Urgent urinary incontinence in women: treatment

An arbitrary reduction of majevica provokes urgent urinary incontinence. The pathology is characterized by the occurrence of strong urge to urinate that cannot be contained, which causes leakage of urine or uncontrolled urination before the patient falls in the toilet. The imperative form of enuresis was diagnosed in a quarter of patients with urinary incontinence.

If the urgent cause of incontinence is not identified to cure the disease extremely difficult.

The causes of pathology urgent urinary incontinence in women

The main reason urgent (imperative) urinary incontinence is the failure in the relationship of the receptors of majevica and responsible for the control of urination brain structure. This connection is broken as a result of:

  • age-related degeneration of the nervous system;
  • hormonal disturbances;
  • injuries;
  • tumors;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • difficult childbirth;
  • menopause.

During accumulation of urine in mocovice signal to the brain about the need to urinate comes sooner than necessary, because the normal fill level has been reached. The signal is considerably enhanced. In the result, the walls of majevica decrease, is the opening of the sphincter. A person can not hold urine and leakage occurs or complete urination.

The treatment of imperative incontinence

The imperative treatment of urinary incontinence involves the use of several methods. The main goal of treatment is to restore control over the accumulation of urine in majevica and its elimination, i.e. to learn to «tolerate». Should be monitored an imperative urination with the help of graphics not to go to the toilet «just in case», because it once again stimulates the bladder and makes the situation worse.

Drug therapy

In the fight with the urgent incontinence use such medicines:

  • Anticholinergic drugs. Assigned most often. Drugs such as «Oxybutynin», «Tolterodine», «Darifenacin» reduce the activity of the detrusor, and delayed urination.
  • Drug «Flavoxate» eliminates muscle spasms, helps but not every patient.
  • Tricyclic antidepressants. Contribute to the «paralysis» of the detrusor. The measure of medical treatment, as antidepressants affect the nervous system in General, and should only be used when absolutely necessary.
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Electrical nerve stimulation

There are 2 methods of electrical stimulation:

  • Implantation of an electronic device in the back. The device sends electrical impulses to the sacral nerves. This reduces the number of pathological cuts.
  • The effect on the tibial nerve. A special device attached to a patient’s leg in the ankle area. Sending electric impulses, the device stimulates the tibial nerve. It is believed that this method regulates the contraction of majevica and helps eliminate urgent incontinence.

No need to hesitate and postpone visit to the doctor. In the early stages of development of the urgent pathology easier to treat.

Botox injections

If no result from the drug therapy the patient is advised to inject Botox. Via cystoscopy through the urethra the detrusor injected drug Botox. The method temporarily «paralyzes» the muscles of the imperative of majevica. The result is not more than 9 months. Then repeat the procedure. This method cannot be called an effective way to eliminate the urgent pathology.


Urgent incontinence is treated with surgery, only if all other options have been powerless in the fight. The method is considered the most effective. The main objectives of the operation are:

  • Increasing the capacity of majevica.
  • The artificial creation of another channel of the outflow of urine.
  • Blocking the nerve impulses that stimulate the bladder.

Surgical treatment is mandatory for majevica is considered an extreme measure. Like any surgical intervention, the method threatens the development of complications and re-occurrence of disease. Doctors recommend not to go to extremes before to try more gentle methods. It is worth considering that the result does not appear immediately. Need to make some effort and be patient.

Other treatments

For urgent incontinence, you can train the muscles of the pelvis as with stress incontinence with vaginal cones. In a set of several cones of different weights. After the introduction into the vagina of a foreign body muscle shrink and relax, is their training. The method is recognized as more effective than kegels. Before using the cones it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

Diet for urgent urinary incontinence

You need to consume plenty of fluids. If a little to drink, then the urine becomes concentrated and irritates mocevic, and it stimulates urination. You want to give up foods that irritate the walls of majevica:

  • carbonated beverages;
  • coffee;
  • citrus;
  • seasoning and spices;
  • artificial sweeteners;
  • alcoholic beverages.

Bladder training

Urination is taken under control, if you learn how to hold a greater volume of urine. For this you need to train. It is recommended not to go to the toilet at the first urge, and «suffer» for some time. Promotes training of peremptory majevica schedule. You should urinate only in a certain time, even if the urge is not. First, the time between visits to the restroom should be small, e.g. 1 hour. Gradually this time is increased. You need to contact the doctor to together with the specialist to make an individual graph in order to avoid worsening the situation.

To eliminate and prevent incontinence the urgent need to abandon the habit of urinating «just in case».

Control of urination

The imperative urinary incontinence actually addressed through personal control. As an exercise, doctors recommend if you experience the urge to escape from the problems and not focus on it. Due to this, the urge disappears after a few minutes. Helps, and squeezing the perineum. You can use a towel to apply pressure with your hands or lean against any convenient solid surface. It is recommended to do Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis:

  • While urinating stop the stream using only the muscles of the pelvis.
  • To compress and decompress the pelvic muscle with a frequency of 5 or 10 seconds, the same amount leaving a respite.
  • Compress and relax the muscles for 2 minutes, increasing the workout time to 20 min.

Prognosis and prevention

In identifying the reasons for a peremptory incontinence pathology safely eliminated. If the cause is determined, treatment is carried out «blindly». Treatments may completely relieve the patient from the problem or only slightly improve the situation. Perhaps the complete lack of results even with medical treatment, depending on the characteristics of the organism. In this case, applied surgery.

It is believed that the pathology does not depend on the lifestyle of the patient. But doctors recommend to control weight, not abusing caffeine and give up bad habits. Often the incontinence develops because of children’s habit to urinate «just in case» before leaving the house, etc. It negatively affects the status of majevica. Constant stimulation of the detrusor without the need can lead to incontinence because of the habit you also need to give up. If you have any problems with urination should immediately consult a doctor.