Could worms cause sore throat?

Cough? They say that the reason for this is the inflammation in the throat and bronchi. But actually cause a sore throat or cough may other factors: diseases of the nasopharynx, Allergy, disorder of the bowel. Can there be worms in the throat? Adults the mucous membrane of the throat are rare, but larvae and eggs of some parasites are distributed to all organs.

The causes of perturbations in the throat or can there be worms?

The discomfort that appears in the throat, people describe differently. Someone says that he had a lump in my throat that prevents swallowing. There may be a tickle, tickling, scratching, the feeling of sand in the mucosa of the pharynx. Sometimes the person complains of a feeling of tightness, as if in the throat something stuck.

The first step is to exclude the most common causes of discomfort:

  • Pharyngitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the posterior pharyngeal wall. The patient feels pain in the throat, sore. Man is tormented by a dryness in the throat, constant desire to swallow dry saliva. To cough in this disease is very difficult. Uncomfortable sensations of the night, there is a dry cough.
  • Allergic reaction of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, throat to the stimulus. Allergy symptoms – swelling of the throat, itching, constant dry night cough, feeling of tightness on inhale, sore throat. The patient may complain that when the breath in his throat, something moving, stopping to cough.
  • Neuroses of the pharynx, the larynx, the throat – a pathological condition caused by nervous shock, stress, depression. Throat the person has pain, tickling, scratching, tingling, burning sensation. Often patients can experience a spasm, constriction of the throat, feeling of foreign object in the throat.
  • Reflux-ezofagit – the release of acid from the stomach into the windpipe from the fact that contact occurs the lining of the esophagus and the intestinal contents. When the disease symptoms: burning pain behind the sternum, in the throat, feeling of lump in throat, heartburn.
  • Inflammation of the vocal cords – often caused due to infectious respiratory diseases. Patients complain of sore throat, shortness of breath, they have osiplosti voices in the night, tormented by a dry cough, tickling and wiggling in his throat.
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Voice can osobnosti if overworked ligaments. Irritation and discomfort in the throat occur after prolonged coughing, long conversations. And, oddly enough, to provoke the sore can of worms. Larvae of some species of parasites (e.g., tapeworm) is located in the human lung, periodically getting into the trachea and being ejected in swallowing throat. To evoke the feeling of «lump in throat» capable of pinworms, which, if abundant accumulation in the esophagus, going to balls and rise to the man’s throat.

It is evidence of the defeat of the worms of the nasopharynx?

When the human body is affected with worms in the first place there are symptoms specific to different types of parasites:

  • diarrhea, alternating with constipation;
  • nausea;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • bloating;
  • headache;
  • fatigue;
  • allergic reactions: skin and respiratory organs.
  • loss of appetite, exhaustion;
  • pale skin, gaunt appearance;
  • dry cough;
  • loss of sleep, teeth grinding at night.

The symptoms of finding the parasites in the human throat, complement the overall picture of worm infestation. If the patient has worms in the nasopharynx or respiratory mucosa of the throat is going to throw eggs, larvae, worms, the patient show signs of:

  • dry cough in the evening, at night;
  • sore throat, a feeling that the mucous poured glass;
  • the sensation of having a foreign body in the throat, area ingestion;
  • discharge of purulent mucus from the lungs, sometimes with dots of blood;
  • heartburn;
  • not amenable to treatment vasoconstrictor drugs runny nose.

Depending on the type of parasites and the extent of damage, the symptoms may vary. Changing the type of cough, especially the tickling in accordance with the period of development of the worms (if there are eggs, there is a cough, after hatching, the larvae begins to move away phlegm).

Some parasites live in the human throat

There are two kinds of worms which I can settle in your Airways and provoke with unpleasant sensations in the throat.

Echinococcus (tapeworm larval stage)

The parasite enters the human body from the pet . So the tapeworm can get into the lungs, the patient should inhale the larva of the parasite. Perhaps the defeat of the respiratory organs, if from the esophagus hatched from the egg the larva enters the lungs. Since man is the final host for Echinococcus, the larva of the parasite forms around itself a protective capsule.

Capsule grows and becomes a cyst. Cyst in the lungs presses the alveoli. A small tumor does not cause discomfort, but with the progression of the disease there are signs of worms:

  • dull pain behind the breastbone;
  • tickling and scratching in the throat;
  • dry cough;
  • sputum production with parts of the cyst;
  • if the cyst causes an abscess, respiratory tract separates purulent sputum;
  • shortness of breath.

During the examination the doctor can mark the patient’s bronchial breathing, rales in the throat.


It ascariasis pronounced that itchy, sore throat. Contracting parasites from an infected person or animal. Once in the patient’s body, the worm eggs Mature, they hatch into larvae. Starts the initial stage of the disease: larvae migrate from the digestive system into the blood, kidneys, lungs. With the defeat of the respiratory organs there are signs of worm infestation:

  • strong weakness;
  • increasing the temperature to 37 or 37,m2 degrees;
  • dry cough;
  • the appearance of the sputum purulent and bloody content.
  • sore, burning, tickling in the throat;
  • allergic reactions: swelling of the larynx, hoarseness.

If larval parasites are many, when infected with Ascaris of man suffers severe asthma may develop pneumonia, purulent otitis media, pharyngitis, tonsillitis.

In the mouth roundworms can get into the salivary ducts and penetrate the salivary glands, with the formation of zaedy in the corners of the mouth may appear white patches of saliva on the lips. In contact with the worms in the nasal passages of the patient developing rhinitis. The larvae irritate the mucosa, migrate into the sinuses, get in your eyes, middle ear. The sore throat with hearing impairment, noise in the ears.

Treatment for worms in the throat

The total treatment is usually aimed at the elimination of parasites, complete destruction. It is necessary to hand over analyses and to clarify what kind of worms struck respiratory system of a person.

The examination seems not only a stool or a swab from the anus, and even smears on yaytseglist from the nose and throat. Sometimes the research takes the sputum.

Medicine and feature of its application is determined by a physician. Most used medications:

  • Pyrantel;
  • Piperazine;
  • Albendazol;
  • Levamisole;
  • Carbetocin.

These drugs are harmful to the worms almost immediately. Using antihelminthic drugs you can get rid of the larvae of worms. If worm infestation has a considerable size, the treatment takes a long period of time. It uses not only the usual tablet from worms for oral administration, but also drugs, relieving an inflammatory process, acting antisepticheskoe.

It is often recommended to gargle Furacilinum solution of baking soda with salt and iodine. To conduct inhalation with a nebulizer or inhaler: saline, mineral water, miramistina. This not only helps to eliminate parasites, but also to normalize the regeneration of tissue, accelerate the healing process. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe antibacterial drugs (if a person develops inflammation, fever).

Treatment with antihelminthic drugs produced repeatedly. After the end of drug monitoring: is the repeated smear. If necessary, treatment is repeated. Even receiving a negative result of the analysis, noting the disappearance of symptoms should be repeated two weeks later.