Waterproof pants from urinary incontinence for women and men

Problems with urination are of concern to many for different reasons. To cope with the uncomfortable sensations you can, if you wear briefs incontinence. In severe cases or in postoperative period use of diapers. This category of products makes life easier for many people. Increasingly, diapers and panties for adults not only become a necessity in the process of caring for bedridden patients, but also to return to normal life of people with incontinence.

The purpose and features

Waterproof underwear for adults similar models for children, but has distinctive features:

  • sizes from XS to XL;
  • high rates of absorbency;
  • the separation of panties for incontinence in women and men’s hygiene products.

This product has not only the features, but also a special appointment. Incontinence briefs protect against leakage of urine and feces of people who lead an active lifestyle. They can be used for people suffering from enuresis. The diaper is used in the postoperative period or after a stroke when the person is unable to get up and go to the toilet. Diapers designed for the care of immobile patients with complete or partial paralysis of the body.

Waterproof pants and diapers for incontinence: what’s the difference?

Before you buy, you need to understand what is the difference between diapers underwear and pads. So, the stores:

  • sanitary pads for women;
  • absorbent panties for women and men;
  • diapers (nappies).

Diapers, briefs and pads vary in the degree of absorption. They must be chosen depending on the degree of incapacity and the abundance of uncontrolled secreted fluid.

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Urological pads resemble sanitary. They have different markings, which suggests different levels of absorption, therefore, is always done the strip corresponding to the amount of allocated liquid. Absorbent pants (there are disposable and reusable briefs with liner) resemble normal underwear, can be easily removed and dress. The diapers have Velcro for mounting on the human body and are an effective hygiene product for those who suffer from urinary incontinence and enuresis.

What to consider when choosing?

To choose diapers or pants, you need to know some main factors influencing the choice:

  • size;
  • parameter absorption;
  • the weight of the patient;
  • ease of fixing to the body.
  • material.

Special attention is given to the selection of the size, as this parameter often influences the other factors. When properly selected size may deteriorate the absorbency, diapers and briefs can pass urine and feces. So please see below how to choose the right size hygiene products.

How to choose for women and men?

Female and male hygiene products you need to carefully choose. First and foremost you should consider the purpose. If you want to protect from small leaks of urine, then fit absorbent briefs or a gasket. If the necessary funds for the elderly or bedridden patients, should pay attention to the diapers with Velcro.

How to choose the size?

A special role is played by the waist of the patient. Measurements are taken with measuring tape around the abdomen at the umbilicus, and the figure is compared with the table on the packaging of the products. Additionally measured the circumference of each thigh below the crotch. The figures are rounded up. In this case, it is recommended to add to the waist 2-3 inches. The weight of the patient in the choice of model is also taken into account, so it is important to know the exact number.

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Manufacturers products

To ease the life of people with incontinence and bedridden patients try such:

  • Abri-Form Premium (Denmark);
  • MoliCare Premium soft (Germany);
  • Depend (USA);
  • Seni (Poland);
  • Tena (Poland).

Products Abri-Form Premium

The range of companies represented disposable panties. They have a high degree of absorbency. The material is pulp, absorbent and an absorbent layer in addition to absorbent. Due to this, moisture is quickly absorbed and evenly distributed inside. The company has taken into account all user requirements and ensure the presence of soft edges, elastic sections at the waist and legs.

Production MoliCare Premium soft

The company offers diapers for bedridden people and absorbent underpants for older, active people, and also strip to protect from problems with the urine. The products are endowed with high absorbency and has anti-bacterial layer, preventing the development of adverse microflora. Commercial units are breathable, which helps to avoid diaper rash and skin irritation.

Products «Depend»

Disposable absorbent pants American manufacturer help to make urinary incontinence invisible to others. The range of briefs only in a male version and a female. Feature of the products is the placement of the absorbent layer corresponding to anatomical characteristics of the users. Model hygiene products from this company are very reliable protection and softness.

All diapers, briefs and pads hold the liquid and smell, but leak air.

Other members

There are products and other manufacturers. Very popular product brands Tena and Seni. Company located in Poland and offer urological pads and adult diapers. This product helps to get rid of leaks and unpleasant situations, and to provide comfort to bedridden patients, and ease of care. Due to the existence of waterproof underwear for adults and their variations, the urinary incontinence ceased to be a sentence to isolation and skin problems.