Turbid urine in children: causes, diagnosis of diseases

Parents are always worried when it detects the child has deviations in the analyses. Cloudy urine in a child is cause for additional monitoring. After the detection it is necessary to measure baby’s temperature and to monitor the frequency of urination. Change the color and transparency of urine may indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process in the body. Insoluble salts may cause changes in the color of urine and reduce transparency.

The causes of turbidity of urine

A clear answer why the child has cloudy urine, no. There are a number of factors that can change color. Often change the color of urine indicates the presence of inflammation or disruption of the internal organs. Do not immediately start to worry, it happens becomes cloudy urine after consumption of food. If the evening to eat beets, your morning urine will become reddish, and carrot — yellow. Absorption of large quantities of water will discolor the urine. Antibiotics are also reflected in the contents of the pot.

In infants, normal urine color appears only on the fifth day of life, and the first few days will be cloudy. The beginning of feeding can affect the appearance of the stool. Urine often becomes cloudy physiologically by the interaction with air and kristallizuetsya in the composition of salt precipitates. Sometimes turbidity appears due to deviations. The main reasons include:

  • Dehydration. Long, stay active outside on a warm day leading to mild dehydration. Dehydration occurs with diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, high temperature.
  • Parenchymal jaundice — a disease that develops as a consequence of hepatitis, is characterized by an excess of bile pigment. In addition to turbidity, the urine becomes dark.
  • Diseases of the kidney (pyelonephritis) and bladder (cystitis). Cystitis in girls possible more likely than the boy. Turbidity is added to the presence of cereals and change in the color of urine to yellow-green.
  • Poisoning and infection. The appearance of the infections causing turbidity due to increased levels of red blood cells, which the liver does not have time to process.
  • Diabetes.
  • Acetone.
  • Severe burns.

Why the child has cloudy urine?

Young parents worry about the child’s health, detecting changes in appearance of urine, in a hurry to see a doctor. Conducted tests and studies do not reveal deviations, and confirm that the baby is healthy. But urine continues to be cloudy and for good reason. Every mother who loves their child, from an early age trying to raise the immune system by various means. Already from a young age the child gets a variety of vitamins, often in violation of dosage. Certainly, taking vitamins good for the body, but then you need to measure. Do not give them any more than needed. A glut of vitamins will give the opposite effect. So, one of the symptoms, when to stop medication is cloudy urine.

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Some vitamins, which is formed in excess, disrupt the normal work of the liver and the urine becomes very dark green with a brownish tinge. The reason is the appearance in the body salts. The appearance of phosphate is an abuse of milk, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Salts the oxalates are found in abundance in the diet of greens, cabbage and apples, especially juices. If the table is full of kid meat products, the formation of urate and sodium and potassium salts. Also the fascination with the fortification will lead to the appearance or aggravation of child’s allergic reactions.

By far the clouding of urine — reason for seeking advice of a doctor. Must pass designated examinations and tests. To consult with the urologist or nephrologist, who would recommend to do ultrasound of internal organs. If there is no deterioration of health, no fever, child is active and cheerful, just review children’s diet.

Turbid urine in a child of 2 years

Cloudy urine in 2 years, most likely due to the appearance of salts, which are formed by the abuse of concentrated juices, vegetable purees or fruit and vegetables in General. Children at this age become more selective in eating and mom goes on about giving the kid what he wants. In this case, it is necessary to correct children’s menu. Sometimes if the child has a turbid white urine — the body develops infection. There is a rise in the level of leucocytes in the analyses. After the necessary consultation of the doctor and adequate treatment.

The child is 3 years old cloudy urine

The child is 3 years old already eats at the table, present in the diet of adult food. The predominance of a kid’s menu of meat creates an intense load on the still immature organism leads to disruption of metabolism. The result is an opaque or cloudy urine. Over-consumption of fruit and vegetables sedimentation may occur. If you do not limit the consumption of foods, there is a risk of formation of stones in the bladder and kidneys.

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Cloudy urine in 5 years, what to do?

At this age the baby should receive enough liquid, the advantage is given not to juices and fruit drinks, and clean water. If the child gets the right amount of water, urine will be bright. Do not allow in a large amount of junk food and processed foods. When the baby urine is slightly transparent and visible residue, it shows the inflammation in the body. Pay attention to body temperature, behavior, frequency and character of urination. In the case when such symptoms are present and the baby there is a loss of appetite, one should immediately consult a pediatrician.

Urine with sediment

Urine with cereals and sediment indicates the occurrence of protein compounds. The rules allowed only a small amount of protein. Protein in urine medical term is called proteinuria. Becomes a cause of malfunction of the kidney and genitourinary system in General. In some cases, the detection of the protein does not speak about the disease and associated with excessive loads on the body:

  1. hypothermia;
  2. stressful conditions;
  3. depression;
  4. excessive physical exertion.

Seeing the pellet in the pot, you should not immediately worry much, think about the introduction in the diet of new foods. If the General condition child is not broken, appetite is present, the behavior has not changed, then soon everything will be back to normal. The body needs time to get used to the new food. When changes in the urine accompanied by symptoms of intoxication, unusual behavior, you must focus on the analysis, in order not to miss the beginning of the disease.

After antibiotics appears turbidity

Antibiotic therapy — a heavy load on a young body. After all, the impact is not only on pathogenic bacteria but also useful. The medication carries a heavy load on the liver and kidneys. The reason for the availability of sediment and turbidity is the work of the kidneys for excretion of antibiotics. Often there is the appearance of urine with the smell of drugs.

Cloudy urine infants after illness

The disease weakens the body takes time to recover. Acute respiratory viral infections affect the appearance of urine. It is possible to increase the concentration of cells that bring about changes. When chills dehydration is accelerated, so during and after an illness a child needs plenty of fluids. Suitable cranberry juice or cranberries, raisin broth. Drinking liquids will help to rid the body of bacteria and viruses, prevents the formation of salts.

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Cloudy urine in the evening

Cloudy urine in children is observed in the evening and pleasures who have health is all right. In most cases, is called emotional or physical exhaustion. Give your baby a good night’s rest. Sometimes if the urine looks dull, the possible physical reaction between urine and air, with the formation of crystals, creating the appearance of the precipitate.

Cloudy urine after poisoning

During poisoning, the liquid is intensively consumed by the body due to vomiting or diarrhoea. Inadequate filling will change color and appearance of an intense smell of urine. In severe cases there may be blood particles. Liver difficult to cope with the increased workload and red blood cells get into the urinary channels. This disease requires consultation with a urologist, the appointment of the diet and the necessary drugs to maintain the body.

As the disease is diagnosed by color changes?

  • the appearance of dark yellow urine occurs in burns, dehydration, hydronephrosis;
  • the precipitate is white in color, pus, cereals — presumably pyelonephritis;
  • shade of light red — damage of the membranes of the bladder, glomerulonephritis;
  • yellow-green color occurs when the hepatitis;
  • clearly marked sandy sediment tells about kidney stones.

When cloudy urine in the morning, the child, do not worry ahead of time. Analyze the processes taking place on the eve of the changes. The child’s body, especially to react quickly to arising deviations or changes in the supply. The primary indicator of the presence of the disease is a change in the health of the baby. If in doubt, check the tests.