At worms rash: rashes and treatment scheme

In the body of each person somehow got worms. They are the parasites living in the human body, and causing him harm. Most often from the presence of worms, suffer the children, as they learn about the world through the mouth. Rash at worms is a common disease in connection with weakened immune systems. Get them through foods, animals, soil.


To recognize the presence of parasites in the human body will help the symptoms that manifest on the skin rashes.

The human immune system reacts differently. It depends more on the body’s resistance to allergies and irritants of the living world. Specific cells that protect the body from diseases in a large number accumulate in the blood, which leads to severe allergies.

The types of worms that cause rashes

To provoke an allergic reaction in the form of skin rash may be the presence of the following diseases:

  • Giardiasis;
  • Toxocariasis;
  • Paragonimus;
  • Enterobiasis;
  • Fascioliasis;
  • Trichinosis;
  • Opisthorchiasis;
  • Ancylostoma;
  • Strongyloidiasis.

Types of skin irritations

  • Urticaria throws bubbles on the skin, often located on a single site. The constantly increasing itch. Redness and sometimes swelling.
  • There is often atopic dermatitis – non-allergic forms it manifests itself in childhood and can last a lifetime with varying degrees of success, then disappearing, then appearing again. The disease is transmitted genetically, and the patient is someone from relatives with the same disease. But in the case of helminths, the disease can manifest just like that, and in a very acute form, however, after treatment of parasites dermatitis disappears, leaving a patch of skin without a tan and sometimes with scars.
  • Eczema in the case of helminth infection, as dermatitis, is an allergic manifestation and treated with antiparasitic therapy.
  • More common inflammation of the skin due to the activity of opisthorchiasis and simplest fungi. Lightweight antibacterial ointment along with a therapy designed to destroy the worms, will give a quick positive effect.
  • Sometimes there is a cutaneous form of the disease known as paragonimus that forms dense knots under the skin. They are easy to find: they form capsules with included eggs of worms, and by worms.

The danger associated with worms

It is important to understand that in the process of life, the worms can develop a huge number of poisons and toxins that quickly cause partial dysfunction of the liver. There are severe lesions of acne, eczema and other similar symptoms, which disappear immediately after treatment.

Worms accumulate in the upper small intestine, causing inflammation and problems with absorption of nutrients. A person can eat a lot, stay hungry and not gain weight. Problems in the gut will soon be reflected on the skin.

The cause of skin rashes

Skin rashes appear at worms in violation of helminths of the microflora and the intestinal mucosa. After infection, the intestinal wall is easy to miss pieces of food, and as a consequence of increased production of cells eosinophiles seeking to protect the body from toxins that produce worms in my life. Based on this, the person has a response in the form of a rash.


Helminths provoke a large production of immunoglobulin, which greatly aggravates the course of the Allergy.

Also the rash of worms in the human epidermis can occur as a result of poisoning of man by toxins that produce worms. The body trying to get rid of them, trying to bring them through the skin, which provokes the spread of the rash. If in the intestine accumulates an excessive number of worms, the gastrointestinal tract ceases to function properly and the patient may not fully empty the bowel.

When helminthiasis, skin loses elasticity and becomes yellow.


When detected on the skin of any rashes, the patient should immediately consult a physician, prescribing various tests could determine the nature and cause of the rash. If the diagnosis of helminth infections were confirmed, one should not ignore the advice of a doctor. Independently from this disease it is impossible to remove, even with expensive drugs.

Because of ignorance can stop the development of parasites but with the disappearance of action of the drug, helminths are progressing even more. Self-medication can lead to the chronic form of helminthiasis.

Treatment involves not only removing the outward symptoms, but also banishment from the human intestine the parasites themselves.

The stages of treatment of worms:

  • The first stage is to prepare the patient for the removal of parasites using plant oils. Such drugs promote binding and excretion of toxic substances secreted by parasites.
  • In the second phase, decided to use special medication against worms. Doctors prescribe drugs like a pharmacy and herbal remedy mild. The strongest are the ones that are dispensed by prescription. Among them often there are drugs with a broad spectrum antihelminthic action. But these medicines have one drawback — they are quite toxic.
  • In the third stage of treatment is necessary to restore all affected bodies. For this purpose, appointed special drugs that normalize the functioning of the kidneys, liver, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and stimulate the immune system, lead to the normal exchange of minerals and vitamins. Normal liver function is of great importance for a full recovery. That’s why doctors prescribe drugs which active substance — hepatocele extracted from milk Thistle.


To prevent rashes at worms need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right as an adult and a child. To prevent helminth infection in the home must use a quality properly purified water.

If one of the family members still contracted, it is necessary to distinguish the individual towel, utensils, personal hygiene items.

The most important event in helping to prevent disease is sufficient thermal processing of meat and fish products.

Animals can also be carriers of worms, so they need proper care, which includes vaccinations against worms.

To what doctor to address

Since worms treat parasitic diseases, the treatment of this disease deals with infectious disease physician.

But many patients don’t know what happens to them. Therefore, when any unexplained symptoms should consult a therapist at the place of residence, who will subsequently refer you to a specialist.

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