Washing for urethritis in men, women: solutions

Inflammation of the walls of the urethra in medicine is called urethritis. The treatment of this disease involves lavage of the urethra, medications and means of alternative medicine. Popular flushing of the urethra, as it allows to achieve removal by mechanical means with the affected mucous layer of the phlegm and for maximum impact on the mucosa of pharmaceutical products. Rinse the urethra can home, but subject to compliance with all recommendations to the procedure.

Execution rule for men and women

For the front zone

Typically, the lavage of the urethra for the treatment of urethritis in men carried out. To flush anterior of the male organ of urinary system, you must perform the following steps:

  • Take special syringe with a nozzle made of rubber.
  • Bare head of the penis and is treated with antiseptic the outer surface of the opening of the urethra.
  • Squeeze the syringe to the body, injected irrigation solution — about 15 ml.
  • Compress the canal with your fingers, remove the rubber catheter and wait untill their own liquid.

In women, the treatment of the urethra is performed using the glass tip which is immersed in the tube, located in front of the vagina, to a depth of 10 mm. it Is necessary to take into account that the female urethra is bent, so the tip is first injected down and then right, as if making an arc. Not washed when urethritis the urethra in acute inflammation in the urethra, periartrite, difficulty urinating and when urethrocystitis.

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To the rear of the plot

For men used and the back flushing of the urethra, but only under the condition that a front. Syringes for flushing the rear part of the urethra approach with a volume of 100-150 ml, which should also be a rubber tip. This procedure is performed only by an experienced technician in a hospital. The patient laid on his back, lifts the pelvis and slightly bend at the knees limb. The doctor pulls the male reproductive organ, a syringe with its tip rests in the anal hole and inserts the medication. The valve device opens, and the medicinal fluid flows in the rear part of the urethra and mocevic. The patient is emptied and thereby washes the organ of the urinary system.

The method of instillation

For the treatment of urethritis is frequently used instillation, which is a drip infusion of the drug. To perform this procedure, you must be treated with disinfectant solutions the opening of the channel for urination and the penis head. Lubricate with glycerin rubber catheter and introduce it into the external sphincter when the affected posterior urethra, and the external valve of the device, if you want to treat the anterior urethra. With the gradual removal of catheter slowly poured drug solution into the urethra. There is a method of instillation with a syringe with a tip.

What are the solutions carried out washing with urethritis?

For irrigation in the urethra is used not only medication, but also the means of alternative medicine. Suitable for this procedure hemp milk, which is diluted in proportion 1:5 with boiled cooled water. The resulting liquid is mixed with hemp seeds and Supplement the required amount of water. In addition, the treatment is performed mochevyvodyashih channel wormwood and used pharmaceuticals «Chlorhexidine» and «synthesis». From wormwood make broth and put it in the urethra during the week. In any case should not self-medicate, and act without treatment.

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The Use Of «Miramistina»

The drug «Miramistin» refers to the group of cationic antiseptics, and use it for washing the tubular body of the genitourinary system in such illnesses:

  • chlamydia;
  • the human immunodeficiency virus;
  • candidiasis;
  • urethritis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • syphilis;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • genital herpes.

The medication is injected in the channel, responsible for urine excretion, 2-3 ml three times per day. Antiseptic «Miramistin» is easy to use, as produced in a bottle with special nozzle which is designed to enter on the urinary system. When the procedure is performed, it is recommended to refrain from urinating for 60 minutes. The advantage of antiseptic «Miramistin» is its wide range of antimicrobial activity. The drug in rare cases irritate the mucous membrane, and almost never causes allergic reactions.