Yellow urine: causes in men, women, children

The color of the urine is an important metric by which to judge the human health and body systems. Yellow urine is perceived as a good indicator, but few pay attention to changes in shade from time to time and reflect on what determines the color of urine and whether urine is bright yellow to talk about the development of infection in the body.

Causes of yellow urine

The saturation of the color of urine may be due to high concentration. These changes occur because of lack of drinking, with increased secretion onto the skin surface sweat, excessive fluid accumulation in the tissues of the body, because diseases that damage the digestive tract. Concentrated urine can be cause by breastfeeding or appear after taking drugs from constipation.

Yellow urine in children

Color of urine is able to constantly change, even during the day. The urine in the first days of baby’s life may be transparent. Further, in the process of adapting to existence outside the mother’s body, the body adjusts its functions to full independent living. Change the color of urine in infants may be indicative of these changes and not bear any risk, the urine is brown color (for example, due to the child nutrition colostrum) after a few days gives way to pink, then goes into a deep yellow, and then may again become transparent. Changes in urine may occur several months after birth.

Because children cannot always say about your health, you should carefully monitor the change of color of urine in children. If the shade is not normal for the week, you should consult with your doctor, as these symptoms may indicate the development of disease. Independently to give the child drugs or water babies water without prescription is fraught with the deterioration of the health of the baby.

During pregnancy

While carrying child color and smell of urine are considered as one of the main indicators of the health of the expectant mother. In order to prevent various kinds of diseases at every routine consultation with a specialist pregnant hands over urine on the analysis, one criterion of which is the color of the sample. Saturated lemon color or bright yellow urine, not all cases, indicates the presence of infection. For non-threatening reasons, that urine changed color, include:

  • Vegetables, fruits and berries. Carrots, beets, pumpkin, blackberries or cherries are able to change light shade of urine yellow due to the presence in them of natural food dyes.
  • The urine is able to paint a variety of pastries and sweet (carbonated) water. These foods are often high contents of synthetic dyes, so if the dessert after the urine became dark yellow, it is not a cause for concern.
  • Vitamins for pregnant women makes the urine yellow.
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The work of the body during pregnancy is not studied, therefore it is not always the urine is bright yellow in women indicates the deviation in the carrying a child. Pregnancy transforms the woman’s body, adapting to new conditions, as the power and energy in this period used two people. The additional load on the body, especially the kidneys, changes the color of urine, it can be copper, light yellow color, and sometimes urine discoloration. In this case, you should consult with your doctor beforehand remembering the names of the medication and its menu in recent days.

Reasons for men and women

Men and women urine appears dark due to lack of fluid in the body. Loss of water occurs due to violations of the mode of drinking, taking drugs without a doctor’s prescription, gastrointestinal infections. In the case of infectious bowel disease has a high temperature, sweating, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting. At high temperature, diarrhea and vomiting the body loses a significant amount of liquid that stains the urine a dark color. If the urine is a dark yellow in the morning, it is not a cause for concern. Over night in urine, the accumulation of dye pigment that is included in the concept of norms.

Other reasons for the change in color of urine

Normal color of urine from a person can sometimes differ from the generally accepted notions of personal peculiarities of the metabolic processes or genetic factors. Also strongly expressed in the color of urine is due to the high level of salts in the urine. Such a process leads to the formation of sand and crystals in the bodies urine output. Under similar conditions the result of the rich yellow color of urine may be kidney disease, manifested by the deposition of stones in the kidneys. Beer the color of urine can acquire hepatitis. Women bright yellow urine sometimes reveals the occurrence of urethritis (high proteins). If the urine turned yellow in males, there is a possibility of prostatitis.

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The symptoms that can accompany change

If the urine is lemon-colored is complemented by a different kind of pain (abdomen, genitals, lower back), problems with digestion, increased body temperature, nausea, you should soon ask for help to the doctor. Yellow discharge, pain when urinating and itching should also be alerted. Urine color with acid odor, pale-white sediment in the form of flakes that can be seen in the light that indicates problems in the urinary system. Sometimes an admixture of white and white-light highlight in the urine indicates improper quality of personal hygiene.

Medicines and food coloring urine

Vitamins (vitamin C And b vitamins), dietary supplements, mineral complexes. some antibiotics, derivatives of 5-nitrofuran can affect the color of urine. Often the body can not completely absorb synthetic vitamins and minerals, as a result of the kidneys are excretion of these substances from the body. But if the medicinal product has no dyes, the color of urine can change due to the dyes located in the shell of the medication or vitamin. Eating foods rich in natural dyes that changes color of urine. Beets, blackberries, carrots and pumpkin can give urine an unnatural color, scale, change color varies from bright yellow to red.

What to do?

Pale yellow color of urine, or, conversely, too dark, does not mean that the person is sick. First you need to remember foods and medicines, as well as the amount of fluid to adjust a mode of drinking and nutrition (with a sufficient amount of fluid urine is of a light shade). If such actions have not yielded the desired result, we need to see a specialist. General analysis of urine will explain to you the bright color and will show possible deviations in the body. If the results were negative, the doctor will prescribe additional research to accurately determine the cause of the disease. Such actions will help to choose the optimal program of therapy and diet, if required.

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When the yellow urine is a sign for concern?

Bright or acid-yellow urine is not talking about the disease. To worry in that case, if the urine has become bright yellow, and there are other symptoms. Pain, itching, stomach problems indicate the failure of the body. If such symptoms should seek professional medical help.