Warts in the urethra in men and women: treatment

Genital wart or condyloma in the urethra — a manifestation of human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus is widely distributed and, like the herpes virus, while in orgasm, a long time is not shown. It is often sexually transmitted, at least — household. To completely get rid of the virus is impossible, but to prevent its development is necessary. Otherwise, warts provoke severe complications.


What is it?

Genital warts are warts or growths of red, gray or pale pink color. They appear in the genital area, rarely on other parts of the body. The appearance of warts is a manifestation in the body of the human papillomavirus, which after entering the body remains there forever. Basically it’s sexually transmitted, so is most likely to infect people who become sexually active and have promiscuous sex. In addition, the virus is transferred from mother to child during birth, infection by household.

The risk of infection increases with the weakening of the organism by antibiotics and bad habits.

If the human host good immune system, the virus may never show. The appearance of warts they should be treated, because they provoke the development of cancer. Warts are located on the mucosa of the groups or single. They do not pass. To remove them is impossible. Attempts to deal with the problem without the help of a doctor is dangerous. The only means of dealing with the very virus vaccination, which is scheduled from 14 years of age.

Types of warts in the urethra

Warts come in many sizes and colors but usually they are not more than a few millimeters. In the early manifestations of the disease they are not visible since they are located in the deeper layers of the skin. When the HPV come to the surface, there is a risk of infection. Initially, a single education. Then they become more, they are combined into a single field. There are two kinds of warts.

Flat education

Flat education are rare. They are difficult to detect because they reside deep in the skin and don’t rise above it. Because of this they are more dangerous. Arise regardless of the sex of an infected person. Delayed treatment of this type of warts can lead to serious consequences, for example, to cancer. For the timely diagnosis are advised to undergo regular medical examinations.

Genital warts

This kind of manifestation of HPV is more common. Warts elevated above the mucosa, like a «on the leg». Grow quickly. Within a few hours the tumor up to 6 mm. Groups such warts cause discomfort. If the body is weakened, they can fall themselves. But to tear them away is impossible. The only possibility to get rid of them — deleting at the hospital. As the virus remains in the body, relapses.

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HPV in urethra: causes

HPV is transmitted sexually, household very rarely. For the transition of the virus from one organism to another needs direct contact with the papilloma. In this case, any scratch on the mucosa — gates for the passage of the virus. Even if the virus is in the body, it can be invisible. For the appearance of warts require certain conditions that, depending on the sex of the patient are somewhat different.

Genital warts in men

The appearance of genital warts men is the result:

  • Of homosexuality. Cracks in the mucous membrane of the rectum — the hole in the body’s immunity.
  • Constant fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, vitamin deficiency.
  • Overcooling/overheating of the body.
  • Smoking, frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Frequent colds.

HPV is often diagnosed in men who often change sexual partners.

The factors of occurrence of genital warts in women

According to statistics, 15% of women are carriers of HPV. Warts in the urethra in women are due to weakening of the protective functions of the organism, which lead:

  • Physical and emotional stress.
  • Diet during which the body is unable to produce the desired amount of antibody.
  • Childbirth. Childbirth and the postpartum period is stressful. The body of a young mother weakened, and the care of the baby, eye — fatigue.
  • Self. It is believed that this problem of women. The use of prescription drugs that violate the microflora of the body, weaken the immune system.
  • Chronic inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Abortion.

The main symptoms

Symptoms of pathology appear individually. Depending on the immune status and development of the virus in the crotch formed numerous sharp-pointed outgrowths. Papillomas cause General intoxication of the organism. This state is characterized by weakness, vomiting, drowsiness. There are some peculiarities of the warts:

  • Initially, the size of the papillomas of a pinhead no more.

  • Build-up remains in one state or growing.
  • Closely spaced papillae merge together.
  • During sexual contact growths is prevented, the pain appear.
  • Warts of large size near the anus can be covered with sores and bleeding.
  • If warts are in the urethra during urination may feel sick. Also it provokes the occurrence of inflammation of the urethra.

Complications and consequences

Common complications of warts — the development of opportunistic infections causing cystitis. If warts are inside urethra, occurs bacterial urethritis. There are cases of overlapping papillomas of the opening of the urethra, preventing urination, leading to urinary system. Education near anus lead to abscess, which is difficult to cure.

The most dangerous complication of malignant tumor.

In men, sexual orientation due to HPV develops cancer of the rectum. In women, the pathology leads to cervical cancer. After oral sex with an infected partner, genital warts grow in the throat, causing discomfort and causing respiratory illness. Because the presence of papillomas in the crotch area reduces self-esteem and discomfort, especially during sexual intercourse, people with HPV suffer from depression and reduced libido.

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The presence of papillomas in the crotch area — «iron» reason to immediately go to the hospital. Papilloma aesthetically unpleasant, provoke a series of inflammatory processes and cancer. Because to identify the causes of the disease and its treatment need to consult a doctor. The doctor will make the diagnosis even after taking a history and examining a patient. Diagnosis using the following tools:

  1. Inspection is conducted. If the pointed formation can be seen immediately, to determine flat warts on the skin causing weak solution of acetic acid. Under the action of acid capillaries in the tumor is reduced, and it becomes white. To see this, doctors use printed circuit boards — special microscopes. This method helps to distinguish warts in the urethra from other entities.

  2. PCR diagnostics (polymerase chain reaction) sets the type of the virus. This information shows the risk of cancer.
  3. The particle affected the mucous membrane or skin take a biopsy to detect cancer cells.
  4. Scraping of diseased tissue take for cytological examination. So set a precancerous condition.
  5. Clarify the diagnosis by histological examination. Of particles of the diseased tissue and remove the liquid and fill it with paraffin. It is then cut and the study of the structure of cells to determine what type of fabric.

Genital warts during pregnancy

Often the dormant virus during pregnancy begins to develop in the body. The skin and mucous membranes are covered with tumors. If they were even before this, during pregnancy the papilloma becomes larger, occupy a large area. This is due to decrease in immunity and hormonal background of women. Depending on the location of the papillomas of the possible threat of infecting the child during delivery or the impossibility of a natural delivery. In such a case, a planned caesarean section. During pregnancy the use of any treatments carried out only after considering all «for» and «against», taking into account possible negative consequences for both mother and child. Treatment of condylomata in pregnant women is considered individually, depending on the level of complexity of the pathology.


In determining significant cancer risk of the virus intensive antiviral therapy.

After the diagnosis should immediately begin treatment. To eliminate the virus from the body is impossible, but strengthening the immune system, suppress it. It is important, first of all, to prevent obstruction of the urethra and development of cancer, as well as eliminate possible infection of other people. There are several methods of dealing with warts.

Conservative therapy

The infected person need to take antiviral and immunostimulatory drugs. To combat the virus prescribed «Panavir», «Ingaron» and similar medicines that are beneficial to the synthesis of interferon. Tonic means «Immunal», tinctures of Echinacea and ginseng root to restore the immune system in General. Oxolinic ointment is ineffective. Good result gives application of the ointment «Panavir» cream «aldara», «spray Epigenes sex», suppositories «Genferon®».

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People are trying to get rid of the problem yourself, cauterize papillomas iodine and celandine. Self-treatment of any disease dangerous, and in this case, you need to be careful not to damage the mucosa of the alcohol solutions and do the burn. Iodine and celandine really help, but only with a single warts. With large lesions, they do not.

Laser therapy

This method is considered effective and safe. Under the action of a laser beam papilloma of the urethra is destroyed. In its place is just the dry crust, which is absolutely healthy skin. The only disadvantage of the procedure cost. The equipment necessary for the treatment is expensive, so it is not in every hospital. For this reason, the cost of the procedure to the patient high.


This method helps to get rid of warts by burning them. This procedure removal of papillomas painful and requires local anesthesia. If the coagulator device (direct manipulation) guide to a healthy area of skin or mucosa, to be struck and in this place will be a scar. Because it should only be performed by a qualified doctor. The procedure is inexpensive and effective.


This technique involves removing the warts with special drugs based on nitric acid. There are tools for home and professional use. First, unfortunately, ineffective. To eliminate the warts in the urethra using a special device that allows you to enter the urethra the necessary preparations.

Prevention methods

Implementation of some recommendations for the prevention of genital warts reduces the risk of HPV infection. Considering the causes of disease, should avoid indiscriminate sex, to enter into an intimate relationship with one «trusted» person. It is important to only use your personal hygiene products, linen, towel. The main barrier to the virus — the immune system. To strengthen the protective functions of the organism should abandon bad habits, to eat a balanced, timely cure of the disease.