Candles Worm: instructions for use for adults and children, contraindications

Effective candles worming

Worm is a generic drug that is fighting with different types of helminths (mainly intestinal), which lead to disorders in the digestive system. Available de-worming agent in the form of:

  • tablets for oral administration and further effective prevention;
  • powder for suspension (assigned mostly children);
  • candles.

Instructions for different types of Wormie may differ, because the dosage of each means different. Candles, like tablet of medicine, to destroy the parasites at any stage of the disease. The shape of the release Vormela depend on side effects and possible consequences of the overdose of means. The candles begin to act much faster than the suspension (just enter the intestine), therefore, the worms die in a shorter period of time. The active substance Vormela not absorbed into the bloodstream, and a day removed from the body of the patient. The appointment of any anthelmintic agents engaged in the physician familiar with the history of worms infected person.

Application Vormela in suppository form

In which cases is assigned to a Worm? Known drug use one year for combating parasites of different species and mixed invasions. Low toxicity means no harm to the mucosa of the intestine and quickly excreted from the body (a significant advantage for de-worming drugs). After the patient has shown the first symptoms and consultation with a specialist, he goes through a series of laboratory studies that will determine the cause of the disease. The causative agents of parasitic diseases are different in structure, way of life and the level of potential threat. Worm, as a versatile and safe drug, taken when the following worms:

  • enterobiasis;
  • ascariasis;
  • trichinosis;
  • necatorosis;
  • opisthorchiasis;
  • of giardiasis.

Rare and mixed infestations are treated with Sarmila without harm to internal organs. Candles are used in complex therapy, which not only eliminates the parasites, but also protects the entire body of the patient from the effects of the complicated bot. Modern methods of diagnostics allow to find out the type of parasite, its number and the main location in the human body. Worm suppositories effective against intestinal worms, which feed on the host.

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Additional property Vormela considered its impact on the newly formed cysts (granulomas) due to the development of hydatid disease. Tumors pose a threat to human health. In combination with Vermilon accepted potent sorbents that help to bring the dead species of helminths and toxins (accumulated during the life of parasites). Gut recovers quickly, and the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract in turn supports the immune system. The full effect of the candles ensures the recovery of the patient in the shortest time.

Usage instructions

Usage instructions are conditional instructions that can change the attending specialist. Only an individual approach will allow you to get rid of parasites. An important condition for safe treatment is compliance with the recommendations of the expert:

  1. Dose products (tablets, suppositories and suspensions) do not change independently. The increase in the concentration of the active substance albendazole does not speed up the healing process, but rather worsens the General condition of the patient.
  2. Before using the candles advance preparation is not necessary (cleansing enema or ponosnye tablets).
  3. For children preferred the suspension, not the candles.
  4. In the case of pain or burning sensation after the introduction of candles, you need to clean the bowel using enemas. Any negative reactions to Worm the reason for the cancellation of funds.
  5. To enter the candle should be with clean hands, avoiding injury of the colon.
  6. The sorbents are taken when choosing any form Vormela.
  7. Use candles is recommended after the patient go to the toilet.
  8. During the treatment the patient is assigned a diet that includes a daily diet of foods with a high content of fiber.

Manual refers to the basic conditions for the use of candles and possible side effects. Discomfort from this kind of de-worming remedies should not stop a full-fledged pain. In the first days of treatment the patient may experience symptoms of poisoning (intoxication), which testifies to the effectiveness of Formila. Dead specimens of parasites, starving the influence of toxic substances excreted from the body naturally. After two, three days of nausea and diarrhea should pass, otherwise, the person should seek help from a specialist.

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Candles from worms for kids

Management of childhood helminthiasis is always a complex process, mistakes which are immediately visible as baby. Instruction on receiving and contraindications is sold together with the drug. Before the beginning of therapy should be to review the liner, eliminating contraindications. For the treatment of young patients use candles or Worm suspension. An outright ban on the pill no, but for the protection of the intestinal mucosa of the kid, it is recommended to choose medications mild. Therapy for little patients signs for a few weeks, and unlike the treatment of adults, it takes twice more time.

Dosage of candles is individual. Children up to two years to get rid of parasites by other means, a Worm is allowed to treat kids from the age of two. For the period of the entire therapy the child should stick to a sparing diet that reduces intoxication symptoms (occur when the worms appear dead). Contraindications relate to young patients only in cases when in the course of an extensive survey was discovered latent disease of the gastrointestinal tract or liver.

Treatment of adult patients

Treatment of adults follows a pattern. Overdoses occur only in cases when the patient ignores the doctor’s recommendation. Therapy with candles of different Worm types of worms include:

  1. In ascariasis. The course of treatment lasts from three to five days, 400 mg albendazole once a day. Use of candles is best in the evening hours.
  2. When enterobioze. Used once a day candle Vormela. The course of treatment is 5 days.
  3. When teniasis. The three-day course of treatment during which the patient daily used tool at a dosage of 400 mg active substance. If you withdraw all healthy individuals parasites failed, repeat course of treatment, but not earlier than 21 days.
  4. When clonorchiasis. Apply candle Worm twice a day, personal course of treatment (determined by the physician).
  5. For giardiasis. The five-day CSD consists of applying a single candle in the evening (before bed).
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Treatment of any of helminthiasis includes a proper diet, drinking large amounts of water (compote or fruit drink), and the exclusion of fried, salty food. By following some simple rules, therapy with candles Worm for the patient will be much more effective.


Contraindications to the use of candles relate to people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as:

  • ulcers;
  • colitis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • gentle pathology of the intestine.

Pregnant women should be treated to candles Worm with extreme caution. As in the case of tablets, de-worming remedy can harm the baby. Mothers who breastfeed for the period of therapy should be to transfer the child to artificial feeding. Self-treatment through effective candles are not allowed even for people with strong immune systems. Intolerance of separate components Vormela is a direct contraindication to the use of candles.

Worm in the form of tablets, suppositories and suspensions become an indispensable help for everyone who is unsuccessfully struggling with pinworms, Ascaris or a tapeworm. Contracting parasites is much easier, than then to get rid of them. Modern medicine offers a lot of options, without harm to health to destroy worms. Candles Worm not only destroys the worms, but will save the body from symptoms of severe intoxication. A universal tool suitable for toddlers and their parents.