The urine is dark brown: causes in men, women, symptoms

In most patients there is an alarm, if they have brown urine. The phenomenon is observed both in men and women, with a dark-brown color appears due to many factors. Normal urine appears light yellow in color. Other colors indicate that the person has failures in the body, it needs to be examined. Sometimes the wrong colors indicate the development of serious diseases, so the patient is important to begin treatment. Why changes in urine color, and what to do to avoid this?

Brown urine:causes in men

The appearance of brown discharge from the urethra in men is evidence of the development of pathologies in the body. Brown urine color indicates dehydration or disease of the organs, including the urinary system. When the urine changes color because of a pathological factor, the patient has symptoms during the examination of the person. Such signs include nausea, raised temperature indicator, pain in the abdomen, the sharp smell of urine, pain during urination. In such cases the man should consult a doctor who will prescribe medical complex, preventing the occurrence of complications. The main reasons for the development of such phenomena include:

  • diseases of the reproductive system;
  • development of prostatitis;
  • inflammation of the epididymis;
  • injuries of the scrotum;
  • use of drugs;
  • the development of jaundice, hepatitis;
  • malignant tumors afflicting the urinary system;
  • infection of the urinary tract;
  • the emergence of liver cirrhosis, anemia;
  • long-term use of vitamins b and C;
  • an increased level of leucocytes in the blood.

If the patient is not treated with drugs and diet is not products containing dyes, the man with brown urine should seek help from a specialist who examine and prescribe the course of treatment. The urine may change in color in the elderly. In cases where changes are kept for several days, the patient needs professional help.

Change the color of urine in women

Brown urine the girl indicates the presence of inflammation in the body. But the color is influenced by such factors as dehydration, is present in the diet of food containing the dye, poisoning by toxic substances or drugs. The development of deviations of the affected lesions in the uterine cervix, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory processes in the reproductive system. To determine the causes of changes in urine color, patients are given General and biochemical blood and urine tests, in terms of which treatment and prevention methods. Factors in the development of deviations in the indicators are:

  • lack of water in the human body;
  • eating foods that are in the composition are dyes;
  • the development of jaundice or hepatitis;
  • the increase in bilirubin;
  • the patient’s pregnancy;
  • kidney disease;
  • malignant tumors in the pancreas and liver;
  • diet;
  • injuries of different origin;
  • the presence of vasculitis.
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Color dark brown urine during pregnancy

Pregnancy for women is a period of hormonal changes, resulting in observed changes in the body. In the presence of dark urine in female patients there is a panic. Deviations can occur in cases where the patient recently ate meals with beets, cherries or blackberries. In other cases, the woman should seek help from a specialist, which she examined and she will be assigned a treatment course.

Pregnant women all body systems work with a double load, and urinary system including. This is due to the development of the fetus, which is more and more pressure on the kidneys, resulting in a deterioration of their functioning. Doctors do not focus on the color of urine, and the presence of muddy sediment, which is evidence of the development of serious diseases.

The presence of brown urine in a child

Liquid dark brown color in a young patient is not always a consequence of the development of the disease. The color of urine is influenced by the products that consume the patient, dehydration and medication. Besides the colour changes, the child increased body temperature, pain during urination. In such cases we say about the development of serious diseases, including pyelonephritis. When any unexplained symptoms of the patient are sent to the General analysis of blood and urine. Upon detection of the disease, the child is directed to additional types of research, which is determined by the stage of development of the disease and then selected the necessary medical complex.

As evidenced by the color of your urine?

Light brown

Liquid light-brown color is a sign of development of infectious disease in the urinary system. While people have pain in the abdomen, about the urge to urination, increased sweating and unpleasant smell of urine. In some cases, there are red-brown blood, so the patient should immediately consult a doctor. In addition, watch the color of the skin and of feces. If it is yellow, then most likely in patients of hepatic diseases for which patients need immediate hospitalization.

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A dull-brown color

Cloudy urine indicates the presence in the body of a specific pathology requiring medical intervention. The main reasons for this phenomenon include the high rate of bile pigment supplementation, pyuria, alkaptonuria and phosphaturia. As a development factor are kidney stones and sand due to the presence of blood in the urine. Blood impurities appear because of damage to the solid elements of the urinary tract. One of the major factors are tumor formation and harmful microorganisms entering the urinary system.

Dark brown color

Why excreted the urine a dark brown color? Dark brown urinary color is an indication that the patient has recently used products containing pigments. In such situations, there is no reason to worry, and the patient can simply adjust your diet. The dark color appears due to the use of therapeutic drugs (e.g., antibiotics or laxatives). The Browning appears due to the development of pathologic conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and acute glomerulonephritis. As a result, worsens the functioning of kidneys that are unable to be cleansed of toxins and excess fluid.

Brown flakes in the fluid

Brown flakes in urine indicate that the patient is leaking kidney inflammation. Factors the development is prostate cancer, acute renal failure, hyperplasia, gynecological diseases and kidney stone disease, sexually transmitted diseases, pyelonephritis and cystitis. Cereals also appear at high protein indicators. If, in addition to changes in urinary color, the patient appears pain during urination, pain in the muscles, increases the temperature indicator, a sore lower back and increases the perspiration, then the patient needs medical assistance.

The presence in the urine is brown mucus

Each person is allocated a little bit of mucus with the urine, which cannot be determined at inspection. The appearance of mucus with a brown tinge associated with fluid retention or spread of infection in the urinary system. The presence of mucous impurities more characteristic of women, and their appearance is associated with pyelonephritis, gynecological diseases or pregnancy.

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Dangerous symptoms associated with the change of urine color

The appearance of non-specific color emitted fluid may be accompanied by such symptoms as increased temperature, a false urge to urination, pain when urination. In addition, the patient delayed the release of liquid, there is a strong smell, pain in the abdomen, and sometimes retching and nausea. In such cases, the patient needs professional help to remove the disturbing symptom.

Diagnostic measures

What dark urine means, and what are the reasons that urine was this color? These questions can be answered after a comprehensive examination of the patient, including urinalysis, which detects the presence of harmful microorganisms, the level of protein and red blood cells. By analyzing the blood by the increased content of hepatic enzymes. Looking at the testimony of the blood and urinary tests, the doctor may prescribe other types of research.

What is included in the treatment?

After examination of the patient, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment. It includes compliance with diet menus and drug therapy, after which the urine color becomes straw yellow color. If a patient develops tumors, it is prescribed chemotherapy. An important point is observance of rules of personal hygiene to prevent the spread of infection.

Preventive measures

To avoid changing the colors of urine, the patient should always adhere to preventive measures. To the toilet need to go at the first urge and after intercourse so that the infection does not spread. You should exercise after a workout to take a shower. It is important to watch your diet, drink a lot of liquid to give up alcohol.