Urinary incontinence in women: treatment, causes, symptoms

The main causes of urinary incontinence in young women with urologic disease, or a difficult birth. In any case the problem should not be ignored and ashamed to seek medical help, because the situation may worsen, and then need long-term treatment. Consider what has caused the appearance of enuresis in young women what are the types of incontinence and how to treat urinary incontinence in various ways.

Classification of urinary incontinence in women

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Stress Involuntary release of urine due to the weakness of the muscles located in the pelvic bottom. Urine from the bladder leaks during exercise, sneezing, strong cough.
Urgent The problem is related to a dysfunction of majevica. The person may suddenly want to go to the bathroom, but stands out a little urine, and there are times when the bladder involuntarily emptied.
Mixed Pathology, in which there are signs of stress and urgent form of enuresis.
Night Nighttime urinary incontinence in women provoked by a variety of factors — from the banal fear, to malformations of the genitourinary system. If nocturnal enuresis regularly worried, you should consult a doctor.
Permanent People suffering from pathology constantly, he has absolutely no control over the process.

Other types of symptoms

On the basis of symptoms there are the following types of incontinence:

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Neurogenic The main reason is the violation of the nervous system. As the bladder fills, there’s no signal to the brain, so the patient does not feel the timely urge to go to the toilet. As a result, urine leaks from the bladder involuntarily.
From overflow The bladder is not able to respond adequately to overcrowding, with the result that he is overwhelmed, and urine due to lack of space, leaking.
Unnatural Pathology provoked by congenital or acquired anomaly of the urinary organs, when a person is able to be emptied only through other means (catheter, stoma).
More Due to weak muscles majevica, withhold urine occurs in a strong laughter, coughing, sneezing, sex.
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The causes of pathology

Causes of enuresis in girls and women are very different, but the most common is the following:

  1. Large body mass, which causes unnecessary strain on mocevic. With the result that the body loses its normal functionality, increases the risk of enuresis.
  2. Heavy labor, in which pererastayut muscle of the pelvic floor. And frequently incontinence are usually the result of rupture of tissues of the perineum.
  3. Hormonal changes, when the hormones affect the tone of the sphincter, with the result that he is unable to perform their normal functions.
  4. Surgical intervention in the work of the organs of the urogenital system.
  5. Congenital or acquired pathology of majevica and organs of the urogenital system.
  6. Senile changes in the body, weakening muscle tone.

Frequent urination before menstruation is normal, but if it is accompanied by incontinence and leakage of urine, is to consult a urologist.


Problems with the work of the genitourinary system involved in this section of medicine, urology. To find out what the pathology provoked urinary incontinence, you should consult a doctor-urologist, which will help to determine the causes of pathology and to relieve the symptoms of urinary incontinence in women. It is recommended to undergo these types of diagnostic procedures:

  1. To go to the doctor and describe matters of concern, drawing attention to the presence of hereditary and chronic diseases.
  2. Gynecologist consultation, which will make the examination of the genitourinary system and the presence of pathology, will receive further study.
  3. Ultrasound of the genitourinary system and kidneys.
  4. In the study period, it is advisable to keep a diary of urination, through which you can track the frequency of visits to the toilet. Here are recorded the visit to the toilet, the number of trips per day and other parameters.
  5. Test strip that will show how much urine involuntarily allocated.
  6. Urodynamics.
  7. Uroflowmetry, which assesses indicators of urination.
  8. Cystometry, which can be used to measure the pressure in majevica at the time when it is filled with liquid.
  9. Profilometry, where the measured pressure in the urinary channel.
  10. Electromyography, which will show how much able to shrink the muscles of the perineum.
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Treatment of pathology

After it is defined, which causes frequent urination in women, a doctor chooses treatments that will help to get rid of the disease. It is crucial to take the prescribed drugs, and not to change the scheme of treatment. Acute urinary incontinence is treated with medication, surgical and physiotherapeutic methods, more details about each will be discussed below.


Drug treatment of urinary incontinence depends on the underlying causes of disease, so it is important to pass all the diagnostic tests and after the final diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe medication to drink. Depending on what was the root cause of the disease, are assigned to such groups of medication drugs:

  • Estrogens used in the case when the cause of incontinence night and day are hormonal disruptions in the body.
  • Sympathomimetics used to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. With these drugs able to deal with the problem.
  • Anticholinergic drugs help to remove the symptom of hyperactivity of majevica, causing the disease retreats.
  • Antidepressants will help to get rid of the problem in the case when the root cause — frequent stress and nervous exhaustion.
  • The active ingredient desmopressin helps to reduce production of urine. A young woman with it, get rid of a temporary problem.


When medication and other methods have not brought any results, the doctor will have the woman to do the surgery. The operation is different according to the degree of invasiveness, which method is the most effective, the urologist decides on the basis of diagnostic studies. Incontinence in adult women used such types of surgery:

  • sling operation, in which the bladder is introduced a synthetic mesh in the form of a loop, through which urine is kept and not leaking;
  • injection of specific drugs, which secures the urethra in the optimal position;
  • laparoscopic colposuspension in which allowretrieve cloth hung up to the inguinal ligament;
  • corporate in which the vagina is sutured, after which the urine ceases to leak.
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Kegel Exercises

Treat the pathology with the help of special exercises should be done regularly and correctly. Kegel exercises are simple: the woman needs to imagine that she had the urge to urinate, with straining perivaginal and periurethral muscles. It is an easy exercise to do in the morning and evening daily, and within 1.5—2 months the situation will improve.

Folk remedies

Folk remedy for enuresis and various recipes can be used only after consultation with a doctor, because self-treatment leads to complications. In the home, leakage of urine during sleep cure herbs such as centaury, chicory, and yarrow. The ingredients should be mixed in equal proportions, take 2 tablespoons and pour 300 ml of boiling water. To insist 1 hour, drink during the day.

Yoga, physiotherapy and prevention

Yoga is an effective and safe method, which will save from different diseases, it does not matter how many patient years. The physiotherapist individually selects a set of exercises, which initially should do in his presence. Physical therapy procedures are assigned a urologist. It is important to take the entire course without interruption, then it will effect and positive result. To pathology stopped bothering, as a preventive measure is to watch your weight, eat healthy foods, regularly emptying the bladder. During exacerbation of not to enjoy yourself folk remedies, seek the advice of a physician.