Niclosamide: instructions for use, treatment, contraindications, counterparts

Instructions for use Niclosamide

Niclosamide is assigned with worms at any stage of the development of parasitic diseases. Indications for admission anthelmintic agents:

  • infection wide lentetsa;
  • active reproduction of bullish tapeworm;
  • infection of dwarf zipname.

Form release Niclosamide tablets for oral administration. To use a potent drug is required to pass a preliminary examination and survey specialist. Only a doctor can protect the patient and prevent side effects. In addition to the drug must be enclosed for detailed instructions. The leaflet informs the patient about the following conditions of the drug:

  • the composition and principle of operation means;
  • standard dosage and treatment regimen;
  • contraindications and side effects;
  • possible allergic reactions and disruption of the internal organs;
  • indications to reception facilities;
  • shelf life and storage conditions tablets.

Manual contains only the basic guidelines. Individual treatment is determined by the expert, based on the data (laboratory studies and tests of the patient).

Niclosamide – appointment

The purpose Niclosamide – treatment of roundworms (pinworms, roundworms). The drug passed all clinical tests and are licensed by the drug (located in the registry of radar drug reference). Sometimes there is de-worming medications in the form of powder, but find it at the pharmacy is difficult. Often assigned Niclosamide tablets. Make the tool you need in powdered form. The resulting powder is diluted in half a glass of purified water. The daily rate of the drug is 3 grams for adults and 0.5 g for younger patients. Regimens Niclosamide:

  • when teniasis make the powder should be fasting, and laxatives taken not earlier than two hours (repeated course of treatment in a month);
  • beef tapeworm infection should be treated with a standard dose of the drug on an empty stomach in the evening hours;
  • when you bot, on the day of treatment, you should only take liquid food, splitting the daily dose into four doses.
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The principle of the tool is that once in the body, active substances Niclosamide penetrate into the body of the parasite and disturb the important metabolic processes (absorption of glucose). The weakened worm could not eat and eventually dies. For removal of parasites from the body in parallel, it is recommended to take laxatives. One tablet of the drug contains 250 mg of the active ingredient, which is rapidly excreted from the human body (from two to five hours).

Indications and contraindications to the use of

The main indications for the drug are common parasitic diseases: gimenolepidoz, taeniasis and difillobotrioz. Before using this drug should be considered that the active substances only affect certain types of parasites. Contraindications to Niclosamide:

  • intolerance of separate components of means by the patient;
  • age category of patient (the elderly use another type of medication);
  • for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers;
  • in anemia;
  • in the presence of stomach ulcers or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • disorders in the kidney and pancreas.

Any changes in the patient’s condition should be examined by a doctor. Complaints of nausea or other symptoms of intoxication are the reason for the review of drugs included in the basic therapy. Self-treatment with de-worming remedies can only worsen the condition of the patient. Baby worms are treated with Niclosamide only with advanced forms of the disease.

Side effects

Any potent drug against helminthes can cause side effects. Incorrect calculation of the dose of medication or a failure to comply with the recommendations of the expert lead to the deterioration of health of an adult or child. Signs of adverse reactions to the drug is severe nausea, dizziness, pain in the abdomen and in the liver. To tolerate side-effects in any case impossible. Repeated consultation by a specialist will help to identify the problem and eliminate all side effects. Niclosamide is a versatile and effective medication that is taken only in cases when the patient listens to the instructions of the attending physician.

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