Opisthorchiasis in children: symptoms and treatment

Opisthorchiasis is a common parasitic disease caused by a pathogen Fluke cat. Most commonly detected opisthorchiasis in children living in areas of large river basins. This disease is common in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, South and East Asia.

The main cause of disease is consumption of contaminated fish. Most often this is due to the fact that sellers of fish don’t check your product for the presence of parasites. So the fish, which did not undergo proper heat treatment, is a threat to health. As soon as the larvae go to the stomach along with the fish, they begin their journey of life. The more larvae, the more parasitic effects on the body. The symptoms of opisthorchiasis in children do not appear immediately, but mostly the first symptom is an allergic reaction. Treatment consists of 3-stage course: preparation, destruction and rebuilding.

How does opisthorchiasis in children?

Opisthorchiasis in children can be acute or chronic. Each with their own symptoms.

Acute form:

  • develop hives and can be as all over the body, and in some places;
  • the temperature rises;
  • there is a feeling of aches in the body;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium and region of the stomach;
  • diarrhea may occur;
  • lost appetite;
  • heartburn and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach;
  • enhanced flatulence;
  • increases the liver and gallbladder;
  • in rare cases, occurs in children with asthma.

Chronic form:

  • spasmodic pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • the condition of General malaise, fatigue;
  • problems with a chair (constipation, diarrhea);
  • there is a strong sweating;
  • skin rashes, sometimes with itching;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • allergic reactions to even the most simple products;
  • sometimes angioedema.

In any case, if you see your child’s first symptoms, and overall health suspicious you must immediately contact the doctor. The more parasites in the body, the more they spread and affect vital organs.

If time does not begin to treat opisthorchiasis in a child, the disease can lead to dire consequences:

  • Allergy, which can lead to necrosis;
  • the emergence of erosions on vital organs that can later go to cancer;
  • stagnation of bile;
  • pancreatitis;
  • abscess or cirrhosis of the liver.
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Children’s growing organism can severely be affected, if time does not begin treatment that will further lead to health problems in adulthood. The symptoms of opisthorchiasis in children may appear all or only some of them. The exact diagnosis can be established only after the diagnosis.

How to identify parasites?


To determine whether your baby opisthorchiasis, we need to tell the doctor all the symptoms. Based on the General picture of the health status of the patient, the doctor prescribes certain tests: blood, urine, and ultrasound. Sometimes you need to pass additional tests for the presence of antibodies.

Only after passing all the necessary examinations the doctor can accurately diagnose the child and prescribe treatment.


How to treat opisthorchiasis? It is impossible to self-medicate. The course of therapy should be determined only by the doctor. Treatment of opisthorchiasis in children occurs in several stages. This is because if you just start to kill the parasite, happen severe intoxication and the child will be very bad.

The first stage is the preparation. The treatment begins with a diet that is aimed at eliminating sweets and fatty foods. Meals with lots of carbs also need to be removed from the menu. To defeat the parasites is recommended to eat sour berries, more fresh fruits and vegetables. The diet you need to add dairy products. Also taken a range of drugs:

  1. Antiallergic drugs — remove the symptoms hives, itching prevent. Better to apply the preparations of last generation. They would not virtually cause adverse reactions.
  2. Probiotics and enterosorbents — restore the gastro-intestinal tract. Most often used: «Kreon», «Smectite», «Mezim», «Enterosgel». You can use the analogs.
  3. The broad-spectrum antibiotics – are prescribed if there is inflammation on the background of opisthorchiasis.
  4. Cholagogue — needed to restore the gallbladder and liver, and more specifically, to establish their normal operation.
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This phase can extend from 1 week to a month, depending on the severity of the disease in the child.

The second stage is the destruction of parasites. Treatment happens after you passed the first stage and when the baby’s body has already been prepared. Prescribers for the destruction of worms. The most common means of opisthorchiasis are:

  1. «Biltricid» or «Praziquantel» is it paralyzes the muscular activity of parasites. The drug is taken for one day 2-3 times over 4-6 hours from the calculation of the 45 70мг/kg of body weight of the child. The exact dosage should be determined by the doctor. Tablets are contraindicated in children up to 4 years. This drug is toxic and has adverse reactions, therefore it is best if the child’s treatment occurs in a hospital.
  2. «Albendazole», «Vermoxum» — also paralyzes the parasites, but its effect is more gentle. Perhaps the use of children from 2 years. The medicine is in pill form or suspension. The course of treatment 3 days morning and evening, 400 ml. This product is toxic, so take it only under strict medical supervision.

While taking anti-parasitic drugs need to drink cholagogue. This will help bring the remains of helminths from the body of the child.

It is recommended to take the tests again in a few weeks. To kill the parasites the first time is not always possible, so the course of treatment, the doctor changes a little, and assigns de-worming drugs again.

The third stage – reconstruction. During this period, you must continue to diet. Drugs used to restore the gastrointestinal tract and liver: «Always», «Allohol», «Hepabene», «Karsil». Also, the reception choleretic drugs.

After a course of drugs from opisthorchiasis child needs to drink a complex of vitamins, or medicine to enhance immunity.

At this stage also tests for the presence of opisthorchiasis. And only with good results you can talk about the successful treatment.

How to avoid infection opisthorchiasis?

There are many drugs for the treatment of opisthorchiasis, but each of them does not go unnoticed for the body. Therefore, for security purposes, it is better to follow the rules of prevention:

  • you can’t buy fish in the spontaneous markets;
  • when cooking boiled fish, boiling should last at least 20 minutes;
  • fry the fish you want with the lid closed for at least 20 minutes;
  • do not give your child raw or salted fish;
  • opisthorchiasis remains when freezing fish.
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In those regions where the most commonly found disease opisthorchiasis, preventive measures should be taken particularly seriously. To feed the children fish need only that which is purchased in a specialty store.

Opisthorchiasis is pretty common parasitic disease and is very common among children. Cat Fluke quickly spreads all over the body and its larvae can be found in any organ. For children this disease is especially dangerous. The effects of the illness experienced in childhood, can affect all life. All equipment and drugs are also very unsafe for a growing body of your baby. So think twice before giving your child fish of the carp family. Bream, roach, IDE, Rudd, carp.

Today is a very popular dish steel sushi. Many adults not only eat them, but also give young children. While no one thinks that unscrupulous sellers and cooks use the fish of the carp family, instead of salmon and red fish. Which, by the way, the larvae Fluke cat’s do not live. Opisthorchiasis in children, the symptoms and treatment of which can identify only a doctor is very dangerous. So pay close attention to the food that you feed your child, especially to fish, and be healthy.