Urination after cesarean: the causes, what to do

Quite often, women worry about pain during urination after C-section. Doctors believe that is quite normal after surgery. Pain and burning should stop within the first weeks after caesarean section. If symptoms persist — consult a doctor for examination.

Causes of complications of voiding after cesarean section

There are several reasons that cause discomfort during bowel movements:

  • the reaction of the woman’s body to medication and anesthesia;
  • the emotional state of the patient before the surgery;
  • frequently changing hormonal pregnant woman;
  • infectious diseases during pregnancy;
  • strong and heavy blood loss at cesarean section significantly reduce the body’s defenses women.

After surgery the woman and child are under the close supervision of experienced professionals. Based on the symptoms the doctor will determine the presence of pathologies and prescribes treatment. In addition to these reasons can also cause pain and burning during bowel movements concomitant infections:

  • a lot of blood loss after cesarean;
  • insufficient amount of mineral substances and vitamins;
  • lack of personal hygiene.

The definition of a pathological problem

After surgery any painful urination should cease within one month. There are times when the pain and burning stop for a while and then come back with renewed vigor. There are several key symptoms that should draw the attention of a woman in labor:

  • constant discomfort when urinating;
  • nispadaya temperature of 37.5 degrees;
  • unusual discharge from the genitals.

It is impossible to self-medicate. It will only worsen the health status of women. You must contact your doctor who will prescribe a thorough examination and competent treatment. Medication will enable to avoid transition of diseases into a chronic form and the onset of complications.

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What to do?

There are several ways that will help the woman to ease the emptying. Helps urinate on the crane with water. If the patient themselves is unable to empty, she inserted a special catheter for fluid removal. After surgical intervention the first evacuation should occur on the first day. This gives you the ability to prevent overfilling of the bladder and pain.

The recovery process

Every woman after conducting a caesarean section should pay attention to their health. Need to be emptied on the first day at least every two hours. This will prevent the development of infection and inflammatory process. Frequent urination stimulates the restoration of the muscles of the urinary tract.

Experts recommend the following suggestions for recovery:

  • The ship for evacuation before use, can be heated. The patient should mentally tune in to the evacuation, the ship.
  • We can not tolerate and refrain from urinating. This has a negative impact on the body of the mother.
  • After surgery a woman should reshayutsya (if health condition allows). Sooner will recover the health, the faster she can return to normal life.
  • First time patient should consume plenty of fluids and stick to your diet, to avoid complications.

The main task of women after cesarean section — closely monitor your health and the health of the baby. Any discomfort should be cause for concern and to be taken into consideration. These steps provide the opportunity for as long as possible to preserve the health of women and restore all functions after giving birth and carrying a child. Urination after surgery should not cause problems.

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