What to eat with one kidney: diet, healthy diet

After nephrectomy (surgical removal of the kidney) to patients should comply with some rules and restrictions in diet and lifestyle. Diet after a kidney removal, with strict adherence, will help the patient to recover after surgery (even if it is cancer) and relatively quickly return to normal life. The reason for the removal of the kidney is different, but the most serious is removal of the organ with cancer. In cancer spread, metastasis, therefore it is impossible to ignore the doctors ‘ orders. Their compliance depends the life.

What to eat the first few days with one kidney?

In the first days after nephrectomy the remaining kidney takes on a dual role and requires careful treatment. The recovery period after surgery lasts for not less than 10 days, maximum a month. At this time you need to be attentive to themselves and to implement the recommendations, otherwise the consequences will be dire. Another year and a half continues rehabilitation, when the only Bud gradually increases in size to fully perform the functions.

On the first day if the operation is successful, the food should be liquid, not more than 1 L. This is possible after permission of doctors, often after surgery is necessary for people substances are injected drip. In the next few days the food becomes more diverse (liquid porridge, soups). The two main restrictions of postoperative diet water and salt. If liquid enters the body is less than the required dehydration sets in. But if the load on the other kidney exceeds the norm, it will simply refuse. Daily dose of salt — 3-5 grams is a teaspoon. You need to eat 5-6 times a day small portions. The food should be crushed. These recommendations relevant month.

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Rules and nutritional guidelines after nephrectomy

For a person with one kidney health food is vital, consequences if disregarded can lead to hospitalization or, in the worst case, to life in hemodialysis. This important regime: healthy sleep, exercise, the need to stay safe from infections. Diet after a kidney removal requires strict compliance with medical advice. You cannot eat haphazardly. Fats and carbohydrates need not be limited to, but also exceed the required amount per day is also desirable. The amount of protein should be reduced, but the need to increase the amount of vitamins in products. Remember, a well crafted menu is a kind of treatment which after some time will give patients positive results.

Products should not be salted. Salt is best added to the finished dish. Eat a varied low-fat soups with cereals and pasta. Cook them in vegetable stock and seasoned with butter or oil. The best bread with bran or special diet. Fresh milk is better to substitute milk products. Perhaps the most basic rule of nutrition for patients after surgery — you can not eat too rich. Normal weight will enable one kidney the best way to perform the function. Over time, diet after removal of kidney will be more varied.

Recommended and forbidden foods

After removal of one kidney, the main food should be fruits and vegetables. They can be consumed in large enough quantities and in different forms: fresh, baked, in the form of jam. As for the meat, prefer lean. It’s chicken breast, not too young veal, Turkey, rabbit. Often eat fish. It’s lighter than meat, is better absorbed. You can eat eggs, but not more than 1-2 per day, or prepare them meals. Yogurt, sour cream, yogurt should also be consumed almost every day. Desirable cheese in casseroles, soufflé, or pudding. Also shown are cereal, pasta. As for beverages, drink broth hips, weak tea or fruit compote. Juices should not drink concentrated, dilute them with water. Treatment, combined with proper nutrition, more efficiently.

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Rehabilitation of a person after nephrectomy will be jeopardized if menus include white bread, muffins or saltines. You can not eat smoked sausage, sausage, salted fish. Discard the fat of the pork, any of the chocolate. Not in a dish, add garlic, sorrel, spinach or parsley. Under the categorical ban gets alcohol, beer and strong black coffee. A single kidney can not stand, and the consequences in this case, to predict difficult.

A healthy diet (example)

When the meals follow the traditional calorie: Breakfast is more nutritious than lunch or dinner. Some time later, after waking up eat crumbly buckwheat (or other) porridge with butter, scrambled eggs, a slice of diet bread (with butter) and follow with green tea or compote of berries. A little later, eat a salad of fresh vegetables (but do not add back the tomatoes), seasoned with vegetable oil or baked Apple with cream, or cottage cheese. For lunch, prepare a light soup, the second — steamed vegetables and steam chicken. Drink a decoction of rose hips. For dinner there is a cheese pie with sour cream or soufflé with berry sauce, crumbly porridge or baked fish. Before bed — yogurt and cookie with a mild taste. Strictly follow the amount of liquid.

Diet after other interventions

If the impetus for removal of the kidney gave Oncology, medical nutrition, without exaggeration, save lives. Surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy give too great a strain on the body. But without this cancer treatment is impossible. Often when cancer of one kidney a person has aversion to food which turns into mistrust. This should be considered when compiling a menu. For these patients it is very important to eat, otherwise the body weakens, immunity decreases. The main rules of nutrition in kidney cancer are:

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  • small portions of light food, eat every 5-6 hours;
  • products only boiled, baked, steamed;
  • the dishes are slightly cooled.

Cancer often affects the kidneys. Kidney cancer poisons the body, the sick body can not cope with deducing of toxins. Cancer treatment not only the drug, not the last role in this is diet. It is designed for cancer, when the kidney remains the only one to unload it. Compliance with these regulations will allow you to recover after necessary operations, rehabilitation will be more effective, and a single kidney painlessly take over the functions of the remote. There is a chance that the cancer after removal will stop progressing and with malignant tumor will be finished.

Often remove part of the kidney with benign tumor. This is called resection. Diet after partial nephrectomy involves the observance of the above-described principles and rules. The body a benign tumor is also receptive to stimuli like tumor is malignant. So the basic rule of power is reduced load. Minimum salt, spices. No alcohol. The food should be light but nutritious.