Helminth eggs under the nails is the easiest way infestation

Worms – worms, parasitic in the human or animal body, rarely in plants. When ingested, can cause various parasitic diseases, United in one large group of helminthiasis. Infection occurs by the fecal-oral or by contact, for example by ingesting helminth eggs trapped under the nails. That is a bad habit of biting your nails can lead to the development of helminthiasis.

As the worms enter the body

There are several mechanisms of infection by worms:

  • the consumption of pork or beef, which were held insufficient heat treatment, can lead to penetration into an organism of bovine or pork tapeworm;
  • raw water, washed her dishes, vegetables and fruits, and cannot be thermally processed and salted fish are often the source of opisthorchiasis and infections wide lentetsa;
  • lack of personal hygiene, particularly unwashed hands after garden work or going to the bathroom, when the eggs of worms can get under the nail plate, leads to ascariasis, enterobiasis and some other geohelminthoses;
  • dishes, linens, toiletries, even the dust in the room where the sick man – all of which can cause infection with worms that penetrate through mucous membranes and intact skin, such as Ancylostoma;
  • close contact with Pets who have helminth infections also can lead to infection;
  • swimming in open water, when water enters the mouth or nose, sometimes leads to the fact that together with water the body fall and helminth eggs.

A special risk group for infection with helminthic invasions are people who work with farm animals – pigs, sheep, cows, horses, and engaged in butchering meat and fish.

Some helminthiasis (ascariasis, enterobiasis) is often detected in children. They unlike adults can neglect the rules of personal hygiene. Dirty hands, playing with Pets – the main reasons of infecting children with worms. So as soon as possible to start to accustom the child to cleanliness.

The types of worms and favorite places localization

There are two major groups of parasites: flat (tapeworms, flukes) and round (nematodes). On localization distinguish between cavity and tissue helminthes.

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Cepni, nematodes, and pinworms vlasoglavy striking the colon. Clonorchis, opistorchis and Fasciola prefer the liver and bile ducts. Trematodes, hitting the body and form hydatid cysts that can rupture, and their contents through the blood spreads throughout the body. So there are new lesions parasites – the sheets of the peritoneum, mesentery, spleen. The bloodstream carries cysticerci (bubbles with larvae of the pork tapeworm), resulting in the development of cysticercosis, which can affect the various organs – brain, eye camera, bone, muscle, and skin.

  • Helminthiasis – a disease of «dirty hands.» Errors in personal hygiene often leads to infection with worms. A particularly high risk of helminth infections in those who have the habit of nail biting.

Biting nails, or onychophagia, refers to mental disorders. Most often it is the result of bad habits, but sometimes it can be a mental illness. First this habit is manifested in childhood, but in some cases can occur in adults. Its causes psychologists call emotional instability, uncertainty and a heightened sense of anxiety. Often the impetus for biting nails can be a problem in the family or at work. This ugly habit is characteristic for workaholics and creative individuals are either unhappy with yourself or are in constant mental strain.

  • Helminth eggs under the nails is a hidden danger of onychophagia, which can lead to the emergence of diseases from the category «dirty hands», in particular helminths. The slightest inaccuracy in personal hygiene will open for the entrance of parasites into the body. Not for nothing believe that the one who bites his nails may be worms.

In addition, the damaged nail plate may be deformed, and the cuticle around her constantly infected, which leads to the development of chronic inflammatory process. If not time to get rid of harmful habits, will eventually develop a serious cosmetic defect, to cope with which can only be a specialist.

The habit of nail biting in children is a signal to adults to pay attention to the child and to understand its problems. When she appeared in an adult is a sign that it’s time to change something in life or to perform the problem, not ignore them. In any case, onihofagiya makes you wonder what in human life is wrong, and what harm it has already managed to inflict.

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How to get rid of a bad habit of biting your nails?

Of course, it is easier to teach adults than the child. To help suffering from onychophagia came to many experts, although the main effort should make anyone who wants to get rid of this bad habit.

As an adult learn to stop biting nails?

  • The assistance of a psychologist. It is not enough just to read tips on the Internet or magazine. It is advisable to go to a party and still to find out the true cause of onychophagia.
  • Special nail Polish or bitter seasonings. Some cosmetic companies have developed and produced nail Polish, which has a very bitter taste. Try it once, usually no longer want to take the fingers into his mouth. Alternative varnish can serve any bitter or pungent spices. But only if on your toes no sores, otherwise you can only exacerbate the inflammatory process, causing further irritation. Besides, it’s not very convenient to use this way if you need to regularly walk to work. So, varnish is the best solution.
  • Struggle with stress. Walks in the fresh air, a favorite pastime, aromatherapy and baths with soothing herbs is the best means of dealing with depression or stress.
  • The switching of attention. Once the desire to chew nails, it is necessary urgently for something to distract you or to eat something healthy – an Apple, carrots, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. If you eating habit of fatty or sweet food and fast food every time, it will not benefit the body. The habit, of course, to wean, but there will be problems with digestion or extra weight at least.
  • A beautiful manicure. Women can be advised to get a manicure. Beautiful and manicured nails are unlikely to want to ruin it. Men best of all, on the contrary, to cut it short, so there was nothing biting.
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These tips are very simple and execute them everyone can. But in any case, first of all it is best to consult with a psychologist.

How to wean children nail biting?

This process requires parents not only increased the child, but also a lot of patience. Their action shall consist of the following:

  • in any case, not to criticize, not to humiliate and not to call the child, and try to explain why not to bite your nails;
  • in conversation to find out the cause of child anxiety;
  • often it is enough to solve problems in the school or to help with studies;
  • perhaps a light massage and herbal teas will help the child to become calmer and improve the situation;
  • in adolescence it is already possible to use a bitter nail Polish and making soft comments, you also need to teach a child to take care of the appearance of the nails.

And yet, if an adult, at first, may try to comfort himself with his bad habit, and only in case of failure to seek help until the prescription drug, in the case of a child the situation is somewhat different. The first step is to help the school psychologist or a child psychotherapist. He will tell you how best to proceed or help to identify the causes of such behavior.