The urine foams: causes in men, women, children

For urologists and nephrologists, if the patient urine foam, it is a warning sign of possible kidney disease. Experts traditionally refer to foamy urine as a marker of the disease of proteinuria, in the urine when protein accumulates due to improper filtration of the kidneys. Collecting medical history, the urologist always asks: did the patient in the urine a lot of foam? Sometimes the condition is not true for the pathological, so the person is not diagnosed with kidney disease. There are other, less innocuous reasons why urine foams.

Causes in men, women and children

Non-pathological causes of foam in urine

To determine why much foam in urine, it is recommended to urinate in a sterile container and give a sample for analysis. The validation of foam in the urine — bubbles in the biological liquid or other chemical substances. The reason for the appearance of foam (or protein in the urine) could also be temporary factors. Here are some of them:

  • physical activity;
  • fever;
  • aggressive environment (too cold or too hot);
  • emotional stress;
  • medication;
  • too rapid urination;

A level of 150 mg protein per day in urine is considered normal. In this case, there is no need for concern. But the presence of albumin (a common type of protein in the blood) is a cause for concern, because it tells about the damage to the balls of the liver. The presence of albumin was confirmed by laboratory analysis of urine.

Pathological causes

Foaming urine as the result of the proteinuria. The disease often occurs as a result of excessive consumption of protein foods or from the effects of other minor factors, by removing that disappear and urine with foam. But the reasons for increased protein in the urine can become a serious and pathological disease:

  • amyloidosis;
  • chemical poisoning with heavy metals;
  • diabetes;
  • intoxication with poison from a snake bite or insect;
  • heart disease;
  • hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • infection, especially urinary tract infections;
  • renal failure.
  • lupus;
  • renal artery stenosis;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • sarcoidosis;
  • anemia.

What to do during pregnancy?

Due to the increase in kidney in women during pregnancy the appearance of foam in urine is normal. But with other symptoms (dark urine, swelling of the face and body) bubbles in oils the reason for going to the doctor. Long-term (7 days) foamy urine should alert the mother. The most dangerous disease that may be accompanied by bubbles in urine — preeclamsia. Signs of preeclampsia appear quickly, so the woman should immediately consult a doctor. Symptoms include:

  • protein in urine;
  • change the color of urine, which is darker;
  • cloudiness before the eyes;
  • sudden swelling of the hands, feet or face;
  • strong, constant headache (especially vomiting);
  • poor health;
  • severe pain below the ribs;
  • chronic heartburn.

If the child’s symptoms

A child suffering from a high protein content in urine, as with adults, a high probability of poor performance of such a filter is like the liver. Additional symptoms, talking about the problems with the kidneys, is a white urine. In children there is swelling of parts of the body, particularly affecting the face, hands, stomach or feet. Protein oils can be invoked when a child is exposed to stress, fever, it is too cold or hot. Too much physical activity, exercise, dehydration can lead to a temporary increase amounts of protein in the urine. Urine may be white because of this.

Another medical condition which can lead to a slightly increased level of protein in urine in children «orthostatic proteinuria». The doctors don’t know what causes this condition, but I think it’s harmless for Teens. To ensure that the cause of foam in urine not infection or kidney damage, parents need to take the baby to a specialist for tests urine.


The first thing the doctor will do in diagnosing, check the level of protein in urine. A General analysis of the oils then compared with the protein level of albumin and creatinine. The tests will show how well the kidneys are filtering the blood. A small amount of protein should not be a problem. But excess protein in the urine can be caused by pathologies. If the cause of bubbles in urine retrograde ejaculation, the doctor will check for sperm in the urine.

It is important that the urologist knew exactly what medications the patient is taking currently, including those without a prescription. Some medicines can affect the protein level, therefore, the expert recommends to stop taking or change the dose before testing. In the study, it is important that the patient didn’t feel thirsty and drank water. So the analysis of the sample of urine will be more authentic, and the result is correct. Before examination you need to avoid physical exertion — they affect the amount of protein.

How to treat?

Treatment should depend on the causes of biological foaming liquid:

  • If the reason is strong concentration, you need to drink more water and other liquids that will relieve dehydration and to stop the foaming (you can drink up to 2.5 litres of water a day).
  • If kidney damage, the doctor will prescribe individual course of treatment, which must be passed.
  • When the cause of high blood pressure or diabetes, then monitoring is the process of tracking overall health. The doctor will recommend diet and exercise for correction. After that, the foam should disappear.
  • If the fault of retrograde ejaculation, you need to undergo treatment, which will appoint a urologist.


Foamy urine is not a problem with a single manifestation. If this continues, then it is a signal about possible kidney damage. Contact your doctor if:

  • foamy urine does not go away within a few days;
  • parallel to see symptoms such as swelling, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and fatigue;
  • urine, in addition to foam, changed the color to red;
  • if the male orgasm occurs without the emission of sperm.

These symptoms are talking about the progression of kidney disease, so it is important immediate treatment. Less often foam when urinating appears in men with a diagnosis of retrograde ejaculation, which receive appropriate medication. Sometimes required the lifting of drugs, making stops foaming. In most cases, the foam in urine is not a cause for concern. You can often remove this symptom by a simple increase of fluids in the diet.

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