Elmodel-VM: instructions for use, contraindications, counterparts

When using «Elmodel-VM»

«Gelmeda», «Elmodel-VM» – provide an on-going component albendazole. What parasites can be eliminated by using:

  1. Pinworms (parasites in the gut, causing enterobiasis).
  2. Roundworm (parasites mainly in the intestine and cause ascariasis).
  3. Vlasoglavy (I live in the large intestine, causing trihozefalez).
  4. Giardia (parasites of the small intestine that affect the liver, causing giardiasis).
  5. Hookworm (live in the intestines, disturb the coagulation of the blood, provoke severe dermatitis).
  6. Intestinal ugritsy. (cause strongyloidiasis)
  7. The larvae of the pork tapeworm (often affect the brain, causing cysticercosis).
  8. Tapeworm (live in the liver, lungs and other organs, causing hydatid disease).

The active ingredient suppresses the mobility of cellular microtubules tubules intestinal worms, damage the protein-tubulin. Because this violates the vital biochemical processes. Stop glucose transport and enzyme futuretweets, impaired synthesis of energy in the form of ATP. This causes suppression of the fission process that stops at the metaphase. Inhibited egg-laying worms. Albendazole also inhibits the movement of components of the muscle cells of nematodes (round worms), causing death of the parasites.

Method of application and doses

In packages of pills «Elmodel-VM» is the instruction manual. It says the detailed composition of all excipients, the standard dosage of the drug. Usual doses, duration of the course of treatment selected by the doctor, dependent on species, depth of infection, the age of the person. A day should not take more than 800 mg of active substance.

The dosage is selected taking into account individual peculiarities of the person, irrespective of the type of the pathogen:

  1. To get rid of roundworm and whipworm, appoint:
  • people weighing less than 60 kg – 15 mg per kg of body weight per day for 2 admission.
  • for people weighing more than 60 kg – 400 mg / day 1-2 reception.
  1. To get rid of pinworms the patient should once take 5 mg of product in 1 kilogram of her body weight. Repeat is necessary after 14 days.
  2. For the treatment of strongyloidiasis and hookworm patient at a time should consume 10 mg of drug per kilogram of tissue. Duration of treatment 3 days, repeated after 7 days.
  3. Dose means for the treatment of toxocariasis 10 mg/kg / day in two doses. Pills drink after a meal. The course of treatment 10 days, repeated after a break of 14-30 days. During the entire period of treatment of toxocariasis «Velodrom-VM» monitoring of peripheral blood, transaminases every 5 days.
  4. Trihozefalez treated for a week or 10 days. The patient consumes inside a day, 10 mg per kg of weight, receiving broken into twice.
  5. Cysticercosis treated with application of 15 mg/kg of the preparation per day for three times. The duration of the therapeutic course of 30 days. 48 hours prior to admission «Helmadole-VM», taking steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. During therapy regularly monitor the blood composition, the content of liver enzymes.
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Therapy hydatidosis echinococcosis is carried out only after giving blood for biochemical investigations (liver and kidney samples). If clinical signs are normal, you can use «Selmodel-VM». Dosage funds – 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight of the patient. Therapy is divided into 3 cycles at 28 days, the interval between cycles to 2 weeks. Weekly control study of blood, determination of aminotransferases. The use of the drug is suspended if there is a strong decrease in leukocyte count and elevation of transaminases.

Alveolar echinococcosis treated with chemotherapeutic methods. «Elmodel-VM» serves as an auxiliary drug. Dosages are the same as for hydatidosis forms of the disease.

Side effects of the drug

«Elmodel-VM» can cause side effects. They appear singly or in group.

Adverse reactions to the drug:

  1. The reaction of the digestive system: abnormal liver function (increase in serum transaminases), pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting.
  2. The reaction of the hematopoietic system: decrease in hematopoietic activity in the brain.
  3. The reaction of the heart, blood vessels: hypertension.
  4. Reactions CNS: headache, dizziness.
  5. Dermatitis (rash, redness, itching).
  6. Malfunction of the kidneys.

Sometimes there is a fever. Allergic reactions to the drug is very serious. May develop angioedema. When adverse effects and allergies to the drug need to stop treatment, consult a doctor.

Overdose occurs after consuming more than 800 mg funds per day. Is the activation of side reactions. When taking excess amounts of money need an ambulance, stomach wash and eliminate the symptoms.


The use of «Helmadole-VM» has a number of limitations. You cannot use the tool in the following cases:

  1. Individual intolerance of albendazole and other benzimidazole derivatives.
  2. Deficiency of the enzyme, which is involved in the breakdown of lactose.
  3. Hereditary malabsorption of monosaccharides in the digestive tract.
  4. Pregnancy in any trimester.
  5. Cirrhosis of the liver.
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Do not administer to children under the age of three.

A means to use caution when cysticercosis of the brain, if there is a retinal pathology, a violation of hematopoiesis in the brain.

Any abnormalities should be reported to your doctor. Therapy of helminthiasis «Velodrom-VM» in the presence of contraindications can lead to serious allergic reactions.

Pregnancy and lactation

Drugs with albendazole is absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy and suspected pregnancy. Before you can assign a «Helmadole-VM» for the treatment of helminthiasis, a woman examined by a gynecologist. During the therapeutic course of the drug need a reliable contraceptive measures.

Albendazole and its metabolites (albendazole sulfoxide) can easily penetrate through the placental barrier. They may have a teratogenic effect on the unborn child, cause a violation of embryonic development. This is especially dangerous in the early stages of embryogenesis. The greatest sensitivity to teratogens is observed on days 18-60 of pregnancy, when there is intensive differentiation of cells, formation of tissues and organs.

If for some reason the woman took «Elmodel-VM» in the initial stages of pregnancy, should undergo a thorough prenatal diagnosis. Negative impact on the fetus is not a prerequisite.

Also albendazole passes into breast milk, so it cannot be taken during lactation. If there is an urgent need of treatment «Velodrom-VM», you need to stop breastfeeding.

Interaction with other drugs

Medications can lower or raise the activity, to enhance or to suppress the absorption in the intestine, speed up or slow down the biotransformation of each other. «Elmodel-VM» can interact with such drugs:

  1. «Theophylline» (bronchodilator, cardiotonic and diuretic).
  2. Anti-convulsants.
  3. Hypoglycemic (reduce blood sugar) products for oral use.
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The concentration of albendazole in the bloodstream increase «Dexamethasone» (glucocorticosteroid), «Praziquantel» (antihelminthic drug), «Cimetidine» (the blocker of histamine receptors).

Additional features «Helmadole-VM»

Treatment of worm infestation «Velodrom-VM» has the following features:

  1. Regular blood tests (CBC, liver function tests).
  2. Women in the period of treatment should be protected from conception.
  3. No need to combine the intake «Helmadole-VM» with laxatives.
  4. Before therapy is necessary to fumigate the house, handle the dishes, the plumbing, replace linen. During the course of treatment we need to change underwear twice a day, regularly take a shower. Sheets you need every day to iron with steam.

«Elmodel-VM» does not reduce the speed psychomotor reactions, and therefore does not affect the ability to control traffic and industrial units.

Similar «Helmadole-VM» means «Gelmeda», «Andasol», «Nematol», «Canexel».

To the right, and most importantly as safe as possible therapy worm infestation different types of drug «Elmodel-VM» required instruction. The facility has a number of contraindications and some of them especially dangerous. It is taken only as directed by a specialist and under the strict supervision of a physician.