White urine in men, women: causes, what to do, which means

The norm is urine in different shades of yellow. White urine says about internal problems in the human body. White color of the urinary fluid is manifested in various ways. Any such violation is a reason to consult a specialist and undergo a complete examination in order to avoid dangerous complications.

That means: physiological causes

The characteristic odor and white color of urine does not necessarily mean a serious breach. The reason for this phenomenon is physiology. To clarify this, carry out such procedure over a couple of nights to drink large amounts of liquids, healthy function of internal urinary systems liquid will again become transparent. If this happens, you should consult a doctor. A notable impurity in the urine is because eaten on the eve of food and the possibility of regime change lifestyle. The causes yellow-white color of the urine include:

  • excessive exercise;
  • strong emotional States (stress);
  • General hypothermia or parts of it;
  • funds in calcium or phosphate composition;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • dehydration;
  • the steam (bath, sauna).

In many cases, a visual change of color in urine does not carry the pathological processes in the body. However, with regular occurrence of this condition should not let it go to chance or to self-medicate. In some cases, color changes of the urinary fluid is evidence of serious irregularities in the functioning of internal body systems. Why urine is white in each case are able to meet specialist after a thorough examination.

Factors disorders in men

The strong half of humanity the urine is white in color accompanied by a characteristic odor, is the norm. This is because, in addition to the urine through the urethra is released seminal fluid and secretions of the prostate gland. Urine white men can become in the morning or after sex. This phenomenon is not considered a violation.

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Factors disorders in women

When sticking to a strict diet women sometimes see at white urine with an unpleasant odor. This is due to the elimination of toxic substances from the female body along with urinary fluid. Documented cases of this phenomenon in women during ovulation, and pregnant women (due to large amounts of mucus). A pregnant woman should be attentive to such changes and be sure to tell the doctor.

Pathological factors white urine

White urine and its regular manifestations in people of different age and sex (child, men, women) evidence of various pathological processes in the urinary system, namely pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, tuberculosis of the kidney, nephrosis, glomerulonephritis, kamneobrazovanie and amyloidosis in the renal organs. White as milk urine is also indicative of the high levels of glucose in people with diabetes.

Acute or chronic prostatitis in men that develops in infectious or inflammatory process is the cause of whitish hue of the urinary fluid. Urine becomes turbid due to the high rate of ketones (acetone), which is a symptom of serious diseases of the brain and liver. Helminthic infestation in children and adults is also affected by the fact that the urine becomes whitish. Among the female causes, which can change the color of urine, secrete a variety of inflammatory processes in the genital organs (candidiasis, inflammation in the cervix, vulvovaginitis, endometriosis and others).

What to do when testing for the diagnosis?

Milky urine is a consequence of many reasons why doctor assigns the patient to undergo a series of studies for the correct diagnosis and subsequent prescription of effective treatment. Mainly prescribe to do such research:

  • clinical analysis of urine;
  • research of urine by Nechiporenko;
  • sample Kakhovskogo—Addisa.
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After receiving the results of these studies doctor may prescribe ultrasound, urethrography, cystography and computed tomography. For a more accurate diagnosis, patients are shown to visit specialists, namely women — the gynecologist, men — urologist. Pediatric patients are often prescribed additional studies of the gastrointestinal system.

If the white color of the urine is accompanied by pain in the lumbar region and at the end of urination, as soon as possible, it is recommended to contact a specialist for a thorough eye examination and the prescription of effective therapy for a particular case. It is important to remember the sooner the treatment, the more favorable the prognosis for a person in curing the disease.