Urine is not completely out of the bladder in men and women: treatment

Important call to action is the case when urine is not completely out of the bladder. This problem is common among both sexes. In addition, this situation causes a lot of discomfort, it could also be a symptom of a serious abnormality of the organs. For example, women have the constant urge to emptying often indicate failures in the urogenital system is a reason to seek help from a doctor. During normal operation, the bodies of desire «in the small» occurs when a cluster of about a Cup of liquid. In that case, when present in the system pathology, urination appear in the minimum volume of urine.

Reasons for men and women

For the two sexes the base of the deviations are different, too. The fair sex have a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder caused due to development of cystitis in the chronic and acute form, and also due to urethritis. Such feelings are due to the presence of malignant and benign tumors, the formation of polyps, calculi etc. the Regular urge for emptying indicate a possible inflammation of the organs located in the pelvis. These reflexive processes can act on incomplete emptying. The reason usually are kidney stone formation, the narrowing of the vascular walls, small size of the authority.

Incomplete emptying of the bladder in men is most often found in the adenoma or inflammation of the prostate. In addition, these impulses arise in the formation of stones in the urogenital system, urethral stricture, urethritis. Violations are sometimes the result of innervation or of cystitis in the chronic form, however, such deviations occur in rare cases. One can observe the change of the width of the channel for urination, dysfunction of discharge, inflammation, disruption of the abdominal cavity. Such effects cause infectious diseases, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, cancer of the genitourinary system.

Additional symptoms

  • After using the toilet is a feeling that it was not possible to empty mocevic completely.

  • After a short period again, have a new urge for emptying (for several minutes). Addicted to the toilet that creates discomfort.
  • Painful and frequent urination, possible burning and other unpleasant feelings.

Basically, these symptoms are not disease as such. Rather, it is a syndrome the development of other types of violations, in particular, problems with the genitourinary organs. Such diseases there is a whole set: urethritis, cystitis, urolithiasis, benign and malignant tumors, the formation of stones in macetech, neurogenetic and hyperactivity emptied the bladder, etc. besides, this characteristic refers to the possible disorders of the spine (injuries, mechanical problems, sciatica, etc.). Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to additionally present signs. With the help of a specialist can make the correct diagnosis and to take timely measures to address deviations.

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Incomplete emptying during pregnancy

During pregnancy the female body reacts especially strongly to various annoying circumstances. There is a preparation of the organism to the birth of a baby is accompanied by changes in hormonal levels. Thanks to the hormones relax the muscles of the pelvic organs and, as a consequence of slowing down the fluid motion. Because of this, pregnant women are often susceptible to problems with incomplete evacuation.

Such changes are noticeable immediately — the amount of urine is reduced gradually. However, there is an absolute threat to the health of the expectant mother. An example is infection. This is because with regular emptying Kochetkov liquid does not have time to be filled with urine (the bacteria that should be removed from the pelvic organs). Further there is stagnation, through which all harmful bacteria remain inside, filling the body with toxins, which causes inflammation of the pelvic organs, especially susceptible to the kidneys.

How to prevent?

In order to prevent developing ailment, you should monitor the condition of the drained fluid. Therefore, pregnant women often have to take the urine. About possible disease shows excess leukocytes, and microorganisms. To eliminate such a problem with antibiotics, but it is bad for the health of the unborn child. Thus, it is necessary to try to stop the development of bacteria more gentle way. For this purpose diuretics or herbal.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, the stagnation of urine is the strongest. It affects the size of the fetus uterus, increasing in volume, compressing the ducts. It is therefore not completely emptied the bladder, respectively, and creates a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria. This provokes the appearance of pain at the base of the spine, the urge of nausea and sluggish.

Urine is not completely departs: stagnation of urine

The stagnation of urine is unhealthy and dangerous. The accumulation of urine contributes to the increased pressure in the urinary ducts, then moves to the kidneys, their pelvis and tubule. If a long time not to take measures to address this problem, then there is a risk of abnormalities, such as:

  • the formation of stones in the urogenital system;
  • the growth of pathogenic bacteria and infections in the pelvic organs;
  • in poor condition — the occurrence of renal failure;
  • the spread of bacteria in the blood and the development of urinogenous sepsis (infection often affects the elderly).

Urine from the bladder out is not completely the effects and complications

If incomplete emptying into chronic is fraught with manifestation of renal dysfunction. Its discovery will have to pass a medical examination. The disease may manifest as pain at the base of the spine, fever, chills, changes in blood composition. After diagnosis, treatment should not be delayed since these deviations are dangerous for the life of the patient.

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Necessary diagnostic measures

In order to identify the true factors causing incomplete emptying, and to choose the right therapy, it is necessary to diagnose the patient:

  • first is the study of blood and urine to determine the presence of inflammatory processes in the body;
  • after the analysis of the microflora is able to identify the specific pathogen;
  • in the presence of the results of the first surveys there is a sense to pass ultrasonic diagnostics;
  • depending on the sex of the patient check the condition of the ovaries, uterus and vaginal microflora in females, and prostate in men;
  • to clarify the causes of incomplete emptying is carried out x-ray, pre-introducing contrasting enzyme;
  • to examine the internal state of the genitourinary system, use cystoscopy;
  • for a deeper study of the disease and difficulties in diagnosis methods using MRI or CT examination with the help of flow of radioisotopes.


If you have problems with the flow of urine incomplete urine excretion can be divided into two types — partial and complete. In the first case, there is a small outflow of fluid, it is not until the end. Impulses occur every few minutes — there is no way to move away from the toilet. In the second case, the urine does not stand out, although there are persistent urges. This is accompanied by severe cutting pains in the abdomen.

To cope with these disorders and restore function, it is important to know the cause of the deviations. Self-treatment in such cases does not help, so it is necessary to go on reception to the doctor. In the hospital will be carried out diagnostics and identified provocateur ailments. After that an experienced urologist will appoint individual therapy to solve the problem. Depending on what caused the crash in urination, prescribed antibiotics, drugs that neutralize infection or carve the stones of the medicine. It all depends on the root causes of deviations. Sometimes used hormonal, sedatives, if failure is caused by psychological disorders or changes in hormonal levels. Methods of struggle are different. The focus should be on why he developed such deviations.

In especially complex and severe cases need surgical intervention. Basically, these methods are applicable to cancer tumors or the formation of stones.

How to relieve a feeling of incomplete emptying of your own?

In order to reduce unpleasant feelings during treatment, you can use some of your own:

  1. During the period of evacuation necessary to relax the muscles of the pelvis and abdomen. When the body is in good shape, the stagnant liquid harder excreted from the urinary system.
  2. You can help yourself by stimulating bladder contractions. For this you need to press your hand on the abdomen in the area below the navel. This will help to increase the volume of the outgoing fluid.
  3. To the evacuation was more complete, you can listen to the sounds of flowing water (for example, to turn on the tap water).
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Popular recipes

To facilitate the General condition of frequently used folk medicines. Very often come to the aid of herbal teas and tinctures. So, to eliminate the symptoms of cystitis are suitable decoctions that includes field horsetail, plantain and cinquefoil. The recipes are pretty simple: grass pour boiling water and infused for some time, and then taking the inside.

Active diuretic action have the plants like bearberry, licorice, onion couch grass root, corn silk. They decided to brew and drink several glasses per day. However, diuretics should not be abused to delay the course longer than two weeks. Since this creates a risk of washout from the body and minerals. Help with the inflammation have leaves cranberries. Their brewed as a tea and drink throughout the day. This plant has an antiseptic effect and helps with incompletely emptied mocovice.

For male diseases more useful tools on the basis of celandine, garlic and lemon, parsley. Of them can also make a broth or mixture, to insist and consume morning and evening. Useful in Troubleshooting problems with urination rind chestnut, it is steamed in a water bath or in thermopaste. You need to drink before eating. The course should not last more than 10 days. Before you decide on a home therapy, it is better to obtain medical advice and to take action under his guidance.