Transparent urine: causes the child, women, men

The color of urine is considered a major symptom in the diagnosis of diseases. Transparent urine indicates the presence in the body of the disease, requiring medical intervention. Urine is an important biological liquid of the human body, which removes trace elements that occur during metabolic processes. Thanks to the shade of urine is possible to understand whether there is in the body, any deviation or not.

General information

In the secretions of majevica contains a number of pigments that influence color. Urine adult patient is much richer in shade than the allocation of a child. Urine in a healthy person has a light yellow hue, and with the appearance of transparent secretions should be consult a doctor. When the patient persists long enough transparent pale urine, it will disappear the useful minerals and salt. To preserve the health of the person must lead a healthy lifestyle and at the first obscure signs to see a specialist.

Causes of colorless urine

Clear discharge in women

Discolored urine in women occurs due to several reasons. Symptom or speaks of developing renal insufficiency or the deficiency of the colorant in the composition of the oils. One of the factors of such abnormalities is the patient’s pregnancy, in which the observed hormonal imbalance. The condition is manifested due to the accompanying toxemia, and when you change the mode of drinking the shade of urine returns to normal.

Some pregnant patients has dark urine that smells unpleasant. This condition is more typical for the last trimester and is accompanied by partial dehydration and swelling of limbs. According to statistics, the majority of patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, resulting in women more thirsty. In such cases, the patient needs to see a specialist, which they examine and prescribe the treatment course.

Changes in men

Men will notice changes in urination, ask the question: «why I often go to the toilet, and the urine transparently pale of hue?». Why urine appears colorless in men? Often this phenomenon is observed in cases of diabetes in patients. Transparency urine can be associated with the entry of sperm in the urinary tract, with the urine white, turbid, like jelly. But after 2 hours, the situation changes and the discharge becomes a normal color. But to determine the factors of such abnormalities should be tested, which will show the true picture.

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The reasons for the child

In a young patient the kidney are different from adult bodies. A newborn baby has low concentration of urine that may last for several years. This is due to the fact that the baby eats in the first years only breast milk. In the development process urine is almost a light yellow, but too bright, suggests that the patient drink plenty of fluids. But if the urine is colorless, the child began to appear for a long time and there are good reasons it is better to consult the pediatrician who will determine the causes of this phenomenon.

Changes in pregnant women

Colorless urine, like water, can indicate that a woman is pregnant, resulting in a number of hormonal changes, including breaking the color of urine, which sometimes smells bad. The transparency of urine associated with toxicity, because of which the body is often dehydrated, and the patient begins to drink a lot of water, causing biojidkosti diluted. When the woman’s condition returns to normal clear urine during pregnancy disappears, and the discharge becomes a normal hue.

Urine analysis as a method of diagnosis of the patient

To determine the composition of urine, the doctor sends patients to urinary analysis. Experts advise to hold it every six months to progressively monitor the condition of the person and to detect kidney stones, kidney disease and other ailments. Without such a method of inspection of the possible incomplete picture of health status. Urinalysis — an important point in the examination of the body. The method involves:

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  • a full study of urine, its condition and composition.
  • the study of trace elements in the excreta;
  • examination of the patient for the presence of diseases, and in cases of detection — determining the cause of the disease;
  • a study of the factors which has changed the tint of urine;
  • individual selection of methods by which you can fix the situation (procedures needed to treat the patient).

Through the analysis of urine it is possible to estimate the physical and chemical characteristics of the secretions, and it is possible to study sediment in the urine. Some people often underestimate this method of diagnosis, but it gives you the ability to temporarily to identify various diseases. A complete diagnosis is carried out only in specially equipped room, while the equipment is endowed with high accuracy of the result.

Threat than the transparency of urine?

If a person bright urine, as water, there for unknown reasons, this means that the patient should seek the assistance of a specialist. Even if such characteristic as discolored urine does not seem dangerous, it is important to be examined, because the symptom may indicate the development of serious diseases that often end in death. In situations when a person ceases to use water in large quantity, but the tint of the liquid does not change, then it needs to be tested, the doctor identified the true causes of the disease.

Regardless of what sex the person is, in a normal state of discharge has a straw hue. In cases of color change, experts say that in the body of the patient through disruption of the functioning of the organs and systems, so you need a properly drafted medical complex. The appearance of urine is a transparent color with the smell is a serious reason for seeking medical attention. And if the time to begin treatment, can prevent development of more serious illnesses. If the urine is transparent, it can talk about the hazards associated with these disorders as:

  • broken functioning of body systems pregnant patients;
  • the emergence of renal diseases (kidney stones, renal failure, cystitis);
  • the development of hepatic diseases (including hepatitis);
  • impaired functioning of the urinary system (frequent urination, change in the odor of secretions from the patient to be treated).
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What you can take preventive measures?

Not all situations are completely transparent urine means the presence in the body of a serious disease. But if the disease was detected and the patient started treatment, there are complications that are more difficult to cure. To avoid this, one should 2 times a year to pass a comprehensive examination. It is recommended to monitor the amount of fluid which the patient drinks a day.

In medical practice there are no specific preventive measures aimed at preventing discoloration of urine. However, patients should remember that the body is all interconnected, and individual structures depends on the functioning of the organs and systems. The person needs to avoid hypothermia, dress well in cold weather, follow the personal hygiene and the right diet.