Trichomonas urethritis: symptoms in women and men, treatment

Diseases of the genital organs and urinary system to disturb men and women equally. Common disease is urethritis Trichomonas or trichomoniasis. It’s sexually transmitted and causes harm to the urethra. In the pathology the patient is experiencing discomfort in the genital area, there is burning and itching. From the genitals is allocated a whitish or gray fluid. Disease it is time to cure because it develops very quickly and after a couple of months may have become chronic. Incorrect or delayed treatment causes harm to the genitourinary system, the infections and other sexual diseases.

Causes and pathogenesis

Pathology occurs because of the appearance in the body such bacteria like Trichomonas. It is pathogenic for both male and female body, especially dangerous is vaginal Trichomonas. The main cause of infection is any sexual contact (vaginal, oral, anal). In the female body the bacteria are deposited in the vagina, and in men, they settle in the prostate and sometimes the seminal vesicles. Pathology is exposed and the urethra.

In women during menstruation out of the vagina harmful bacteria, but Trichomonas is firmly attached to the epithelial cells and «eats» iron, which is in the menstrual blood.

In the process of sexual intercourse the bacteria Trichomonas is split and part of it comes from the patient’s body in a healthy. Appears inflammatory reaction, especially if infiltrated by a significant number of parasites. They emit harmful toxins that poison the pelvic organs. A large number of hyaluronidase, a dangerous enzyme that can loosen the tissue. Bacteria and their toxic products through the weakened tissue becomes easier to penetrate into the intercellular space.

The manifestation of Trichomonas urethritis in men

Pathology represents a danger for the sexual function of men and of the organism as a whole. Timely treatment prevents the appearance of acute forms of disease and complications. Signs of disease in men is slightly different from the manifestations of the same disease in women. They make themselves known in a week after infection, but sometimes may not appear within a month or two. The patient observed these symptoms:

  • burning and itching in the genital area;
  • pain when urinating;
  • irritability;
  • insomnia;
  • allocation of blood during ejaculation;
  • the presence of white or grey discharge from the urethra.

Trichomonas urethritis in men the acute form is characterized by an acute tingling in the head of the penis. The patient was worried about constant itching and watery whitish discharge. If time does not pay attention to the painful symptoms, there is hemospermia (blood in semen). Do not delay the treatment, because a month later, the urethritis goes to another stage, torpid.

Symptoms in women

Some of the symptoms of disease in women coincides with the manifestations of this disease in men. But women are more clearly feel the presence of the disease in the body, as signs of more and they are reinforced by nature. When Trichomonas affects the female body, you experience the following symptoms:

  • burning and itching;
  • pain during urination and intercourse;
  • greenish vaginal discharge;
  • the lack of sleep, irritability.

Symptoms manifests itself with particular force during the period of the menstrual cycle or when overcooling of the genital organs. Trichomonas urethritis in women most frequently affects the vagina, the infection settles in this area. The woman, in addition to the core symptoms, notes the swelling of the outer labia, foamy discharge with pus. The vagina becomes reddish, and the appearance of genital warts and grit.

Clinical forms

Trichomoniasis is of three types: acute and chronic. Most often, the pathology observed in acute form, in which the inflammatory processes in the genital organs are actively progressing and appear. The acute form can easily and quickly evolve into a chronic urethritis with great physical exertion, sexual excitement, after drinking alcohol.

Symptoms of chronic Trichomonas urethritis similar to the symptoms of gonorrhea. First, the patient has lethargy, weakness of the body. Then add the rest of the symptoms of the disease, including severe pain while urinating or in a calm state. Such a condition requires urgent treatment to the doctor for help.

Asymptomatic disease is seen in 20 to 35% of patients, so the disease becomes chronic.

If urethritis chronic character necessary skilled care, self-medication will not help. This form of disease, difficult therapy. Time not noticing signs or in their absence, the disease progresses, complications arise. In men urethritis without treatment leads to ulcers or erosion of the penis.

Distinguish between and non-infectious form of Trichomonas urethritis. It is associated with stagnation in the pelvic organs, including in the penis or vagina. Lead to abnormal excessive activity in the sexual life or, conversely, physical inactivity. Non-infectious urethritis occurs due to allergic reactions, due to mechanical damages and injuries. Any form of urethritis must be timely treatment.


For detection in the organism Trichomonas, you must pass a set of tests. If at least one notice of vaginal Trichomonas, the diagnosis is confirmed. After their discovery, should undergo medical research to detect infectious diseases. As with Trichomonas in the body often «live» chlamydia, gonorrhea. To do this, assign the PCR tests (polymerase chain reaction). With its help it is possible to detect other bacteria.

The doctor prescribes the patient to take a bacterial culture on the flora. Is and pelvic examination, during which a swab taken from the urethra or vagina. In case of detection of trichomonads in other assays will not be needed. But if the swab came back negative, then additionally making a test for rapid identification of antigen. If the result is positive, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. If the patient is male or female is a permanent sexual partner, the doctor is obliged to inform him about the disease. Both should undergo treatment, even if the healthy partner does not have symptoms of the disease. This allows you to avoid re-infection.

Complications and consequences

If time does not treat Trichomonas urethritis, complications arise which are difficult to treat and may even become chronic. Complications arising from this pathology, similar to negonokokkovi urethritis. In the worst case there are erosion and ulcers of the genital organs. They resemble the lesions that arise when such venereal diseases as syphilis. Very often the problem is compounded by the festering ulcers. Without lack of care, men experience complications up to infertility.

Men have complicated pathology leads to epididymitis, which inflamed appendages of testicles. First temperature rises, and symptoms of acute urethritis Trichomonas, and then abruptly develops inflammation. Abnormality leads to prostatitis and other diseases of the genital organs and the urogenital system.


Pathology in need of treatment, not necessarily treatment must pass both partners. Even if there is inflammation, you should consult your doctor, he will select an individual treatment based on the symptoms the patient. Most often the disease occurs in men, they are major vectors of disease.

Conservative therapy

Therapy is the use of drugs. It lasts from two weeks to a month, depending on the severity of the disease. During this period, is strictly prohibited sex of any form. After diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe drugs aimed at combating and eliminating trichomonads in the body. Prescribed antibiotics to eliminate bacterial infection. If there is a chronic form of urethritis, conducted the installation. The procedure is characterized by the introduction of drugs into the bladder or the urethra.

After a course of treatment, the doctor prescribes a second test. Not all and not always been able to overcome this pathology. At relapse, patients assigned to additional medication. The success of the therapy depends on the shape and extent of the disease. If the disease is acute, then try to prevent its progression to chronic. In the case of chronic forms of urethritis prescribe drugs to restore the immune system and urethra.

Undergoing treatment, you should refrain from physical activity, follow a proper diet. During this period should stick to a special diet: avoid fried, fatty meals, and also sour and salty foods. Don’t forget about the daily amounts of fluid (1.5 litres), which is recommended to increase. The outcome depends largely on the patient, observing all the rules of dosages and the advice of a doctor, the pathology will be faster to retreat.

Folk remedies

In folk medicine, there are lots of healthful recipes, including from trichomonosis of urethritis. Beneficial effects on the body cranberry juice. Folk medicine advises to use currants: pour 2 tablespoons boiling water and drink several times a day. Currants relieves inflammation and promotes the excretion of urine. The berries will be useful in any form. Trichomoniasis is a serious disease, and need a remedy after consulting the doctor, not to cause more harm to the body.

In the treatment of diseases using parsley. I take about 80 grams of greens and pour the milk so that it covered the grass completely. The mixture was placed in the oven and leave to infuse, then strain. Throughout the day you must make the infusion every hour. Effective means are the flowers of cornflower: take one teaspoon per Cup of boiling water, infuse for an hour, then strain and drink.


Many venereologists and gynecologists are inclined to this view that this pathology in men, is not subject to prevention. There is an opportunity to prevent disease. It is important not to break a few rules. It is necessary to maintain personal hygiene. You cannot use someone else’s towel when wiping the genitals. In any case it is impossible to put on and to wear somebody else’s underwear.

Any sex should be protected, you should use a condom during each act of intercourse. A large number of partners is dangerous for the reproductive system, the probability of infection increases significantly. If unprotected intercourse has occurred, should immediately take the tests. Early detection of the disease will help to avoid complications and increase the chances for a full recovery.

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