The diet for kidney disease: diet, menu, treatment

According to specialists, the diet for kidney disease and urinary tract is a direct path to rapid recovery. Renal failure, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis and other diseases of the urinary system require a special diet. Assigned to a therapeutic diet by a doctor individually for each person. Improper nutrition can negate all the efforts of patients for renal ailments.

What are the basic rules of treatment of humans?

After diagnosis the patient with kidney problems and prescribed treatment, which is a special diet. The most effective is low-protein. Diet for kidney disease based on the consumption of a minimum amount of protein and salt. The latest product can delay fluid in the body and provoke the appearance of sand in the kidneys. Following the diet, it is important to follow the recommendations of the doctors:

  • eating small portions, there is at least 5 times;
  • to eat given the time schedule of the meals;
  • to drink a day to 1.5 liters of liquid (tea, juice, broth, etc.);
  • not salting foods during cooking, and portions in the plate;
  • to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits;
  • do not use recipes spices, herbs, garlic and onions;
  • do not eat fatty and heavy for a kidney dish.

Follow these rules, you can avoid the use of medicines and to speed up the healing process. Diet for kidney patients should be regular indulgences in clinical nutrition can only do harm. However, if in the process of treatment and compliance with diet and kidneys stop hurting, doctors prescribe drinking pain medicine. To relieve the pain medication can such as «Tramadol», «Diclofenac», «Ketorol». Sore kidney, nephrologists recommended in addition to the use of drugs to put warm compresses.

Healers believe that the best medicine to drink herbal teas and infusions. But what plant to choose? Patient with one kidney and in various diseases of the urinary organs will be useful to drink broth from the fruit of cumin, marshmallow root, peppermint leaf and buckthorn bark. Helps with kidney problems a decoction of lemon balm, mint and chamomile blossoms. You will need 1 tablespoon of herbs brewed in 250 ml of water.

The specialized diet for kidney disease

In the treatment of ailments of the kidneys the patient is required to comply with nutritional therapy, nutritionists called table No. 7. This diet will relieve pain, improve health. Before prescribing diet if you have kidney disease, a person needs to pay attention to the accompanying symptoms of the disease individual has their own signs. Most abnormalities do not require severe restrictions in food, only reduced consumption of salt, pepper and alcohol. Medical specialities table No. 7, with kidney ailments is the same for both women and men.

For pain in the kidneys to a menu that will allow you to reduce the irritation and relieve inflammation. Food should be balanced with a proportional ratio of fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. However, when sore kidneys, the protein included in the recipes of table number 7 in limited quantities. Drinking liquids should be no more than 1.5 litres in 24 hours.

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The observance of diet in renal disease requires consideration of caloric intake. In this regard, most people wonder: how much can you consume in a day calories in order not to complicate the work of the kidneys and liver?. Nutritionists say that for people with pathologies of these organs daily caloric content should not exceed 3000 calories. Cannot be neglected and the chemical composition of consumed food. Per day you need to eat 70 g of protein, 90 g of fats and 400 g of carbs (of which 80 g of sugars). As can be seen from the figures, the carbohydrates predominate, this is due to their ability to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Water and salt regime

What is the diet for salts in the kidneys, pyelonephritis, renal failure and other diseases of the urinary system preferred? According to doctors, when these abnormalities, it is important to adjust the amount of liquid and salt. If healthy people is useful to drink a day more than 2 l of juice, compotes, how much should you drink with kidney pain or a person with one kidney? A day to drink not more than 1.5 liters of liquid, this also includes juices, teas, broths, etc. If you neglect this recommendation, the patient faces an additional burden on a body that is unable to work at full capacity. How much is acceptable to drink water with one kidney? In this case, you can drink up to one liter, otherwise there will be the risk of water intoxication.

When you have kidney diet recipes eliminate the addition of salt, as the load from this product may lead to serious disorders of the body. Add some salt dishes in minimal quantities immediately before use. During exacerbation of renal diseases nephrologists recommend to completely abandon salted food.

Limit protein-rich foods

Dietary table number 7 is primarily based on the reduction in the number of products, which is dominated by protein. In this regard, protein-free diet if you have kidney disease is eating the least amount of fish, eggs, curd, cheese, beans and meat. Do not forget that protein is the building blocks of cells, therefore, despite the limitations, completely delete it from the menu incorrectly. When a low-protein diet are forbidden to eat fatty fish and meat and also cook them and add different spices (garlic, onion, pepper, etc.).

Diet for renal failure is different from power in other pathologies of the urinary system, and requires reductions in the consumption of protein foods to 30-40 g in 24 hours. A low-protein diet significantly improves the General condition and facilitates the flow of the disease. If the patient has renal functioning is disturbed slightly, then with proper treatment to follow a low-protein diet is not necessarily enough to do cleansing days 1-2 times a week.

Diet and pregnancy

What is the diet for kidney pain should be available to women. During pregnancy expectant mothers, it is important to be especially careful with various kinds of diseases of the urinary system. Worsening renal diseases can cause miscarriage, fetal death. The complexity of treatment during pregnancy is the prohibition of many drugs. Therefore, the diet for kidneys during pregnancy is especially important. Dietary tables exclude fatty, fried, salted and peppered. Healthy food is steamed, boiled or baked.

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Diet in renal failure, pyelonephritis and other problems of the urinary system in pregnant women is the same as the rest of the patients. The menu should not be present in such products as onions, mushrooms, garlic, sorrel, fresh baked goods, coffee, cocoa and strong tea. To drink the day you need at least 2 liters of fluid and eat at least 4 times. Allowed to consume cereals and pasta of all kinds, milk, yogurt, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, also brown bread, and pancakes without baking. During pregnancy, it is useful to drink for pain in the kidneys pomegranate juice, cranberry broth, also do not be redundant infusion of rose hips and dried fruit compote.

Permitted and prohibited food

Sick kidneys can result from non-compliance to the therapeutic table. Useful menu with exacerbation of pain in the urinary organs involves complete abstinence from alcohol, as an exception allowed red wine, but not more than the glass 1-2 times a month. You cannot eat the following products:

  • chocolate;
  • cocoa;
  • mushrooms;
  • spices
  • brew;
  • garlic;
  • bean;
  • fat milk, cheese;
  • marine fish, as it is considered fatty.

Despite the fact that the beneficial properties of garlic help to boost the immune system, and many are accustomed to eat it for prevention of acute respiratory infections, pain in the kidneys to eat this vegetable is not. In recipes diet menu garlic are not permitted to use, as it is an irritant to the kidneys. With the worsening of kidney ailments it is better to abandon radish, sorrel, parsley and asparagus. You can’t eat fatty meat varieties, namely, goose, pork, lamb, duck.

Diet if you have kidney disease is based on the following useful products and dishes that help to improve the patient’s condition:

  • cereals;
  • honey;
  • potatoes;
  • lean meats;
  • milk;
  • river fish;
  • vegetarian soups;
  • cauliflower;
  • jelly, juice, compote;
  • fruits;
  • jam.

Cleaning days

If you have problems with the kidneys, it is useful to periodically reduce the load on the body, making the fasting days. Assigned unloading of the kidneys only after a full examination and correct diagnosis. Throughout the day eat only one kind of product, which must be useful and valid in renal diseases. It is better to give preference to the fruit table, preparing for 350-400 g apples, pears, apricot. Allowed to complement the dish with honey or yogurt. To use day cleansing food must 5-6 times with equal time intervals. The most proper and healthy diet to clean kidneys — cucumber.

Sample menu for a week

When sore kidneys, the patient is assigned a table number 7, which helps to get rid of the painful symptoms and accelerates the healing process. A lot of hard to get used to proper nutrition, as you have to radically change their diet. Therefore, it is recommended to paint the approximate recipes for the week ahead and stick to them throughout the therapeutic course, periodically rearranging and adding new dishes.

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Sample menu might look as follows:

  • Day # 1. Breakfast — milk rice porridge, cheese. Noon — vegetable soup, boiled chicken breast. Dinner — steam fish cutlets, pasta. As serves snacks pudding, any permitted fruit, casserole, app cookies. After each meal to drink liquids. It can be herbal teas, fruit drinks, kefir, yoghurt, juices, tea with honey.
  • Day # 2. The first meal — buckwheat with milk, carrot cakes. Lunch — soup, meat souffle. Dinner — beef casserole, cottage cheese with honey.
  • Day # 3. Breakfast — veggie pilaf, souffle. Lunch — soup with Turkey, millet porridge. Dinner — steam omelettes, boiled beef.
  • Day # 4. In the morning, vegetable salad, fish, tomato juice and curd. At noon — milk soup, rice with veal. Evening meal — oatmeal with banana, potato gratin.
  • Day # 5. Breakfast — sour weight with raisin, milk oatmeal porridge. Lunch — low fat soup, buckwheat porridge with lean meat. Dinner — fish cakes, pasta.
  • Day # 6. The first meal — barley porridge, boiled beets. Lunch — vegetable soup, boiled chicken breast. Dinner — meat soufflé.
  • Day # 7.Breakfast — semolina porridge. Noon — potato soup, mashed potatoes, steam cutlets. Evening meal — pudding muffins with caramelized apples.

Some recipes

When pain in the kidneys is recommended to use jelly from the hips. For its preparation it is necessary to make 2 tbsp. of the infusion of tart berries. Next take ½ Cup of prepared sauce, dissolve in it 2 tablespoons of sugar, bring to boil and pour in the remaining liquid. Some water separately pour a small spoon of gelatin, and after half an hour add it to the infusion. Required to bring ingredients to boiling point, after the resulting liquid, leave to cool. No less useful is fruit soup. To prepare it, clean and cut into small cubes 20 g of pear, melon, Apple and peach. The peel and seeds, pour boiling water, boil and infuse. Then add sugar, drain off the liquid, put the fruit cubes and the previously cooked rice. When all components are assembled, the soup boil for 5-7 minutes, then poured into bowls and seasoned with sour cream.