Birch tar from worms — are treated correctly

Birch tar from worms – an effective tool to help get rid of parasites. Perfectly cleans the body. The substance is liquid, dark in colour and unpleasant smell. It is a natural product obtained by distillation of birch bark. You must use only the bright part of the plant.

Birch tar is freely sold in pharmacies.

What is included in the funds?

Composed of birch tar present:

  • greatly;
  • volatile;
  • dioxybenzoles;
  • resinous substance;
  • organic acids, etc.

Its natural substances in their effect are equivalent to antibiotics, making it a good option for the treatment of burns, abscesses and fungal diseases.

What useful properties of matter?

The beneficial properties of the natural product:

  • disinfects;
  • relieve;
  • great antiseptic;
  • a biodegradable substance;
  • regenerating;
  • disinfectant.

Treatment of birch tar

The use of birch tar from parasites is possible if there are no contraindications. Substance get rid of such types of parasites, such as:

  • pinworms;
  • roundworm;
  • vlasoglavy;
  • Fluke;
  • apni.

A natural product that is detrimental to parasites and already after a few days after taking the medicine, the worms leave the human body.

Unlike the tar from medicines is that it bears no harm to the body, and does not accumulate toxins in the body.

Ways of using birch tar

To cleanse your body of worms will help the correct treatment regimen. There are several recipes receive birch tar. These recipes are very popular in folk medicine.

A classic recipe

For treatment of a freshly squeezed Apple juice and tar. Treatment includes:

  • First day. To 1 tablespoon juice add a drop of tar.
  • From the second to the seventh day, the number of drops of tar increases by one.
  • From the seventh to the thirtieth day, you must drink half a teaspoon of birch tar.

Then you need to take a break for about 3 months. The course is 5 days, during which the tar is taken in proportion – half a teaspoon for 1 tablespoon of juice. Further treatment lasts six months, during which the first 3 days drink 3 drops of tar mixed with Apple juice. During the day to take medicine 3 times 20 minutes before a meal.

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This treatment will help to release the body from many varieties of worms.

Tar water

Effective against helminths tar water. Mixing the tar with water, you can get a great cleanser. The amount of water in this case, 8 times more the amount of tar. The following components need to connect and mix with a wooden spoon. Infuse the mixture for about 2 days, then filtered and put in the refrigerator to preserve its beneficial properties.

To medicine need 1 tablespoon for 10 days. Then is a break of 15 days. This is another 2 sets with breaks.

Tar water promotes:

  • strengthen the heart muscle;
  • the normalization of metabolic substances in the body;
  • cure fever;
  • to cleanse the body of toxins;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • normalization of the digestive organs.

Natural remedy with bread

Well-proven recipe for getting rid of parasites tar with bread. Before you go to sleep, cut a small slice of bread and dripping 5 drops of birch tar. After this procedure, it is forbidden to drink different food and drink. Every day you must increase the number of drops in 1 piece. Such manipulations produced until then, until the number of drops will increase to 10 pieces. That is, the medication is 10 days. Then reduce the number of drops each day on 1 thing. Do it until, until the number of drops will be 5 pieces. Total treatment lasts 24 days.

Honey and natural remedy

The course of treatment is 12 days. The regimen is this: 1 teaspoon of honey to drip 1 drop of medication. Each subsequent day, the dose of tar is increased by the drop. With 9 days to 12 days strictly drink 8 drops.

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Natural remedy with milk

The tool is taken on an empty stomach every day with the addition of tar. Treatment is initiated with 1 drop. Each subsequent day increases the number of drops in 1 piece. The course of treatment 10 days. Then a break of 7 days. Further treatment should continue over 10 days, and if you want to drink 10 drops of medication.
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Natural remedy with Apple

Applesauce 1 teaspoon mixed with 1 drop of tar and swallow. In the region of the liver put a compress with birch tar. The treatment is done before bedtime.

Recommendations about birch tar

That treatment gave a positive result, it is necessary to comply with the scheme, without making breaks. To treat people’s means should be 2 times a year – spring and autumn. In this period, the body reacts better to such a procedure.

Therapy can eliminate the pathology, but it may cause harm to the health. If you notice that your health did not improve but instead became worse, the procedure should be discontinued and consult your doctor.


Despite the fact that in the birch tar contains a large number of useful substances to the body – yet it can have a negative impact on the General state of the organism.

Therefore, before to take remedy inside a doctor’s consultation.

Birch tar can cause:

  • allergic reaction;
  • rashes;
  • dermatitis.

If you develop any of the above symptoms, you must immediately discontinue use of this tool.

In the period of aggravated diseases of the skin are also not recommended to use birch tar.

Negative effects on the body can be provided:

  • use undiluted substances;
  • the dose of the substance is higher than normal, which can lead to nausea, dizziness, unstable pressure, etc.;
  • treatment was extended, leading to allergic reactions;
  • applying substances on the skin for several weeks without interruption, leading to poisoning of the kidneys.
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Is it possible to give tar the children?

Give birch tar children can, however, only after consultation with the pediatrician. In the composition of matter contains substances that can harm the health of the child. The required close control over the condition of the child’s body.

What other illness is cured birch tar?

Birch tar cures diseases such as:

  • respiratory illness;
  • inflammation of the mucosa in the area of the larynx;
  • pus formation in the tonsils;
  • diseases associated with the heart;
  • various neoplastic diseases;
  • the digestive system, etc.

In cosmetology is used as an additional component part among the main components. Good results are shown on hair care:

  • stops hair loss;
  • normalizes the function of sebaceous glands;
  • removes excess oil;
  • clears the skin from various rashes, acne.

Substance is a constituent of various medicinal ointments.

Positive Outlook after cleansing.

The result of purification will not take long, and it will disappear:

  • benign growths in the intestinal cavity;
  • you will see the toxins;
  • improve the health of the intestine;
  • improve the health of the pancreas;
  • improvement;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • cleansed skin.

Reviews about birch tar

People reviews on the application of birch tar in the treatment of helminthiasis is mainly positive, however, there are exceptions, as there is an individual intolerance of the drug. Before you take the medicine, you should seek the advice of a specialist.