Urinary alarm: principle of operation, types of sensors

Uric compact alarm clock is used to treat enuresis in children, adolescents, rarely in adults. The device is activated immediately after contact with urine on its surface, forcing the patient to Wake up and go to pee in the toilet. For maximum efficiency it is recommended to use the device a few months to achieve the desired result. To help in capturing the dynamics will be a special calendar, which made the end of each night.

General information

Sometimes manufacturers of alarm clocks from enuresis invest in a set with basic equipment ready-made calendars, where the empty field for each date to enter data. But if the manufacturer has not put cards in set, you can create a table with the dates yourself, print ready template, found on the Internet. Doctors advise to put the burden of filling in the schedule for of the child, motivating him to further positive developments.

The principle of operation of the urinary alarm

Sensitive urinary alarms are triggered immediately after the baby begins to write. This allows you to train your bladder. After 3-5 months of such training the person could spend the whole night not waking up to pee. But at first, especially if you are concerned about fecal incontinence, the doctors insist on carrying out of joint, a couple of nights with the patient. Schematically the work of the urinary alarm clock can be divided into 3 stages:

  • beginning of urination;
  • awakening;
  • the trip to the bathroom.

Be sure to follow the faulty battery, as such a small thing can crash all emerging in the treatment of positive developments. It is important to ensure that the child is not turned off before sleeping the device, simply because he got fed up or frightened by the alarm sound. If this happened, it is recommended that with Chad a preventive conversation about the feasibility of using «helper».

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Types of sensors

Existing types of urinary alarms can effectively use them even outside the home (visiting, on vacation out of town). This was possible thanks to several active modes, between which you can switch. For the first days of great alarm, to be sure to Wake up the sleeping. And after the first success or not at home, you can activate the vibrating signal that will not Wake others. The structure of the fixtures are divided into two categories:

  • piece goods;
  • touch.

The first variant is common due to its proven efficiency reviews and budget price compared to more expensive offerings from the second group. For securing the bladder alarm clock enough to put on his pajamas or underwear. The baby will not feel discomfort during sleep. Touch variation works on the same principle, but is a Mat that is placed under the sleeping.

Rules for the choice of alarm from the enuresis

One of the most important points in choosing a suitable urinary alarm is the convenience. It should be expressed not only in the ability to quickly disable or activate the installation, but also ease of maintenance. Because first you have to wash the device, it is important when buying to ensure that the body is allowed to (of the box fit snugly to each other). One should not overlook other important factors:

  • the comfort is the size of the fixture and its weight;
  • the versatility required in the operation of the sensor not only at night but also during the active games in the daytime;
  • lifetime, to clarify that through the reviews of experienced buyers on the discussion forums;
  • the reliability, expressed in a minimum number of false alarms, which indicates that abundant perspiration of the patient;
  • efficiency based on volume alarm, vibration signal, the ability to regulate both of these points manually.
  • the availability of a warranty from the manufacturer (even better — if the city has a customer service center selected brand machinery maintenance);
  • cost, and better expenditure just to lay a possible spending on new underwear.
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It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of the treatment depends not only on the above factors but also on the motivation of the child. If an adult able to understand how useful will this acquisition and how it will be able to change his life for the better, kindergartners and younger students this can be a problem. That is why it is so important to explain to the patient how much better will his life if he will not ignore the sensor signals, and to follow instructions issued to him from mom or dad.


There are several manufacturers whose products are widely represented at the thematic market medinventar. One of the most affordable cost offer is considered to be the Russian company OOO «Reflex Plus». Its main advantage is minimizing false positives, which are once again scaring the children.

Of foreign brands unofficial leader was recognized as products Malem Medical. The brand is English and it specialists work in a given direction is not the first dozen years, helping thousands of families worldwide in the solution to the «inconvenient issues». Not less popular foreign models are the urinary alarms from the brand American Theos Medical Systems. The trump brand is considered to be a special kind of sensor that the firm has received a patent.

Not everyone is Able to enjoy a gauge of Chinese manufacturing from budget brands F-Star. Devices Endowed with marketable features and meet the rated specifications, working long time without complaints from the consumer. Offers and modifications (versions) of the apparatus is less well-known brands that have found a buyer, after all, with such a delicate purchase is much more important the quality than the untwisted name.