Urethritis in children: symptoms, treatment boys and girls

Urethritis is a disease of the urinary canals and its walls. Urethritis in children order of magnitude more dangerous than in adults. Fortunately, there are much less. To ignore the discomfort from the disease is impossible, because it causes severe burning and pain with urination. Causes can be infectious and non-infectious sources of the disease. The urethra becomes inflamed and provokes pain in a child. Parents should thoroughly familiarize yourself with this disease, in order to diagnose as soon as possible to cure and prevent in the future.

The nature of the problems: communicable and non-communicable

As already mentioned above, to provoke an outbreak of infectious and non-infectious factors. The first group includes infection:

  • viruses;
  • bacteria;
  • Ureaplasma;
  • the gonococcus;
  • Trichomonas;
  • the mycoplasmas.

The second group include:

  1. failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  2. uncomfortable or tight underwear;
  3. prolonged hypothermia, especially of the limbs of the child, the body begins to experience stress and strikes back;
  4. allergic reactions of different origin;
  5. damage to urinary system, these include the consequences of the evacuation of the stones from the urinary tract, trauma during surgery or catheterization when taking a smear, cystoscopy.

Symptoms of urethritis in children

Urethritis different shows, depending on the sex of its bearer. Urethritis in girls causes pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urge to the toilet, burning sensation when urinating. In young men is much more serious, very worried about itching in the genital region, the urine becomes cloudy appearance, sometimes it appears the blood, of the penis appear purulent discharge. As you can see, the symptoms bring discomfort to all patients.

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Urethritis in boys more common than girls. The boy is the inflammation of the urethra. But equally dangerous pronephric for different genders, since young children are not able to accurately explain what they have sore and what symptoms, but itching is so strong that the child will scratch their external sex organs. And these actions have huge risks of contamination and infection of the child’s body. So if there are any signs of bladder infection in a child, it is not necessary to self-medicate, and need soon to take my daughter to the doctor. If time does not go to the doctor, the disease can cause a number of complications: prostatitis, cystitis, narrowing of the urethra, the progression of acute urethritis chronic. In rare advanced cases highly possible occurrence of infertility.


Timely diagnosis of the disease is one of the first steps to recovery of the child and speedy deliverance from symptoms. First of all, the doctor listens to a young patient about his complaints about health. It is important to diagnose the disease in its acute stage. To confirm the preliminary report, the doctor prescribes the General analysis of urine. Optional — smear microscopy, urine cultures, ultrasound. Mandatory consultation of the urologist the gynecologist boys or girls. Dr. based on all the analyses and conclusions of other doctors puts the final diagnosis, ascertain the stage of the disease, its nature and causes. This information will help to prescribe effective medical therapy.

Treatment of boys and girls

Treatment in infants, older children, boys or girls is different. Also pay attention to the shape of the disease — acute or chronic. In the acute form the whole therapy aimed at elimination of the pathogen by using antibiotics. They are appointed by the attending pediatrician. Treatment of urethritis in children in most cases is at home, the child is shown to bed. In more severe cases may require hospital.

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In the chronic form of the disease, in addition to antibiotic therapy, you will need:

  • agents that increase the body’s immune defenses;
  • biodegradable and enzyme preparations;
  • injecting medication directly into the urethra;
  • drinking more fluid for the early elution of microorganisms from the urinary tract, especially should pay attention to mineral water;
  • taking vitamin C and eating foods high in its content;
  • diet, in which you need to eliminate fried, smoked, spicy, sour from the menu of the child;
  • welcome phytotherapeutic drugs.

When holding antibacterial therapy should be set to trigger. If this is not possible, then within 1 week the child is prescribed antibiotics of a wide profile («Cefixim», «Cefaclor», «Clavulanate» drugs based on amoxicillin). These medications are not only able to overcome the symptoms of urethritis, but to cure the child from this disease.

Herbal medicine

Traditional medicine is very effective in diseases of the genitourinary system. But, nevertheless, to defeat the disease will not. For the treatment of urethritis in children herbal medicine should be used in combination with antibacterial drugs. Commonly used teas. To prepare the first recipe, you need to take equal amounts of peppermint, and nettle nettle root, calamus root, horsetail, Linden flowers and elderberry, rose hips and juniper berries. For infusion take half a liter of boiling water and two tablespoons of the herb mixture. Infused 20-25 minutes, filtered and used glass ready of decoction twice a day.

The second recipe is based on St. John’s wort, rose hips, peppermint leaves, currants, cranberries, shoots of thuja, parsley root, couch grass. For infusion take a liter of boiling water and five tablespoons of herb mixture. Infused 25-30 minutes, filtered and consumed during the day. Also, in order to improve well-being and speedy recovery, your doctor may recommend sitz baths. To do this in the bath to add mint, trapping, arovy or juniper decoction. To use through the day for about 15-20 minutes.

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To prevent re-infection urethritis should follow a few rules. The first thing to observe personal hygiene. Infants should be properly undercut, especially girls from front to back. Such manipulations are carried out regularly. To avoid overcooling of the child’s body. To observe the regime of proper nutrition. Teens who are sexually active, you should talk about contraception and, accordingly, to drive at least once a year by a gynecologist or urologist.