The diuretic Trigram: indications and dosage, composition

Popular diuretic «Trigram» is widely used in medicine due to its ability to rid the body of excess fluid and it does not hurt the nutrients. Use this diuretic in chronic edema of the extremities and of various renal pathologies. However, despite the high efficiency «Trigema», it has many contraindications and unwanted side effects to consider before taking it.

Description of medications

Diuretic «Trigram» after penetration into the body rapidly and almost completely absorbed by the digestive tract. Its maximum concentration in plasma detected after 2 hours after ingestion of the drug. The ability of the drug to be absorbed reaches an average of 85%, and swelling more. Diuretic components are broken down in the liver and almost entirely excreted by the nephron.

Release form and composition

Diuretic medication «Trigram» is available in the form of tablets, which are white, round and convex on both sides. The drug is Packed in blister packing 10 pieces in each carton box 3 blister. Tablets in their composition contain 2.5 mg, 5 or 10 mg of the active ingredient of torasemid, as well as the following additional substances:

  • maize starch;
  • lactose;
  • food emulsifier Е572;
  • pyrogenic silica.

Indications and dosage

Appointed a diuretic for the following pathologies:

  • edema caused by dysfunction of the heart, which resulted in insufficient blood supply of organs and tissues;
  • kidney and liver ailments;
  • hypertension.

Pills «Trigram» take regardless of meals or time of day. It is not recommended to chew or grind, they should drink water in small amounts. In heart failure with need for diuretic effect is assigned to the drug once in 24 hours 10-20 mg When renal dysfunction chronic form starts to drink diuretic 20 mg per one administration per day. If the patient was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, he prescribed water pills «Trigram» to 0,005—0,010 g once a day. Take diuretic in essential hypertension the recommended 2.5 mg per day for 12 weeks. If necessary daily dose increased to 5 mg.

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Overdose diuretic Trigram

In the case of non-compliance by patients recommended doses at the use of «Trigram», there is a risk of overdose, which manifests itself in the following symptoms:

  • quickens the emptying of the bladder;
  • disturbed electrolyte balance;
  • reduced blood pressure;
  • somnolence, weakness and dizziness;
  • sudden cardiovascular failure;
  • a failure occurs in the digestive tract.

Side effects

In the process of using diuretic medication «Trigram» can experience the following negative changes in the body:

  • declining rate of leukocytes and erythrocytes in the blood;
  • an imbalance of cations and anions in the body;
  • increases the level of the renal enzymes;
  • lowered blood blood pressure;
  • deteriorating appetite;
  • are troubled by symptoms of gastrointestinal dysfunction;
  • there is a risk of pancreatitis;
  • occurs acute urinary retention;
  • I get headaches, dizziness and cramps;
  • there is sleepiness and weakness;
  • observed on the skin signs of an allergic reaction, namely itching and rash;
  • deteriorating hearing and eyesight.


Not recommended diuretic medication «Trigram» patients who have such diseases as:

  • hypersensitivity to the active substance «Trigram», and also to the auxiliary substances;
  • kidney failure, which is accompanied by a complete stoppage in the bladder of urine;
  • reduced circulating blood volume;
  • hepatic coma;
  • deficiency in potassium and sodium;
  • hypotension;
  • pathological rapid heart rate;
  • strong violation of urination.


Before taking «Trigram», which has a pronounced diuretic effect, it is necessary to study its interaction with other drugs. Thus, it is worth considering that from the combination of «Trigema» glucocorticoids and drugs laxative action the excretion of stool may increase. The active ingredient in the composition of the diuretic drug has the ability to potentiate the effects of theophylline, the toxicity of aminoglycosides and antibiotics. In addition, the drug greatly exaggerates the effect of antihypertensive medications. In a joint meeting of the «Trigema» with vasoconstrictors is significantly reduced the effect of the latter. With simultaneous use of torasemid with kolestiraminom decreases the absorption of the first from the stomach and intestines.

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Special instructions

By taking a «Trigram», should take into account its features:

  • prolonged use of drugs requires regular monitoring of elektrolitnogo balance, creatinine, lipids and glucose in blood plasma;
  • if the patient in the body, the missing sodium, potassium or present problems with urination, should be eliminated and only then to start treatment «Trigema»;
  • patients with diabetes mellitus, it is important to control carbohydrate metabolism;
  • with extreme caution is assigned to the drug in gout.

Storage conditions and dispensing

The drug needs to be stored properly. For his chosen dry room into which no light penetrates, and the temperature does not rise above 25 degrees Celsius. «Trigram» subject to storage for 3 years and after this period should be discarded. Diuretic is released from pharmacies by prescription by specialists.