Why urine smells like ammonia-women, men, children?

When urine smells of ammonia is a sign of disturbance of the normal functioning of the organism as a whole, and is a violation of health. Observed peculiar smell can men, women, children and even in infants. Need to identify the cause of the impact of the smell of urine and take measures for their elimination. Otherwise, the possible negative changes in the body.

The smell of urine, rotten eggs, ammonia

Causes of smell of ammonia

In normal urine there is no flavor. The sharp smell of ammonia in urine is caused due to a number of factors. Common causes of smell of ammonia in urine:

  • from urinating;
  • insufficient amount of fluid consumed throughout the day;
  • the presence of a variety of infections in the urogenital system;
  • poor diet, abuse of spicy and spices;
  • antibiotics and other medications.

It is important to drink enough water. How much? Daily rate — 1.5 liters. Water helps washout toxins from the body. The kidneys regenerate the whole process and are responsible for efficient functioning of the body. If the use of all fluid per day below normal, then there is a strong and unpleasant smell of ammonia from urine.

Why there is a smell of ammonia in urine in women and men?

The ammonia smell of urine in adults appears common cause, although the beautiful half of humanity more often. But why the urine smells like ammonia women more than men? Urogenital system of men and women is different, so women are more prone to variety of diseases. A strong sharp smell different during pregnancy and menopause.

Accurate diagnosis can determine exactly specialist.

Urine odor of hydrogen sulfide indicates the following diseases:

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  • Urethritis. The disease occurs due to viruses and bacteria. Felt the urge with cutting pains and there are impurities in the blood when testing.
  • Cystitis — inflammation of the bladder. There are frequent urge to the toilet, pain when urinating, temperature.
  • Pyelonephritis. Disease indicates inflammation and pressure problems in the circulatory system of the kidney. Strong temperature rises, appear chills, purulent discharge.
  • Chlamydia and any sexually transmitted diseases under favorable conditions, progress and create a chain of other pathologies. The symptoms are diverse and depend on the type of pathogen.

Especially the child

Urine changes color and odor with age. The smell of ammonia in the urine of the child is temporary. But lingering odor of urine gives reason to suspect a serious disease, especially if there is a loss of weight, dry skin, lack of vitamin D, excessive thirst and frequent urination. When children’s urine smells like spoiled fish, there is a risk of genetic disease. But if acetone is the child’s not eating, significant emotional, physical or mental stress. Especially after the sweet smell is observed.

Why does urine smell like rotten eggs?

The excretory system has the properties show any changes in the body. And even if urine smells like boiled eggs, you need to conduct a study for a more specific evaluation condition. Boiled egg urinary fluid may smell after drinking alcohol, hot spices and salt. And support the aroma of rotten eggs or fish with back pain, secretions and impaired urination indicates inflammation. A visit to the doctor to debug in any case impossible. In the initial stage of the disease is easier to treat than in the advanced form.

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For the proper operation of the body must follow and the time to pass tests to protect themselves from illnesses. Externalities, habitat and nutrition affect the body. When I changed the color of the urine, there is a strong rotten or ammonia aroma, there is a failure of urination, need to see a specialist. The doctor will evaluate the symptoms, will receive a urine test, ultrasound done, and the results of the study will prescribe a course of treatment. Often detected serious diseases, for example, the smell of acetone can be used to diagnose diabetes.

What to do?

The severity of the disease prescribe antibiotics and other medicines, diet.

Most importantly, do not panic, because nerves of the disease is just progressing. It’s probably nothing and will not be, it is necessary to revise the diet and give up bad habits. In summer, it is useful to eat watermelon, it will help clear the excretory system of toxins, and in the fall to cook with the pumpkin for the same effect. Shown to prevent the teas from herbs bilberry, cranberry, chamomile and knotweed, with diuretic and antiseptic properties.