Urinary incontinence after stroke in women and men: the treatment

Quite common in the human body that is found in men and in women, urinary incontinence after stroke. Developing this sensitive issue in a result of motor and sensory deficit, and severity of course of illness and brain regions that have been affected by the disease, is determined by the degree of complications involuntary urination. Under proper and timely treatment, the patient can quickly return to normal life rhythm.

Why manifested symptom in women and men?

In medicine, acute violation of brain blood circulation, which causes damage and death of nerve cells is called a stroke. Often after the disease may appear urinary retention, blood in the urine, and urinary incontinence. A disease is a loss of consciousness, psycho-emotional problems and education of diseases that affect the intellectual capacity of the patient. Voiding occur with paralysis of the lower limbs and muscle system, which is responsible for the functioning of the organs inside a person. More susceptible to uncontrolled urination in people age. The root cause of urine incontinence after stroke in females is menopause or earlier surgical intervention on the organs of small pelvis. Men susceptible to this pathological phenomenon after stroke who have had prostate disease.

Treatment problems

The appearance of urinary incontinence depends on the patient’s age and severity of stroke. However, it is believed that most of this phenomenon can be observed in women. What to do in such a case, and how to normalize urination? Experts highly recommend not to be ashamed of, and promptly contact the medical facility to receive proper and effective treatment. Note that in men, therapy of urinary incontinence that occurred after a stroke differs from the therapeutic course, which requires women. This is due to the different anatomical structure. The treatment of urinary incontinence, the following pharmaceutical drugs:

  • «Neuromedin»;
  • B vitamins;
  • «Axeman»;
  • «Neostigmine».
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Used to eliminate uncontrolled urination nootropic drugs, which are aimed at restoring the activity and functioning of nerve cells. Recommended for patients with urinary incontinence after stroke vascular and metabolic medicine. At the time of treatment the patient is recommended to use absorbent pads or briefs. Comfortable to wear and diapers for adults. When choosing absorbent means you should pay attention to the quality of materials, protective bumpers that do not allow the liquid to flow out. It is extremely important to take care of skin to prevent dermatitis, which often appears around the sores or contact of urine with the skin. Today there are many tools for the care of the dermis, which can be purchased in drugstores.

Devices for incontinence after a stroke

If after a stroke the patient is urinary retention or incontinence, it is advisable to use a variety of tools. Used in the medical practice the following types:

  • Duck. Used for patients who do not have the ability to move independently.
  • Chairs a bedside. Topical application for patients who do not have time to get to the bathroom.
  • Diapers. Provide a dry, comfortable and easy to use.
  • A catheter for external mounting. Used for continuous wear for men. This fixture is a device that attaches to the genitals and collects the urine flowing down the tube in a plastic bag, which is fastened to the leg. Of the downsides of the outer catheter is isolated, the possibility of development of erosions on the skin and that it may subside.

For women comfortable catheter has not yet been developed, but there are special pads and pants. Pick them up depending on the amount of liquid, it is important that they were soft and good absorb moisture. Women say that with long term use odor, but to prevent it, it is recommended to frequently change pads and during the day to carry out a toilet of the external genitalia.

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Today released new external catheters, you want to change 1 time in 3 weeks. It is important that the catheter bag and the catheter was always clear, or the patient in danger of bladder infection. To place the catheter so that, he doesn’t push or provoke ulcerative lesions in the region of the urethra. You need to make sure that the fixture is not blocked or compression, and the urine could flow into the drainage bag.

The prevention of stroke

To prevent the development of circulatory disorders, which leads to damage and death of nerve cells, you must first review your lifestyle and if necessary change it. To prevent the occurrence of stroke is possible, if to always monitor the level of blood pressure and, if necessary, in a timely manner to try to normalize it. If you previously had an ischemic stroke, the patient should take anti-clotting drugs and statins.

In disorders of speech and motor functions, conduct therapeutic exercises and sessions with a speech therapist, and to improve higher brain functions take protivogelmintnye funds. To prevent stroke drink antidepressants and attending therapy. The best prevention of various diseases considered to be of immediate appeal to the doctors. Self-medication is the first symptoms of the disease may worsen and cause serious complications.