What is enuresis in adults: treatment, causes, types

Uncontrolled urination is a common condition among children, less among adults. What is enuresis and why it occurs in adulthood? These are common questions asked to experts adult men and women. Today is a malaise amenable to conservative treatment methods and treated quite successfully.

What kind of disease is enuresis?

Enuresis is characterized by involuntary discharge of urine (urine) and is found mainly among the female population. Less likely to suffer from enuresis can men. Uncontrolled urination mostly occurs at night when people are sleeping. The disease has a significant negative impact on the man, making him irritable, nervous and to some extent fearful. The causes of the disease there may be many triggering factors and a genetic predisposition to this disease.

The types and manifestations of disease

There are three types of enuresis depending on the reasons it provoked:

  1. urgent incontinence is a strong separation of urine with strong urge to urinate;
  2. stress incontinence — an involuntary separation of urine while coughing, during crying or laughing;
  3. urinary incontinence that occurs due to overcrowding in the bladder.

Types of enuresis in adults is dependent on the time of occurrence:

  1. nocturnal enuresis — urine separation takes place in the night time. Bedwetting, in turn, is divided into two forms: primary nocturnal enuresis in adults (occurs in childhood) and secondary enuresis (has a pathological factor in the impact caused by urological or neurological causes);
  2. daytime enuresis is urination hard to restrain in the afternoon at active life of man;
  3. miscellaneous — malaise, occurring both day and night. Distinguished as mixed primary and secondary enuresis.

The characteristic symptom of incontinence frequency of urination and inability to control the discharge of urine at night and in the daytime. Additional signs of incontinence include:

  • pain in the lower abdomen and near the genitals;
  • the increase in body temperature, less frequent fever;
  • the cloudy color of urine and appearance in it of blood clots;
  • General weakness and drowsiness.

Causes of bedwetting in adults

The most common causes of this disease are such provoking factors:

  1. genital infections and inflammation of the genitourinary system;
  2. urological diseases (urethritis, chronic cystitis, pyelonephritis, etc.);
  3. postpartum and menopausal women;
  4. prostate adenoma in men;
  5. a side effect of certain medications;
  6. the weakening of bladder muscles and pelvic organs;
  7. neuropsychiatric disorders, frequent exposure to stress and depressive States;
  8. the effects of operations on the bladder;
  9. obesity;
  10. genetic predisposition to disease (genetic factor).
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The diagnostic activities carried out in various ways, aimed at identifying the variety of uncontrolled outflow of urine. They include:

  1. address to the urologist or the gynecologist, which includes examination of the patient, anamnestic information collection (survey of the patient or relatives who know about his lifestyle inherent symptoms and diseases);
  2. for men — feeling and palpation of the prostate;
  3. for women, a gynecological examination chair, PAP smears, for analysis;
  4. taking the daily number of urination (controlled and uncontrolled);
  5. testing with pads (liners) for the accurate measurement of secreted bladder volume of urine;
  6. laboratory tests of blood and urine;
  7. Ultrasound of the bladder, kidney, prostate (in men);
  8. x-rays of the bladder and kidneys;
  9. endoscopic examination of the organs of the urinary tract;
  10. the study of urodynamics of the lower urinary tract.


The lifestyle change

To rid yourself of the unpleasant condition to be engaged in its physical form — to conduct exercises in the morning, do Jogging, visit the gym. As a consequence, will begin to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and bladder. It is highly recommended to limit the consumption of alcohol and excessive cigarette Smoking. Addiction provoke exacerbation of the disease and lead to deterioration of General condition.

Diet and proper nutrition

The role of competently composed diet and following the diet. You must drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Allowed any drinks, except those which irritate the mucosa of the bladder. Such beverages include: strong black tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, beer. Of the products is to abandon too salty, spicy, fatty food. Give preference to products rich in fiber content, it is fresh fruit and vegetables, porridges, bread with bran, greens.


One of the most effective methods of conservative treatment and prevention bedwetting is the exercise for strengthening the muscles of the pelvis and of the bladder (Kegel exercises). Are they just not require a designated time to perform and help save some money on expensive tests and procedures. Their essence consists in the compression and unclamping of the muscles of the bladder and genital organs. And when urinating you need to try to stop the stream and hold it for a few seconds.

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Physical therapy

Physiotherapy, which are used in order to reduce the increased activity of the muscles, expelling urine include:

  • electromagnetic stimulation of the pelvic muscles;
  • electrical stimulation;
  • darsonval for training walls and bladder muscles;
  • treatment healing mud.

The medication

Conservative treatment involves administration of drugs. Drugs for the treatment of enuresis: alpha-blockers, antispasmodics, homeopathy, and other tools, which focus on the treatment of enuresis and complete deliverance from the painful symptoms. Only a gynecologist or urologist may prescribe medications and to set the duration of the therapeutic course.

Drugs from incontinence

Pills «Minirin»

The drug with vazopressornoe pharmacological action. Treats nocturnal enuresis in children over 6 years and effective in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis in adults. The active ingredient of the drug reduces the frequency of urination and relieves the patient from the increased production of urine during night and daytime.

Drug Bisoprolol Heart

A remedy for enuresis, affecting the urogenital system and the organs of the urinary tract. The drug is indicated for patients with nocturnal enuresis and urgent suffering from urinary incontinence. The medicine is also prescribed to patients in the postoperative period, to establish control over an overactive bladder. The drug has good spasmolytic effect on the organs of the urinary tract, treats urinary incontinence.

Pills «Spasmex»

The drug has a sufficient inflammatory properties that affect the surface and the walls of the bladder, urethra and intestines. Shown with urgent incontinence, and also at infringement of functioning of the bladder. Treatment of enuresis drug «Spasmex» permitted persons of different age categories.

The «Vestar»

The drug is appointed by the doctor during the enuresis and produced in pill form. The drug is aimed at reducing muscle tone of the urinary tract. «Westar» is used for enuresis, for the treatment of frequent urination and uncontrolled discharge of urine. And also for the establishment of the bodies of the urethra and bladder.

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Drug «Orotol»

A drug used for elevated activity of the bladder — frequent flow of urine, or incontinence. Therapy drug «Orotol» is exclusively for adults and lasts about 2-3 months. Medication when enuresis is quite effective and in most cases brings the desired results.

Treatment of folk remedies

Folk methods of treatment — simple and inexpensive means of getting rid of enuresis in adults. Here are some folk remedies (recipes) used in ancient times to treat this ailment at home:

  1. Therapy offers folk remedies to treat enuresis at home with herbs — thyme. It should brew instead of tea and drink throughout the day, even at night. To prepare the broth 1 tbsp. dry grass pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Infuse for 10 minutes and drink with sugar or honey.
  2. 1 teaspoon of sage mixed with the same volume of grass Hypericum, pour mixture of 0,5 liter of boiling water. Put in a cool dark place for infusion. After 30 minutes, strain and take half a Cup 3 times a day before meals. This remedy helps to relieve painful symptoms and to cure enuresis.
  3. 1 tbsp fennel seeds pour 250 ml of boiling water. Infuse 1 hour, strain and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is 10 days, if necessary, repeat the treatment.

Enuresis is not a death sentence, but only a temporary inconvenience that can be eliminated. No need to be shy and to wait until it gets to such a state that it will be difficult to heal the conservative way. If a person ceases to hide from all of his illness, adjust themselves in a positive way and will adhere to medical recommendations, the treatment will be successful and will bring a positive result.