Urine after urination in men and women: causes, what to do

Dribbling often takes rejection, resulting in the urine leaking after urination. Urine in men go through some time after leaving the toilet. The problem adversely affects the life and mental state of the person. Dribbling is associated with different pathologies, which, in particular, have an innate nature. If there is leakage of urine after urination, you should consult a doctor and find out the main source of deviation. Treatment of surgical and medically, depending on the extent and root causes of defeat.

General information about dribbling in men and women

Often men are concerned with the question: why do I urinate after emptying the bladder? If occasionally leaked one drop of urine, it does not indicate the deviation. Dribbling is diagnosed in the case when regularly leaking urine after urination. Such deviation is peculiar to boys and men. Women and girls are less likely to suffer from spontaneous leakage of urine. More than half of men who suffer from diseases of the genital tract, complain of leakage of urine. Deviation is often observed in healthy men, with no deviations. Dribbling is not a threat to life, but brings a lot of discomfort and problems. Urine may involuntarily leak after the process of urination or before.


The remainder of the urine does not always work out to the end of urination. Sometimes the source lies in the physiological abnormalities and, in some cases, the podkapyvanii urine in men is an acquired character. There are several types of acquired dribbling:

  • temporary, associated with the antidepressant that the patient is taking;
  • postoperative;
  • urgent, causing a sharp desire to go on little;
  • under stress dribbling urine flows from the increased pressure;
  • mixed combines urgent and stressful.

The main reasons for the separation of urine after urination

Urine is leaking for various reasons, each of which needs individual therapy. In most cases, before or after urination, dripping urine in men as a result of poor Bulbo-cavernous muscles. If the patient is all right with health, then after the urine output to drop by reflex. While urine remains in the urethra and will come out. In the case of weakening of the muscles of the urine remains in the urethra and then the subsequent trip to the toilet follows by itself. The main reasons for leaking urine after urination in men:

  • weight;
  • BPH;
  • disease in the field of neuralgia;
  • malignant neoplasm of the bladder;
  • tumor in the urethra;
  • trauma to the spinal cord;
  • herniation or pathology of the spine;
  • prostate cancer;
  • diverticulum of the urethra (the urine drips in women after urinating);
  • inflammation seed tubercle.
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Sometimes men drops of urine after urination arise as a result of ejaculation, sagging of muscles located in the pelvis. When inflammation of the bladder neck or infections of the urinary tract appear wet stains on his underwear after urinating. The child, especially the boy, leakage of urine occurs because of a weak and incompletely formed muscles of the pelvic floor (children up to 3 years). The boy at this age still not able to control the process of urination fully, so often the child can urinate. It is important to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis to determine the exact cause of dribbling, because leakage of urine is a symptom of a serious deviation.

Other symptoms

Urine after going to the toilet in the absence of disease is not accompanied by any symptoms. While in human pathology there is little drops that can leave permanently or periodically. If additional symptoms are absent, the case in weak muscles that must be trained. But in most cases the deviation caused by diseases of the genitourinary system or there after surgery. If there is a pathological process, men occurs after urination, the sensation of a full bladder. Often there is pain, pain or burning since peed. In related symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.


If leaking urine after emptying the bladder, probably the reason for the abnormal structure or pathology in the organs of the urinary system. Then you should undergo comprehensive diagnosis and identify the pathology source. First, it is recommended to consult a urologist, then pass the following examinations:

  • ultrasound examination of the genitourinary system;
  • ureterorenoscopy;
  • diagnostics of organs of urinary system using x-rays;
  • the sphincterotomy and profilometry.
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It is crucial as much information as possible to learn about rejection, because at times the source of the disease is a serious disease that fails to detect and treatment is not carried out on time. In other cases, the residual urine flows from stressful situations or receiving any drugs by mistake and prescribe treatment.

What to do in the treatment: the main methods

Therapy is indicated after the diagnosis and determine the source of leakage of urine. In some cases, the reason for the rejection is the wrong way of life, which is quite correct and the problem will disappear by itself. If there are minor diseases, as a rule, is shown taking anti-inflammatory drugs and specific exercises.

In case of detection of serious pathology requires surgery to eliminate the unpleasant symptom.


With weak muscles, with subsequent leakage of urine recommended a set of special exercises:

  1. For the first task it is necessary to take a standing position with legs apart at shoulder width. Straining the muscles of the pelvic floor to feel the movement of the penis. Then for a few seconds to linger in a state of stress and relax. You must perform the exercise several times every day.
  2. In a sitting position and spread his legs apart, thus to stretch the muscles of the pelvis. They should be as much strain, not napreeva buttocks.
  3. To accomplish the same as exercise # 2, but in the supine position with apart and bent at the knees legs.
  4. This job can be run on a walk, during the walk — to strain and relax the muscles of the pelvis.
  5. This task is recommended to be done immediately after emptying the bladder. Naturiva pelvic muscles, try to lift them up.
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The application of the operation

Operative treatment is indicated in the case where leakage occurs due to the reduction of the bladder, the occurrence of fistula in the urethra, prostate cancer or bladder. After injury of the spine and back or when there are deviations of the congenital type, is assigned to the operation.

Surgical therapy is carried out by several methods, depending on what caused the deviation. Often resort to implant synthetic sphincter, at which the patient reduce an inflatable cuff, a reservoir and pump to control the process of urination. Often assigned surgery, aimed at removal of the bladder and creation of special channels for the excretion of urine. Sometimes shown sling surgery in which the surgeon can create grid to hold back urine. After this procedure, 70% of patients are not «wet my pants» after urination.

Hygiene procedures

Leakage of urine causes discomfort and needs special care. Men with this problem are recommended to maintain cleanliness of the genital organs and groin area. To wash should be in warm water using soap means. If there is an unpleasant smell, the prescribed pills that have a deodorizing effect. To eliminate bad odor, it is recommended to use vinegar and water mixed in equal proportions. As prophylaxis it is recommended to do exercises that in the future this problem was not disturbed.