repeated thorough diagnosis of the helminthiasis. In case of positive laboratory results, treatment with Piperazine is repeated.

Features reception Piperazine

To use effective and safe tool for treatment of children with weak immune system is allowed only after thorough diagnosis of the baby’s body and detect secondary diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or internal organs. The treatment regimen recommended by a doctor, is held at the appointed time and are not interrupted themselves. To prevent relapse of parasitic diseases should be prevented for the whole family.


Contraindications for Piperazine a little. Like any other de-worming medications, effective remedy is not indicated for detection of diseases of the Central nervous system or gastrointestinal tract. To treat children under two years of age using Piperazine in any case impossible.

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Adverse reactions

Side effects from taking Piperazine manifest as symptoms of intoxication. The negative reaction of the child’s body that should alert attentive parents:

  • severe nausea and vomiting;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • headaches and migraines;
  • diarrhea.

If you experience side effects, you should seek the assistance of a medical professional. Helminthiasis is a strong stress for the child, so during the treatment of parasitic diseases, create a comfortable environment for the baby. Further basic prevention will help to avoid recurrence of the disease and helminth infection.