Unpleasant smell of urine in women and men: causes, than to treat

Urine from a healthy person has a yellow color, transparency and absence of foreign odours. Cases where there is an unpleasant smell of urine, can talk about many diseases not only of the bodies that are involved in the production of urine, the others. Most people do not attach importance to the change in the aroma and tinge of urine, but in cases of minor violations of these indicators, it is important to follow the advice of your doctor.

Causes of bad smell of urine in women and men

Depends on the appearance of the unpleasant scent of urine from such factors as:

  • the use of medications which act as irritants of the mucous membrane of the bladder;
  • inflammation and putrefaction;
  • the use of certain foods (for example, meat contains toxins that affect the flavor);
  • drinking alcohol;
  • malfunctions of the digestive system;
  • dehydration;
  • diabetes.

In men, change in smell of urine can occur with infectious diseases such as cystitis or pyelonephritis, as well as for prostatitis. In such situations, the urine becomes foul-smelling old man’s fragrance or smell of ammonia, and muddy color. The female piss change the flavor in violation of microflora of the genital organs, climacteric and the diseases that are transmitted sexually.

Sexual infections

The structure of the female urinary system is such that often infections are freely in the body. An unpleasant aroma is often felt when a fungal infection or putrefaction, in such situations, the urine starts to stink like rotten meat. Often women urine smells of onions, fish or garlic, the smell is caused by thrush or gardnerellosis.


When the human body is lack of fluids, it is always affects the color and odor of feces. Dehydration if urine is excreted in a more concentrated form than in the ordinary human condition. Dehydration occurs when there is insufficient water intake, use of medications that have a diuretic effect, and diarrhoea.

It is important to remember that healthy activities of the body person a day you need to consume at least 1 liter of fluid. In the calculation it is necessary to take not only water but all fluids that enter the body considering a variety of juices, fruit drinks, teas and soups. Dehydration is a serious pathological condition which may develop kidney stones and premature aging of the skin.

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Unpleasant smell of urine in women and men is often a symptom of inflammatory processes. Pyelonephritis which is an inflammation of the kidneys, urine is starting to smell like rotten eggs. Disease provoking bacteria in the intestines, and women are more susceptible to the disease than men. Often the pyelonephritis diagnosed in girls who soon expect to replenish.

Cases where the urine has an unpleasant smell, are observed in cystitis, which is a inflammatory processes in the bladder. For change of odor are the bacteria actively proliferating in the urinary cavity. Besides the fact that urine has a strong and strange unpleasant odor, patients have frequent urination and pain. Sometimes cystitis is diagnosed in a pair of pyelonephritis, which greatly affects the health of the patient and complicates treatment. Girls are likely to develop this disease more than the male gender.

The reasons for the sharp smell of urine can be covered and in urethritis. Often the disease occurs in men and much less — in girls. This is due to the specific structure of the male excretory organ. If urethritis is observed fetid urine, having the odor of ammonia. By sexual contact urethritis passes if developed gonorrhea, chlamydia, or Mycoplasma. Besides the fact that the smell changed, and changing the color of the urine. The liquid becomes cloudy, there are frequent urinary urgency, pain in the back and discharge with pus.


Patients with diabetes, noted that the urine was smelly and there was a sour smell with a slight hint of acetone. In addition, patients worried frequent thirst, dry mouth, loss or weight gain and frequent urinary urges. In cases when urine begins to smell of iodine and acetone, the observed increase in the glucose content in the blood that can develop into serious complications of diabetes. This often indicates the imminent onset of diabetic coma, therefore, it is important not to ignore the symptoms and consult a doctor.

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Pungent chemical aroma of acetone can speak not only about the development of diabetes. Often it becomes a cause of a violation of diet and prolonged fasting. Female gender is often faced with such situations, as often trying to shed a few extra pounds through various diets or simply starvation. Abuse it is impossible, as it affects not only the digestive system but the entire body.

Liver disease

The urine acquires a peculiar smell and diseases of the liver. In such cases, the urine changes its color, getting more brown and darker shade, due to high content of bilirubin. The liver of a healthy person easily metabolizes the bilirubin and it is not in the urine, and when the disease the body is unable to cope with this substance, it gradually enters the urine and gives it a bad smell and color.

It is important not to let such changes in urine to chance, because they may indicate the beginning of serious disease, which often leads to death. The patient should immediately go for consultation to a specialist, who will prescribe all the necessary tests to deliver the correct diagnosis and prescribe the right comprehensive treatment.

The metabolic disorders and pregnancy

An unpleasant odor when urinating and urine has female patient, diagnosed with phenylketonuria (a metabolic disorder of amino acids). In this disease the urine becomes cloudy and begins to smell like mice or mold. Trimethylaminuria is characterized by a bad aroma of the whole body of the patient, provokes changes in the odor of urine. Biojidkosti gets an unpleasant fish smell. Latinos, which is a violation of metabolism, often called maple syrup disease because the urine has the aroma of maple syrup and burnt sugar.

In the course of pregnancy is very frequently observed problem with emptying, which increase along with the increase of time. Some women experience more frequent urinary urges in the morning, others at night. In addition to frequent urination can also change the aroma of urine. Due to this may be how the physiological processes occurring in the body due to changes in hormonal background and pathologies. It is therefore important to systematically visit the doctor for quick diagnosis of disease.

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Than to treat?

To eliminate situation when urine smells bad, not until, until you identified the cause of violations of smell. It is therefore important to visit a doctor and get tests which will help to establish why the urine has acquired a strange smell. Cases where experts are unable to identify the cause and all tests were normal, can say that the change of the odor lies in the unhealthy diet of the patient. To treat this condition is recommended folk remedies, for example herbal teas from cranberry and cowberry. In addition, the patient should remove from the diet all foods that can affect change odor of urine, for example, all types of fatty meat, to observe the drinking regime and carefully follow the rules of intimate hygiene. Will need to give up Smoking and drinking.

In cases when the smell of urine has changed due to inflammatory processes in the body, the specialist prescribes therapy drugs. Medication and dose is prescribed depending on the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient. If bad smell is due to a failure in metabolism assigned therapy aimed at healing of the digestive system.